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Let me just apologize in advance.
Let me just apologize in advance.

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The Silmarillion Movie series; The Fall of the Noldor, pt. 1

The proof and consummation of the ability for there to be a sensible Silmarillion script. Quite long Post.

The Fall of the Noldor (G)
by Glorfindel; edited by the SilmFilm team





GALADRIEL: (Off Screen Voice) Many things have been regarded as wonders of the world, but none could match the Silmarils that were made in a time now ancient. These holy jewels were above all other creations of the elder days, and far beyond the skills of one.



GALADRIEL: (O.S.V.) Great and terrible deeds surrounded the Silmarils in the forgotten past, long before the Rings of Power. For what started in joy, turned to woe and tears unnumbered. I know, for I was there when doom fell on the Noldor. 

ZOOM OUT SLOW: Pulling away from the cluster of stars.
DISSOLVE: Fëanor is working seated at a table, while Finwë stands and observes him.

GALADRIEL: (O.S.V.) The Noldorian elf named Fëanor, had in him a spirit more fiery than has ever been known among the elves. He was the son of King Finwë and in craft he had no rival. It was he who made the precious Silmarils that were both magnificent and pure. 

ISOLATE: three sparkling objects that are rotating around the center of the night sky

GALADRIEL: (O.S.V.) Obsession over the gems caused some to lust greedily for them in their hearts. The 'Black Enemy' was chief among those who's ambition to possess them, sullied the joy they were intended to bring. His ancient name was Melkor, and he hated Fëanor because of the gems. He was of old strong and cunning. He attempted to force his will on others even before the world was created...from the beginning.

TRANSITION: Burning set of "eyes" in the darkness. 

GALADRIEL: (O.S.V.) Before all else, the elves call Eru, the One, and in him all that is originated. He is Iluvatar, the father of all, and from his thoughts came forth the Valar, the powers of the world.

FADE IN: A great white light with smaller lights spiraling out from it, shaded with color. The white light starts to take a humanoid shape. Small lights continue to spiral out from its head, shaded with color. They pulsate and orbit the white humanoid shape. 

GALADRIEL: (O.S.V.) Eru set forth a theme and bid them to sing the song of creation, but Melkor wove in discord. He desired his own ambitions would rule the song. At last Eru's mastery overtook all that Melkor attempted, commandeering Melkor’s notes for his own themes and the world, Arda, was created.

LONG SHOT: Sound waves blend together and then a big pulse of light washes out all of the waves. The bright figure leads the lights to an image of the world.

GALADRIEL: (O.S.V.) Eru revealed Arda, the world created by the song, where he would bring forth his children, elves and men. The powers of the world, came to dwell in Arda to prepare it before the awakening his children.

FADE IN: Primordial earth at night with storms. Meteors impact, lightning strikes and bright clouds descend to the ground are shown. Forms, like Eru but smaller, rise from the strikes and impacts.

GALADRIEL: (O.S.V.) Melkor continued to rebel against the will of Iluvatar. He marred the land with such cruelty that the Valar decided to take refuge from him in Aman, far across the great sea. Soon after Iluvatar awoke the elves; they were invited by the Valar to the Blessed Realm, away from Melkor who had struck terror in the elves hearts. 

CUT TO: Dark beasts attacking the elves in the woods of Middle-earth. A bright rider kills the beasts and then rides up on a beautiful horse to talk to three elf leaders.

GALADRIEL: (O.S.V.) Melkor's efforts to hinder the elves' journey through Middle-earth posed a threat too great to go unchallenged. The Valar rose up to battle and Melkor's army was defeated. He was bound with a great chain and lead away to be held in the Halls of Waiting for three ages. 

FADE IN: Melkor face down and a strong figure locking a great chain about him.

GALADRIEL: (O.S.V.) Melkor begged pardon from the other Valar after his sentence was served, and so he was released, although there were some who were not pleased by his freedom.

CUT TO: The Ring of Doom with Melkor getting off of his knees in front of Manwe and coming forward toward the camera with reddish “bright eyes”.

