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John Kavanagh
Freelance front-end web developer based in London, UK
Freelance front-end web developer based in London, UK

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The Cobbler's Shoes is a story about a Cobbler who is always so busy working on other people's shoes that he never gets time to fix his own.  I'm sure anyone who's ever worked for themselves can relate to that!

The award-winning agency that I've been in-house with recently finally got the time to release their new website.  Take a look!

It's a fully-responsive build using HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap with a custom, touch-enabled jQuery slideshow, I'm very proud of it.

Now, if only I could find time to fix my own shoes rather than working on theirs..!

My latest responsive website build went live last month:

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Client went 100+ days overdue on their invoice. After constant chasing they paid today, then sent me this email: Amateurs dealing with professionals, still can't believe she thinks that's an OK way to run a business..

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Mozilla have dropped -moz-opacity support.  Man threatens to sue for $18,000 because of the 'hundreds of hours' he will have to spend updating his 'text file based' websites.  Bugzilla link is below, and the developer's website is this horrendous mess right here:

Spent much too much time last night reading through all of this..
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