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John Kassell
You're never done learning...
You're never done learning...

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Grand Canyon from Mather Point... 9/25/2014

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Grand Canyon east of Lookout Studio... 9/23/2014

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Black Swallowtail on our porch...

What a show by Yoenis Cespedes! #HRDerby  

David Ortiz - Hall of Fame worthy or not? 

I'm voting no because, while he has put up great numbers throughout his career, he barely played the field, especially during his hay days with Boston. Hall of Fame should account for at the plate and on the field. That said, while I loved Edgar Martinez, I find it tough for him to make the HoF for the same reason.

Yadier Molina has to be in MVP discussions. Grant it, he only has 4 HRs and 39 RBIs, but he's tied for the league lead in hits and leading the ML with a .367 BA as of last night's 3 for 3 performance. Breaking down his production, while his production has been incredible in the heart of the Cardinals lineup, you can also place the team's success on it's pitching and the man calling these ballgames and leading the Card's pitching staff is none Yadier himself. While his overall power numbers aren't representative of a true power hitting MVP (i.e., Kemp, Votto, Goldschmidt, etc), his value to his own team is so much more than any other player to their own team, respectively, in my opinion.

As a diehard Tribe fan, and with all of their solid offseason moves, I could see the Tribe being the 2013 Cinderella story in baseball--the 2013 edition of of the 2012 Nationals. Thoughts?

Name your top 5 fantasy players going into 2013...

Mine are as follows...

1. Braun
2. Trout
3. Miguel Cabrera
4. Pujols
5. Cano
6. Kemp
7. Votto
8. McCutchen
9. Fielder
10. Hamilton

68 days until Opening Day 2013!!

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