The Google+ Monday Magazine: Interwoven
Issue 31  - July 7, 2014

"...the only simplicity to be trusted is the simplicity to be found on the far side of complexity." 
-- Alfred North Whitehead

In the digital world, which we are right in the middle of discovering, we connect around:

- shared interests
- shared goals and ambitions
- shared stories
- shared graphs and
- shared passions

Once we are sufficiently connected - we evolve and improve our meaningful connectivity, through:

-  communication
-  content creation, annotation(comments) and resharing
-  discussion
-  debate
-  conversation
-  skillful conversation - noticing patterns
-  dialogue - aligning around patterns, eg meaningful connectivity
-  metalogue - convergence around meaning
-  co-efficacy - mindful individual sensemaking
-  scenius - collaborative sensemaking and group performance

By enacting, by weaving our own story together with others, we grow in our ability to presence, to:

-  co-initiate
-  co-sense
-  presence
-  co-create
-  co-evolve

The structures we use, concepts, models, theories, frameworks, scaffolds, are all related to three core building blocks:

-  I, Selfhood, agency, nodes
-  We, Service, inclusivity, edges
-  I/We, Synthesis, curiosity, holons

The process is even simpler:

-  simplicity
-  complexity
-  simplicity beyond complexity

In the dynamic overlap between structure and process: life


The Conversation Community started in Nov 2012. The digital community has now grown to a thousand members. Since most of us in the affluent world seem to be enacting busyness, there's usually around twenty, thirty people participating at anyone time, engaging in the conversations:

Influence Networks & Morphisms  +John Baez
+Colin Kilburn +Farinaz Parsay +Bettina Ascaino +frank erck +Ax +Ferananda Ibarra +Margaret Siemers +Heidi Bouman +Peter Nena +Tim Utzig +Andrés Bahá'í +Jon Schull +Adam Black +Brenda Erickson +David Wood +franklin medina  

+Micah Boswell :
The most important lesson has been one of narratives.  And the best advice I can impart to others, is that the best narratives you can create are the ones where you're not at the center.

Struggle, strive, endeavor to be the supporting character in other people's narratives.  If your focus is on your own narrative, you miss the key element in any good story.  No Hero embarks on the narrative, committing to be the hero.

Be the support someone else needs.  Act it, and think it.  Take yourself out of the center, and put friends, family, spouse, son, daughter there.

In the end, it's truly really never about you.
+Manoel luthieri +Karen M   +William Irizarry +James Hamilton +Peter Nena +Heidi Bouman +Alex Gagnon +frank erck +Farinaz Parsay +Colin Kilburn 

There's many more conversations:

Social learning and sensemaking
+Thabo Mophiring 

What is the part of you that is insane?
+Ferananda Ibarra 

Crossing a crevasse on a ladder and a monk's prayer
+Ron Scroggin 

How often do we argue with reality?
+Samantha Hall 

The Meaning of Yes
+Dan Oestreich 

Symphony of Science
+Lisa Frankenberg 

Interdependent Sources of Power
+Steven Palmer 

Luck, Inherited or State of Mind?
+Kate Griffiths 

Inside out structures: Holacracy
+Gergely Orbán 

Sweet crazy conversations
+Hoda Maalouf 

Mirroring Gods
+Jason Silva via +Scott Reese 

Sagarmatha Café, prologue: Sarvam Annam
+Mara Rose 

Death of Malls 
+Jan Wyllie 

Bridging the Gap
+Terry Brown 

Stuff breaks all the time
+Adrian Segar 

Helping teachers practice reflection
+Tracee Vetting Wolf 

What are plasmons?
+Lacerant Plainer 

There are two types of people in this world:
Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
+Margaret Siemers 

Creativity, what is it good for?
+Mick Fealty  &   +Doug Breitbart 

The art of dialogue: how to write dialogue
+MJ Bush 

The Mad Genius Paradox
+Clay Forsberg 

You, Google and the Future
+Adelheid Hörnlein 

Kalachakra Empowerment
+Henk Hadders 

...even if only as a whisper in God's ear.
+Margaret Siemers 

Is religion a mental illness?
+Colin Kilburn 

Guest House
+Farinaz Parsay 

Reality is stranger than fiction
+Sakari Maaranen 

Three ways to speak english
+dawn ahukanna 

Hey You
+Luis López-Cano 

University Lecturing: Challenges & Metaphors
+Gerardine Rudolphy 

The most beautiful souls
+Mani Saint-Victor 

Celebrating in the Garden
+Lynn Keller 

Adam I and Adam II
+Akira Bergman 

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