ANGLE ON: Close up of Melkor’s face with “bright eyes” that transition/fade to the two trees
Scene 1 - Fëanor and Finwë at the Trees


TRANSITION: Melkor’s eyes to the setting of the two trees on the green mound. 
MED. SHOT: Fëanor stands on a path about 500 meters from the trees. As he looks at the trees, his father approaches and stands next to him.

FINWË: (to Fëanor) Fëanor, what a pleasant surprised to see you here.

FËANOR: (to Finwë) Did I surprise you father? Truly the most surprising thing here is the wonderment of Telperion and Laurelin.

FINWË: (turns towards Fëanor) Even after all the long ages, their splendor is still beyond what many words can tell, but it would also be wonderment to have you come visit my table. It has been long since you were last there, and I have missed your presence. 

FËANOR: (to Finwë but looking at the trees) I was drawn here as I passed on my way for supplies; they seemed to have... called to me. So mesmerizing, I can only imagine how it must have been for you when you first saw them.

FINWË: (turns back to trees) Well said, they were equally mesmerizing then as they are now… glorious. Of all the things I witnessed when I was invited here as an ambassador, the vision of their beauty was everlasting in my mind. They inspired me to persevere through long years on the difficult road back to Aman. 

FËANOR: (turns to Finwë)  Although all here is fair, they are one of the few things that still truly impress me in Aman . I would say, for them alone, it was worth the hardship of your journey.

FINWË: (to Fëanor) Indeed, their blessed light was worth the cost, even with the enemy railing against our coming. I lead my portion of the host here with loss on the long road, for some that set out on that journey never came to the Blessed Realm; but then, there also has been loss here in Aman.

MED SHOT: Finwë turns and stares over the plains in the distance, taking a step in that direction

FËANOR: (placing his hand on Finwë’s shoulder) Father, are you all right?

FINWË: (pauses, turns to Fëanor) Yes Fëanor, I am fine.

FËANOR: (to Finwë, earnestly) You have borne many burdens and it is not my wish to add to them. I know that my endeavours have kept me away from you, but I can feel it in my spirit that I am near something great. I just want to forge something of great importance and beauty, as Yavanna did when she created these trees. Soon I will create something that will bless you and renew your pride in me.

FINWË: (to Fëanor, concern, sad) Fëanor, I am very proud of you, and you have already created works of wonder that you should be proud of too. Worry? I try not to be...yet I remain concerned. In the house of Finwë there is division. You barely speak to your brothers; seemingly always at odds with them. I believe that this tension may have spilled over to affect your own house, and I now ponder my past decisions…maybe I did you a great disservice and have caused such things to be.

FËANOR: (to Finwë, compassion) Do not question your heart or your choices father. You have always been near to me in my dire need. Although I have not warmly greeted your every decision…I am your son; in name and with great deeds, I will honour you King Finwë. As for my family, my wife Nerdanel and my sons are…

FINWË: (Fëanor, interrupting) Curufinwë, you have achieved much, and I know you will go on to do even more exceedingly marvellous works. I will trust you to make the mastering of your own home one of them. 

FËANOR: (to Finwë, serious) Yes father. It will be so.

FINWË: (to Fëanor, slight smile) I must go, but I would like to see you at the upcoming celebration. I know that Nerdanel must have mentioned it to you by now? 

FËANOR: (to Finwë, bothered) Yes, she has delivered the invitation some time ago.

FINWË: (to Fëanor) Very good. It has been long since we marked the time in which the Noldor arrived here in Aman. I am hoping that more than just Noldor will attend and I have asked if Lord Aulë would...

FËANOR: (to Finwë, interrupting) Lord Aulë? I saw him coming from the Mahanaxar hours ago looking grave with Lord Orome along side of him. There was also a third Valar with them…very tall and powerful in appearance…perhaps Lord Ulmo? Do you know for what the gathering was about father?

FINWË: (puzzled) Lord Ulmo was here...The Ring of Doom? Strange…I have heard rumor, but I did not think much of it until now. I must be off. Farewell Fëanor.

