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21C Monday Magazine: Transactions & Transitions
Issue 67  - Mar 16, 2015

"Our entire culture is predicated on the idea that ideas compete openly and fairly in free marketplace(s). This is the essence of democracy. The results of this healthy dynamic tend to be dramatic innovation, efficiency, emergence, productivity, and flourishing."
-- +Jordan Greenhall

Life in the Village, part 210: Crane Birds
+Pam WhimsicalVintage

Life in the Village, part 208: Corner of Pot Hole Road & Discovery Avenue

"Rain rain go away. It's starting to dry up. Let's hope tomorrow is on. I think the city got most pot holes fixed."
-- +Stacey Blanchard

Life in the Village, part 207: Bleeding Heart
+Sherrill Anderson

Life in the Village, part 206: Mullaghmore
+Eileen O'Duffy

Life in the Village, part 205: How We Spend Our Afternoons
+Zara Altair  &  +Ron Scroggin

Life in the Village, part 204: First White Rose
+Farinaz Parsay

Life in the Village, part 203: La Plaine, Marseille
+Ooook Barnabé

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."
-- Anaïs Nin   via +Clay Forsberg

"Without autonomy diversity declines, lowering resilience and destroying the richness of life."
-- +Steven Palmer

21C Community: Retail & Suboptimal Placemaking
via +Mick Fealty

A mall is a social, immersive artifact with suboptimal placemaking. Increasingly, I hear friends complaining that they have trouble finding restaurants with "character". I usually manage to keep myself from delivering the placemaking enlightenment speech - and suggest we go to a place where they serve food. :)

Drugs & Lifespan
+Adam Black

The Four Horsemen
+Brian Koberlein  via +Bruce Marko

Awake yet empty
+Michael Galli

Wednesday Addams & True Love
via +Roger James Thornton Brown

At the Prancing Pony
+Linda Rogers

+Dirk Puehl

Time Lost and Regained
Reflections on Proust by +Hoda Maalouf

Flit like vanishing wings
+Pietro Montevecchio

Pause Between Birdsong
+Mary T

"Fail and stumble your way to to your own greatness in you."
-- +David Frank Gomes

21C Design: Hearing for the deaf

"Face your deficiencies and acknowledge them.
But do not let them master you."
-- Helen Keller    via +Ali Adelstein

21C Design: Crayon The Grids
via +Hans Youngmann

21C Design: Beyond Dystopia
via +Richard Harlos II

"One person's vision for his restaurant where people can go to appreciate the music and where he himself can make good friends and converse."
-- +Simon Robinson

21C Literacies: Everything Around You

"When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and you're life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money. That's a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it… Once you learn that, you'll never be the same again."
-- Steve Jobs via +Adam Scislowicz

1. How am I looking at things?
2. How can I orient myself in the world in a slightly differen way?
3. How can I unlearn and relearn making decisions?
4. What's my heart telling me is my next step?
5. Can I open up myself and listen to generative feedback from others?

We are defined in terms of how we respond to our challenges. There is no 'right/wrong" answer. Just more( or less) efficient learning.

@Theconnecting yes. Play, sense, respond, enact, play, ...

@johnkellden Hi John, hope all is well with you. Many changes/events to come over the next 18 months.. ( some are quite "good" relatively)

@Theconnecting all's well! Increasingly, feeling we're "on track" - though some much needed institutional adjustments.

@johnkellden I think we are "on track" but continuing resolution of many heavy distortions will be very disconcerting - growth is hard work

21C Literacies: Social Presencing

"Here is what Lemov sees in the video: he sees Hinton placing herself at the vantage points from which she can best scan the faces of her pupils (“hotspots”). He sees that after she first asks a question, hands that spring up immediately go back down again, in response to an almost imperceptible gesture from Hinton, to give the other children more time to think (“wait time”). He sees her repeat the question so that this pause in the conversation doesn’t slow its rhythm."
-- Ian Leslie  via +Mark Oehlert

21C Literacies: Writing Ourselves Happy
via +Giselle Minoli

21C Literacies: Digital Identities And Slicing

"My all time favorite digital identity post is still Bonnie Stewart's 'Digital Identities: Six Key Selves of Networked Publics', from change11 . It was/still is central to my "identity integration" (more gravitas than "who am I anyway?") project."
-- +Vanessa Vaile

21C Literacies: Linguistic Analysis Tool
via +Zara Altair  &  +Iblis Bane

21C Literacies: Glossary
+Jay Cross

21C Platforms: Automatic of, by and for the People

+Kevin Kelly  :
Larry, I still don’t get it. There are so many search companies. Web search, for free? Where does that get you?

