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Nerd Cubed for Writing, Web development (especially drupal and for Education) and gaming.
Nerd Cubed for Writing, Web development (especially drupal and for Education) and gaming.


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I am preparing a new Savage Eberron campaign. My players want to play in the Eberron world but want to use Savage Worlds rules, which is a fun challenge to take on.

One player is asking to recreate his favorite character -- the 4e Shaman, with summonable spirit companion, etc.

I have written up a way to handle it, and I'd love some feedback. I'm essentially using arcane Background (miracles) for the Spellcasting and adding an additional edge for the spirit companion.

Here's the link:
Savage Shamen
Savage Shamen

This weekend I ran a one-shot at a local game day of a Dresden Files Accelerated game. I wrote the adventure, set in the sample campaign setting and using the sample pregen characters (and a sixth I created to fill out my table).

I was lucky that one player had read some of the books (come on, people, read once in a while). And the player who chose to play the Wizard in the party had some solid FATE experience, and we had a grand time exploring the Ritual Magic rules.

This was my first stab at an FAE game, or the Dresden IP, and it went great. I really like what they've done to take a simple system and create a rich gameplay experience with it.

My players and I are a bit confused about Climb for the flying skill in the new SPC.

The power provides a climb of 0, and you can buy up to a climb of 6.

However, in SWD, climb is abstract (see pg 66), it caps out at 3, not 6, and is essentially not used.

So, what does a climb of 2 or 6 mean? Is that the number of spaces you can climb in elevation in a single round? That is what makes the most sense to me. It means that the base fly power has NO climb at all, and is essentially gliding, not flying.

I'm sure it doesn't often matter, but it did in a battle today with some complex elevations.

(climb is also a numeric value that seems to have concrete game effect in the vehicles section of the Sci Fi companion, but the mechanics aren't explained in that book either, at least not in a way that I've found).

Okay, I am preparing a Savage Worlds One-Shot for a local convention this weekend. I'm calling it "Return to Skull Island" and the big idea is that Kong is dead, and the PCs must try to help awaken the next monster on the island to fight Skull Crawlers -- Mothra.

I've been working on encounters and thinking things through. I'm trying to anticipate a few things, including an effort to throw or shoot a grenade into a Skullcrawler's mouth.

This, to me, sounds like a +6 called shot (which will be offset by the SkullCrawler's size) and would do +4 damage and ignore armor.

All that seems reasonable (and powerful, if they can make the shot). When I combine it with the "Giant Killer" edge I'm giving some of the pregen characters, that creates a big damage load -- 4d6+4 damage that ignores armor.

And that doesn't seem out of line, given the Bennies that will probably be burned trying to make that shot.

Would you do anything different? Would you allow the Giant Killer edge to work with grenades and other area attacks in general?

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I'm set up to run a few instances of the TimeWatch preview adventure "Hatchet & Axe" at Tsunamicon in November. If you're anywhere near Wichita, KS, and want to give TimeWatch a try, come on out!

Okay SPC2 fans.....

I'm imaging a scene where a super sorcerer wants to whip up a quick conjured vehicle to help his companions flee the scene. The Vehicle power from the old SPC didn't make it into the new one, so I'm thinking about how best to create a super vehicle with the existing rules I'm open to a variety of ideas.  What would YOU do?

Can anyone point me at character building aids that are Super Powers companion 2 ready?  

I've been waiting on pins and needles for Hero Lab or Wild Card Creator to cover SPC2, but they're moving slower than I had hoped. I'd like to switch our game to SW with SPC2, but I have a player with disabilities, and  electronic tools for character creation is vital. 

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I'm designing a trap with the Fate Fractal for my Necessary FATE game.  

These numbers will look high at first glance -- my players are supers, and will have some pretty dramatic skill checks at their disposal.  This is meant to challenge them not kill them.  For example, the party brick can cook up a Physique of +8 on her own.

This trap is in the entry to a secret super villain base beneath a water treatment plant.  The entry is an elevator, out in the center control island on one of the large water tanks. There's a control panel, with biometric security, and if the security is not satisfied, the elevator still goes down, but the trap has been triggered. Rather than descending and opening to grant access to the underground complex, the elevator descends, the shaft is sealed, and then filled with water forced in at high pressure.  

Because it's a supers campaign, and this was a base made to keep out supers, it's pretty staunch -- but could absolutely be reused by tweaking some of the numbers depending upon the type of game.  Here's my writeup so far -- let me know what you think:

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Wrote this sample scene this weekend to think through some things. I wanted to play in the sample setting I'm building for convention play; I wanted to think through a mental conflict scene, I wanted to play around with the Psychic Powers rules, and I wanted to see how those powers and the mental conflict rules would blend together.  

Everything you might want for background is linked from this document -- the setting, character sheets, etc.  Let me know what you think!
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