FËANOR: (to Finwë) Peaceful journey and farewell to you father.

LONG SHOT: Fëanor holds his hand out to his father then he lowers it and turns back to look at the trees

Scene: 2 - House of Finwë

INT: Finwë’s mansion
MED SHOT: Finwë enters slowly into a second story room with a large balcony viewing the street and square. Indis is seated on the other side but rises and walks to greet him.

INDIS: (to Finwë) Greetings my love; preparations for the celebration will be completed by the end of today. 

Finwë stops and looks out at the people on the street below with a concerned look

INDIS: CONT’D (to Finwë) The great hall has the seating finished and...Finwë, my love, what is on your mind?

FINWË: (to Indis, concerned) There is strange news from the “Ring of Doom”. It seems that the Valar have forgiven one of their own and are now reconciled as a people. It is a great act of mercy that High King Manwe Sulimo has displayed by putting aside such grievous error of one of his kindred. 

INDIS: (to Finwë) I have heard some talk about the council at the Mahanaxar and of Lord Melkor’s release…is this event saddening your spirit my love?

TWO SHOT CONT'D: He turns and holds both her hands in his

FINWË: (to Indis) No dear wife, yet it does make me ponder even more on the relationships within my own family. I wish that I could foster reconciliation in my own house. It would seem that my past decisions and efforts have been counterproductive to say the least.

INDIS: (to Finwë) Finwë, you are very kind and have a loving heart towards your family and all the Noldor people as well. 

MOVING SHOT: Finwë looks out the window once more and then they both walk slowly away to sit on an ornate love seat.

FINWË: (to Indis) I have tried to teach and lead them the best I could and many have found peace and joy, but for bliss seems diminished, though I should be overjoyed as they are. There is little doubt; there is at least a semblance of division in my own house, and at worse, a great rift.

INDIS: (to Finwë) My husband, my King, put your troubles away. You have not faltered in your guidance of the Noldor nor your family. Finwë…I have long known that I could never...wholly replace Miriel, but you can put your mind at ease with the knowledge that I love you and I will always do what I can to bring peace to you.

FINWË: (Indis) My love is yours sweet Indis. There was no attempt to replace a wife when I sought after you. I desired to be with you because of who you are; one so fair, kind and loving. My wish is that our love would bind our family together. I love all of my children, I wish for them to love each other as family should in the Blessed Realm.

INDIS: (to Finwë) Then perhaps this coming celebration could serve a purpose that was not planned for. We will celebrate the coming of the host from Middle Earth to Aman, but let us also make this a time to renew our family bonds, with honor and love. 

TWO SHOT CONT'D: They look tenderly at each other. She touches his face and runs her fingers through part of his dark hair. He slowly pulls her close to embrace her but is interrupted by knock on the door. 

MED. SHOT: Fingolfin appears in the doorway and speaks with authority and respect as he bows

FINGOLFIN: (to both) Father, Mother, peace to you and blessedness. All is nearly ready, but your presence is needed to approve a few of the final arrangements.

TWO SHOT: Finwë and Indis

FINWË: (to Fingolfin) Yes, of course Fingolfin my son. We will go to the great hall. Please lead the way and explain the matters at hand.

MOVING SHOT: The two rise and walk to the doorway and join Fingolfin. They all leave out together.

Scene 3: Family in the Square of Tirion

EXT: Outdoor sitting area close to the square
MED. SHOT: Maglor leans on the wall inside an archway playing the harp. Caranthir stands near with a frown on his face. Noldor maidens stop, listen, and smile before moving on. He smiles and tries to get them to notice but is ignored. Celegorm comes out of a door nearby.

CARANTHIR: (to Celegorm, to Maglor) Let us be off, anything but standing around here! Maglor, tell mother that we went to the wood workshop!

CELEGORM: (to Caranthir) What do you mean "we" Caranthir? 

CARANTHIR: (to Celegorm) Get a new bow or something…anything is better than wasting time here.