+Larry Page  :
Oh, we’re really making an AI.

"We are right now in the early stages of an AI boom, similar in some ways to the dot-com boom of the late nineties. Before long, we will be surrounded by countless applications of artificial intelligence, embedded in most of the services and products we interact with on a daily basis. Most of these applications will be quite narrow and specialized in focus, but not this one that Google is setting out to build. For it to succeed, this AI will need to be general purpose in scope, and it will need to learn from us in a free and scalable way."
-- +Gideon Rosenblatt

21C Platforms: Digitizing Everything
+Richard Turnock

21C Platforms: Access, Augment, Advance
via +John Verdon

21C Workflow: Generativity
via +Joe Raimondo

21C Enaction: Beauty Is In The Artists Eye
+David Amerland

In memory of Ben Woolf
+Marcy Luikart

Here and Now
+Tami Smith

Flow of Time
via +Peter Nena

Being In The World
+Donald Lee

Free Dive
via +annie bodnar

Gaia: Plastic Water Bottles
via +Bettina Ascaino

Gaia: Archangel Archive
via +Kurt Vega

Gaia: Baby Galapagos Tortoises
via +Brian Fields

The Dangling Conversation
-- Simon & Garfunkel   via +Amelia Hoskins

"We made it? What happened? We happened."
-- John Kellden 

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21C Monday Magazine
Once a week, a curation of Conversation Community member fantabulousness:

21C Monday Magazine  Previous Issues
Issues 1 - 66

Image: +Joachim Stroh
Richard Turnock's profile photoJohn Kellden's profile photo

- land
- labor
- money

Most people are not yet aware and/or awake enough to realize these three are not only commodities, but fictional as well.

One of the core reasons for 21C human beings remaining in denial, is their deep unwillingness to experience the pain that would result from facing these three being fictions. For some people, the denial has turned bad and deep enough so as to become entitlement.

Another reason, if at all possible even more sad, is their deep unwillingness to experience the joy that would result from being able to enact a new story, a new experienced reality.

A new slightly more real fiction. Characterised by

- equity
- economy (reclaiming this words as if it means wise allocation of necessary and sufficient means to a convivial, societal, social need)
- equipotentiality
- ecosystemics
- evolution

John Kellden

21C  - 
Semiosphere Slingshots, episode 10: Conveyance

"In a network: community, couch, conversations, coffee, cinnamon buns, call to action(hold the CAPS), cocreation, conveying story, catalyzing difference, collecting convivial content, curating culture."

Most of us are very new to this whole digital discourse thing and need to read up a bit more on what's with the networks and all the people in the networks, and what about TIMN, Tribes, Institutions, Markets, Networks - and how are they related? Thus, the content. Lot's of it. We apologize for the inconvenience. Meanwhile and always and already - conveyance.
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John Kellden

21C Enaction  - 
Be kind to yourself first
Want to know how to be happy in life? It's not a trick question but there are a few things you'll have to give up first. We show you how.
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John Kellden

21C  - 
Meaning-moving-with episode 12: Songs in the Key of Life Unfolding

"In a network, our every word sourced from our hearts, shaped through our heads, shared by our hands: to last through forever and another day."
@johnkellden riffing on

"Did you know that true love asks for nothing
No no her acceptance is the way we pay
Did you know that life has given love a guarantee
To last through forever and another day"
-- Stevie Wonder

We won. We woke up. Not everyone has awakened enough to fully embrace the full implications of this, but soon there will be a critical mass of people who are - and then - the apocalypse. The apocalypse has been having some bad press in popular media, including some misunderstanding what it is. The apocalypse was, is and will always remain nothing but a lifting of the veil.

We were always singing in tune, our story true, our unfolding storylines perfectly in rhythm, our every last performance and solo effort perfectly on cue. Always.

We just pretended it wasnt, as if we weren't. We were. We are. We always will be.

Please go easy on yourself if these here words trigger some last remaining notes of discord and discomfort.

If you count yourself as if among the recently awakened ones, please don't hit your near and dear ones too hard, if they happen to be hitting the snooze button yet for a while. Go easy on them.

Tomorrow, is when you will go explore how it feels like, to consciously, almost as if for the first time, take one small, different step. Others around you will notice you doing so, and ask you how you did. Before you know it, you will taking steps together.

These steps of togetherness, will then, little by little, tease out a line or two, and - then you will hear it - your heart singing. Allow yourself some time to practice giving voice to your innermost heartfelt lines.

If you feel all this is happening way too fast - no worries - go sit with a tree by the brook for a while. Say "hello" and then turn slow, slow enough for the tree to say "hello" in turn.

This turntaking is the whole thing. Practice makes participatory. You are most welcome. Stay for a while with the trees though, if you've got time - they can clue you in on things.
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John Kellden

Life in the Village  - 
Life in the Village, episode 380: These are the droids you are looking at
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John Kellden

Sagarmatha Café  - 
Sagarmatha Café, episode 86: Immersive Media
Impact of #ImmersiveMedia on the #movie Industry
Image Source : People say that movies help them escape from reality. Movies take you to the unseen lands and unexplored waters. You could be anywhere in the world and yet be watching snow-clad mountains of Switzerland and Kung fu Masters of Shaolin. But is watching enough? What if we told you that now you can literally escape reality, and be transported to a whole new world, with movies. Imagine wading through the snowy Alps or dod...
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John Kellden

21C  - 
Participatory Inquiry, episode 1: A Kind of Homecoming

"In transition, you will find yourself on a different journey."

The core metaphor, the function at the heart of things in the Conversations that Mind and Matter turned place, is

Way Station
"They told me they were headed for a planet the name of which I had not heard before, and they talked among themselves, gaily and happily, but in such a way that I did not seem to be left out. From their talk I gained the fact that some form of art was being presented at the festival on this planet. The art form was not alone of music or painting, but was composed of sound and color and emotion and form and other qualities for which there seem to be no words in the language of the Earth, and which I do not entirely recognize, only gaining the very faintest inkling of what they were talking of in this particular regard. I gained the impression of a three-dimensional symphony, although this is not entirely the right expression, which had been composed, not by a single being, but by a team of beings. They talked of the art form enthusiastically and I seemed to understand that it would last for not only several hours, but for days, and that it was an experience rather than a listening or seeing and that the spectators or audience did not merely sit and listen, but could, if they wished, and must, to get the most out of it, be participants."
― Clifford D. Simak, Way Station

People turned magical
Most people still secretly believe in magic. This is not an altogether bad thing. It means, imagination is alive and well, and we can dream new experiences into existence and share new stories with others. It also means, that's where they believe they are - and that's a good place as any, for our joint departure.

One Thing, Leading Another
1. Build a portal
2. Share the location and purpose of the portal
3. Tell the participants, what they need to leave behind, what gear they need to bring and what glimpses of the beyond they will experience
4. When a group of participants have gathered right next to the portal, go through together what will open the portal and grant them a reasonably safe passage back
5. Embark

Roadside Picnic
"A picnic. Picture a forest, a country road, a meadow. Cars drive off the country road into the meadow, a group of young people get out carrying bottles, baskets of food, transistor radios, and cameras. They light fires, pitch tents, turn on the music. In the morning they leave."
-- Arkady Strugatsky, Roadside Picnic

The Secret
Hidden in Plain Sight, in a Clearing in the Forest, in the Muddle and Middle of Things

"You will find this love you miss."
-- The Police, Secret Journey

A Neverending Return: Sagarmatha Café
Provide means for a safe return. Offer your services: a shared space, a space turned place through sharing stories among returnees, an ongoing, shared inquiry.

For the Benefit of Others
The mix of participants, their shared experience, their mixtapes and shared stories, the coming and going on different journeys, the Ichigo Ichie and serendipituous encounters - of benefit to seasoned participants and new, future ones alike.

Image: Yasuragi, A Japanese Spa in Sweden
John Kellden's profile photoJoachim Stroh's profile photo
To understand a bit more on the patterns and the intensity levels we utilize at Sceenius, here's a wayfinding chart - (patterns in gray are planned)
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John Kellden

Life in the Village  - 
Life in the Village, episode 381: Hyperloop
The "new" technology, Hyperloop, explained in pictures:
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John Kellden

Visual Storytelling  - 
22 October 1882, #onthisday the French-born, British naturalised illustrator Edmund Dulac was born in Toulouse.