MED. SHOT CONT'D: MOVING SHOT: Caranthir passes by the white tree with Celegorm behind him. Finrod and Galadriel enter the square. They greet the two brothers but only Celegorm replies in kind. They walk over to Maglor

FINROD: (to Maglor) Greetings cousin Maglor; it seems that your brothers make haste away from Finwë’s house with the celebration drawing near?

MAGLOR: (to Finrod) I am afraid that Caranthir and Celegorm have restless spirits and lack some patience Finrod. How are you and Galadriel this day? 

GALADRIEL: (to Maglor, blurting out) I am well cousin, but I understand your brothers desire to leave. I wish that I could run off somewhere. I too have been very restless lately and have yet to discover a remedy for it.

MAGLOR: (to Galadriel, chuckle) Restless? 

CLOSE UP: Galadriel

GALADRIEL: (to Maglor) Yes. I know it may sound odd, but do you ever wish there was more than the normal serviceable routines to occupy your time...more to discover or explore? 

CLOSE UP: Maglor

MAGLOR: (to Galadriel) What more should I desire? I have my music, the beauty of the land, and the light of the Trees of Valinor. (Smiles) hmm…maybe the hand of a Noldor maiden with a beautiful voice? (Pause) Oh well, where are your other brothers?

TWO SHOT: Finrod and Galadriel

FINROD: (to Maglor) Orodreth is on errand for father to get something for the celebration. Angrod and Aegnor are off with cousin Fingon.

MED. SHOT: MOVING SHOT: Turgon enters into view coming across the square.

TURGON: (to All) Greetings, I apologize for interrupting but King Finwë is requesting that I start gathering the family into the hall. 

FINROD: (to Turgon, to Galadriel) Greetings cousin Turgon; we will gladly comply. I suppose that we need to hunt for our missing brothers. It may take some time to find them so let us be off. (Smiles) Come Galadriel, here is an adventure to break your routine.

GALADRIEL: (to all, sarcastically) My heart is overjoyed. Farewell cousins and kin. Do not start the fun without us! 

ZOOM OUT SLOW: Galadriel smiles and all raise their hands to signal farewell to each other and then depart.

Scene: 4 - Fëanor’s Forge

CLOSE UP: A furnace full of flame. 
ZOOM OUT SLOW: There is a container in the flames that is connected to a long thick handle with a hand gripping it. Fëanor's voice is heard.

FËANOR: [O.S.V.] Heat is at the right level. It will have to stay constant. 

INT: Fëanor’s free hand is seen reaching to the container and dropping something in it. There is a puff of colored smoke which Fëanor fans away.

FËANOR: By Aulë’s beard…too much color! Alright then, I will have to start from the beginning…again.

CLOSE UP: Contents of the container are dumped out on nearby workbench and tumble loudly. They look like thick, glob like pieces of glass. They lands near some of Fëanor’s tools on the table.

ZOOM OUT SLOWLY: Open books and notes are scattered on the table. He scoops some green powder from a bowl on a high self. A few completed works are seen (jewels, lanterns, palantir, etc.). He pours the power and other items into container. He mumbles elvish, low and almost indiscernible

FËANOR: (low) Garo, garo godref, dartha, we will see now.

MED. SHOT: He places a few small clear crystals into the container with a strange tool. There is a hissing and a light is shown getting brighter, changing colors, and shining out of the furnace in front of Fëanor as he speaks more low and almost indiscernible elvish

FËANOR: (low) Calen, malen, is almost there.

CLOSE UP: Fëanor’s face is lit with the furnace fire and the light coming from the container

FËANOR: It will hold this time. Yes, yes, finally, I have achieved the first part, now...

MED. SHOT: He takes the container out of the furnace and places it on the table. He takes out the contents which are barely in view. White light shines from the bench, and it dims and then brightens off and on. It starts to flicker.

FËANOR: (upset) No, no, no!

LONG SHOT: Nerdanel approaching while small explosions and yelling can be heard. She knocks on the door


FËANOR: [O.S.V.] (to Nerdanel) Just a moment! 

AUDIO/FX: Clanking noises; sound of a great lock being unlocked

MOVING SHOT: The door opens and Nerdanel comes in.
Nerdanel enters and sits on the edge of table

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor, curious) Fëanor, is there some trouble, here?