Collections of fairy tales from the beginning of the 19th century, usually sparsely pictured back then, reappeared together with genuine picture books some 70 years later, brought to life with imagery from Walter Crane to Beatrix Potter and Arthur Rackham, many of them making a living from illustrating children’s books that became crown jewels among the Christmas presents. Up to a point that they were collected and reissued for frontline soldiers when the age ended in the storms of steel and blood and terror of the Great War to give the tortured souls something to cling to, reminiscent of strong childhood memories and home. The illustrations of Edmund Dulac, the “Arabian Nights Man” were included in these “relief books”. They already had become something archetypical for dreaming oneself away, for old and young, during the 10 years since Dulac entered the scene in 1904.

But read more on:

Depicted below is Edmund Dulac’s: "The City of Deryabar" from "Stories from the Arabian Nights" (1907)

#art #arthistory #europeanart

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joe breskin's profile photo
that city is still in my dreams ...

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John Kellden

Sagarmatha Café  - 
Sagarmatha Café, episode 87: Spacebrew

"In a network, interaction dynamics, enactive intersubjectivity and participatory practices."

via +Jonathan Belisle 
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John Kellden

21C  - 
Gaia & Ourcellves, episode 9: Light of Dawn

"In a network, every day brings with it a new awakening."

"I can follow a resting shorebird for a long time, time enough to draw its movements, see details in plumage, paint small shifts in tone and refractions. But there is also another dimension to this combination of intimacy and distance. There rests a special magic in seeing into the animal world, to move our own presence outside ourselves. It happens that an inner landscape takes hold in the visible reality. A landscape whose limits are defined within myself and a landscape whose topography is my feelings that have come alive and made their dwelling there."
-- Lars Jonsson

"Jag kan följa en rastande vadare under en längre tid, hinna teckna dess rörelser, se detaljer i fjäderdräkten, måla små skiftningar i färgton och ljusbrytningar. Men det finns också en annan dimension i denna kombination av närhet och avstånd. Det vilar en speciell magi i att se in i ett djurs värld, att förflytta sin egen närvaro utanför sig själv. Det händer då att ett inre landskap får fäste i den synliga verkligheten. Ett landskap vars gränser definieras inifrån mig själv och ett landskap vars topografi är mina känslor som tagit sin boning där."
-- Lars Jonsson

Image: Lars Jonsson
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Everyone is already awake. Our minds can be used to conceal this from ourselves, but not indefinitely so.
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John Kellden

21C  - 
21C Transition, episode 10: Autopoiesis

"In a network, your attention, over time, turns awareness of yourself and your becoming yourself."

Don't go for second-best, dear network agent, platform participant, community member - put your autopoiesis through a shift.

Digital attention
Your smartphone is enabling meaningful connectivity co-evolving with your attention turned situational awareness.

Becoming yourself
You are always here and now. Inbetween your cherished, embodied past and your desired future, there's a storyline.

In the flowness of time
Perform living, dynamic, story/narrative (re)alignment at all times, until flow, until your unfolding story, IS your own becoming yourself.

Autopoietic shift
"We made it? What happened? We happened."

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Hi! Tell me a story, then let’s design #winwinwin strategies through Tea House Sequences. I design, build and redesign things - frameworks for examining exam questions, patterns of play turned working strategies and models transformed through #teahousesequences into success recipes.
Hi! Tell me a story, then let’s design #winwinwin strategies through Tea House Sequences.

I design, build and redesign things - frameworks for examining exam questions, patterns of play turned working strategies and models transformed through #teahousesequences into success recipes.

Unique Twist
The unique twist with tea house sequences - they afford finding the smallest necessary change as well as enabling an optimal difference with regards to eg quality, investment and outcome.

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    Working, winning strategies through #teahousesequence 's. I design, build and redesign things - frameworks for examining exam questions, patterns of play turned working strategies and models transformed into success recipes. Unique Twist The unique twist with tea house sequences - they afford finding the smallest necessary change as well as enabling an optimal difference with regards to eg quality, investment and outcome. Learning Objects Combined Into Products and Services A sizeable part of the things I'm sharing on social platforms is me packaging select parts of what I offer into modular learning objects that can be recombined and repurposed and further packaged into products and services. Any further enquiries about any of this is more than welcome, thanks for reading this far, John
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