MED. SHOT: Fëanor talks as he puts tools away

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel) No, just setbacks. I am finished for now. I was about to go for walk to clear my head.

MED. SHOT: Nerdanel sitting

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor) You, stop working, and leave? Now that sounds very odd. Are you sure that you are all right?

TWO SHOT: Fëanor facing Nerdanel

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel, frustrated) Just why are you here Nerdanel?

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor) I did not mean to disquiet your spirit. There was once gladness that I was here. 

TWO SHOT CONT'D: Both are silent, as if they were trying to remember the past

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor) I am in search of those you seem to value less than your endeavours here; our sons. Have you seen any of our children Fëanor?

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel) I have not, but they are probably out exploring, as I once did. I use to spend long days wandering and seeking new things to learn about. They will be back soon enough.

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor) I wish that you would now seek to know more about your sons.

TWO SHOT CONT'D: She walks closer to Fëanor and takes his right hand in hers

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor, soft, kind) You speak half truth Fëanor. You have stopped wandering on foot, but you are ever wandering in your mind; going places where you do not ask me to accompany you. Lately, many of your thoughts have kept from me.

TWO SHOT CONT'D: He slowly pulls away with a cold look

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel) Nerdanel, some paths are meant to be travelled in solitude and perhaps there are a few beyond your ability to traverse.

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor) Many paths we have walked together, from the making of fair things to ones that lead to seven sons. You have chosen to forsake those paths for ones that require locked doors. 

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel, upset) You were the one that first... (Sigh) it matters little now. Nerdanel, for what need are you attempting to gather all my sons?

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor, sharply) You have not forgotten about the celebration? The time is drawing near.

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel, grim) No, I have not forgotten. I have marked it well and have calculated hard on how to avoid it!

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor, upset) Fëanor! You don't mean to disappoint your father? 

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel, sarcastic, loud) Shall I disappoint my father? No; he has two other sons that are proficient in doing that!

Maglor and Maedhros open the door, quickly walk in on either side of Nerdanel and bow


MAEDHROS: (to parents) Father, Mother.

NERDANEL: (to Maedhros, then to Maglor) Hello Maedhros, Maglor; where are your other brothers?

MAEDHROS: (to Nerdanel) That is an excellent question mother; one for which we have no answer. We have been searching but with no success thus far. 

MAGLOR: (to all) Celegorm and Caranthir were near the square earlier…

FËANOR: (to Maedhros) Maedhros, as the eldest, your watch over your brothers must be more diligent. It has come to my ears that you spend more time with your cousin Fingon than your own brothers. This is not acceptable…make sure that you correct this matter.

MAEDHROS: (to Fëanor) Yes father.

NERDANEL: (to Maedhros, then to Maglor) Maedhros, see if Curufin is at Aulë's forge. Maglor, please inquire at Lord Oromë's mansion to see if Celegorm has been there, and try to find Caranthir along the way.

FËANOR: (to Maedhros and Maglor) Find your brothers and do not be late to King Finwë’s hall.

FOUR SHOT CONT'D: Sons bow, leave; Nerdanel turns to Fëanor

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor) Since you were leaving for a walk, could you locate our twin sons? You will be in your father’s hall at the appointed time Fëanor?

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel) But of course, I will be there. I will sit at my father’s table, as eldest of my father’s sons, lest Fingolfin and Finarfin forget their places.

MED. SHOT: She bows slowly and leaves

PAN TO: Fëanor 
ZOOM IN SLOW: His face looks grim

Scene: 5 - Final Preparations

INT: Finwë's Mansion
LONG SHOT: Large hallway opens to a heavily decorated seating area with elves in conversations with each other. 
MOVING SHOT: Finwë, Indis and Fingolfin walk down the hall together. Finarfin leaps up from a seat in the seating area and walks quickly to the group as they walk by

FINGOLFIN: (to Finwë and Indis) The honoured guests should be arriving shortly. Lord Aulë accepted the invitation and will be in attendance but Lord Oromë’s intentions have not been made known to me. One of his servants said that Oromë was aware...

MED. SHOT: Finwë notices Finarfin coming up quickly and causes Fingolfin to pause

FINWË: (to Finarfin) Ah, Finarfin, glad to see that you are already here my son.

FINARFIN: (to Finwë and Indis) Greetings father, mother; it was my intent to be here sooner but I was delayed by a small errand.

MED. SHOT: Finarfin bows quickly and joins them as they make their way into another section of long hallway.

FINWË: (to Finarfin) Do not worry Finarfin. You have arrived with plenty of time to spare. 

MED. SHOT CONT'D: The group continues down the hallway to a large balcony at the end of the hallway that is connected to a vast stairway leading down. The balcony looks out over a large atrium that starts on the first floor but ascend three stories. Orodreth is coming up the stairs.

FINARFIN: (to Orodreth) Orodreth, are your brothers and sister in the great hall? 

CLOSE UP: Orodreth on stairs

ORODRETH: (to Finarfin, bows to all) No father; I passed Finrod and Galadriel near the edge of the city. They are off looking for Aegnor and Angrod. I have come to tell you that King Olwë has arrived.

TWO SHOT: Finwë and Indis

FINWË: (to Orodreth) Good news Orodreth, thank you grandson. I am glad to have King Olwë here... (To Indis) but I do wish that King Ingwe would have been able to attend. Having him back in Tirion would be an honour.

INDIS: (to Finwë) My wish also, but during this time of the year he prefers to stay near to Lord Manwë. 

FINWË: (to Indis, to sons) Yes, of course. Fingolfin, Finarfin, have you seen your brother Fëanor? 

TWO SHOT: Fingolfin and Finarfin have moved out to the stairs and are silent for a moment

FINGOLFIN: (to Finwë) I have not seen…your son, but he will surely be here at least by the appointed time.

FINARFIN: (to Finwë) Yes father; he will be here soon enough. 

FINGOLFIN: (to Finwë) King Finwë, there are still a few outstanding issues that need your attention. Please continue with me to the great hall.

Scene 6: Aulë’s Mansion 

LONG SHOT: Group of elves are gathered listening intently to someone. The speaker is seated and can’t be seen clearly. Fëanor comes up the path with his twin sons behind him.

FËANOR: (to the group) Hail fellow Noldor, I am in search of two of my sons. Has Maedhros the tall been by? He should have been through here sometime ago to gather my son Curufin to Tirion. 

CLOSE UP: Melkor stands and turns toward a surprised Fëanor; Melkor towers above the elves.

MELKOR: (to Fëanor, boldly) Indeed I have beheld your strong sons. Both are in company of Aulë in the forge. How go thou, son of Finwë?

MED. SHOT: Fëanor and the twins

FËANOR: (to Melkor, coolly) Well.

MED. SHOT: Melkor

MELKOR: (to Fëanor) Glad is my heart to finally see thee here, for I know that thou seldom come hither to this place. I have experience with crafting, so Aulë suffers me to sit and teach a portion of my knowledge to all who wish to learn. I hope to see thee again soon in after days.

LONG SHOT: Fëanor nods grimly and walks down a path on the side the mansion towards the forge. Wide-eyed, Amrod and Amras bow and follow Fëanor.

INT: Inside Aulë's forge
MED. SHOT: Maedhros stands next to Mahtan talking, Curufin works on a metal piece at a table and Aulë walks towards the entrance as Fëanor comes in with the twins 

AULË: (to Fëanor, happy) Well, surprises happen in Aman! How art thou Fëanor son of Finwë?! 

FËANOR: (to Aulë) I am well Lord Aulë. 


AULË: (to Fëanor) Two more of thy sons grace my forge; well, this is a surprisingly great day. I have had in my hearing that thou will be at thy father’s celebration. Rare for Finwë to have all his sons together, quite rare indeed! 

MED. SHOT: Fëanor frowns because of Aulë's comments

AULË: (Thinking out loud; to Fëanor) ...Hmm, I have a matter to attend to with Yavanna before I depart for Finwë’s hall. Farewell and anon Fëanor; may grace and great skill be upon thee!

MED. SHOT CONT'D: Aulë leaves and Mahtan walks toward the twins smiling and embraces them. Maedhros approaches to the group

MAHTAN: (to twins, pleased) Blessed is this hour to have seen so many of my grandsons at the forge in such a short space of time. Amrod, Amras, will your adventures and wanderings always keep you from me?


AMRAS: (to Mahtan) No grandfather Mahtan - 

AMROD: (to Mahtan) but exploring and hunting quickens our souls. 

AMRAS: (to Mahtan) To stay home would be to us as troubling - 

AMROD: (to Mahtan) as staying away from the forge would be to you.

MED SHOT: Twins, Fëanor, Mahtan and Maedhros

MAHTAN: (to twins, then to Fëanor) Yes, I know. Fëanor, I am happy to hear that you will leave your solitude and be present at the celebration.

FËANOR: (to Mahtan) I see that you are well Mahtan, and keeping Curufin busy.

MED SHOT: Curufin at a table working on a silver cup

MAHTAN: O.S.V. (to Fëanor) Yes, he is excelling in the broad concepts but needs some work on the finer points. Maybe a lack of imagination is the problem. It is time you to take him under your wing Fëanor.

MED. SHOT: Fëanor and the others

FËANOR: (to Curufin) Curufin, you will have to finish that later. You must off to Finwë’s Hall to help with the preparations.

LONG SHOT: Rising from his seat, Curufin speaks

CURUFIN: (to Fëanor) Father, I have almost completed it. I just need to...

FËANOR: (cutting Curufin off) Always do as I advise.


CURUFIN: (to Fëanor, submissive) Yes, always Father.

MED. SHOT: Fëanor turns slightly and notices some gems on a nearby table. Curufin walks up and stands next to him

ANGLE ON: Small amounts of white/blue power; gems, light of the trees shines on the table
BACK TO SCENE: Fëanor walks over and feels the powder and looks out the far window.

FËANOR: (to Mahtan) Tell me Mahtan, why does Lord Aulë have this other...Vala, stay in his stead when he is off on errand?

MAHTAN: (to Fëanor) Lord Melkor? He visits often and has been a help. 

MED. SHOT: CLOSE UP: Fëanor takes two gemstones from his belt and mumbles to himself

FËANOR: (to himself, low) It may work. Yes...maybe I too suffered from a certain lack of imagination, but no longer. 

CURUFIN: O.S.V. (to Fëanor) Father, what is the matter?

FËANOR: (to Curufin, then to all sons) Nothing Curufin; all of you, bid your grandfather Mahtan farewell and be off.

MED. SHOT: Maedhros, the twins and Mahtan

MAEDHROS: (to Fëanor) Father, are you coming with us?

MED. SHOT: Fëanor

FËANOR: (to Maedhros) No, I must tend to an urgent matter, but I will be there.

MED. SHOT CONT'D: Fëanor leaves out
MOVING SHOT: The others follow and stop near the path as he leaves for his forge. Melkor stands up again from his place 

MED. SHOT: The four grandsons bow to Mahtan and Melkor and leave 

MELKOR: (to Mahtan) Thy daughter’s husband is truly impressive; quite sure of himself.

MAHTAN: (to Melkor) Fëanor’s skills have long surpassed all of the Noldor and there is little left of crafting for him to learn. Nerdanel use to labour with him, but now he works alone in his forge.

MELKOR: (to Mahtan) I deem that he has conceived some new brilliant idea of craft to achieve. Fëanor, yea, spirit of fire most assuredly.

MAHTAN: (to Melkor, sombre) Yes, most assuredly.

Scene: 7 - The Celebration

INT: Finwë's Banquet Hall
PAN: Guests are reclined yet attentively listening, emphatically, noiselessly as Finwë speaks about his experience concerning the coming of the elves to Aman.

FINWË: O.S.V. (to audience) ...and we walked about the waters of awakening and beheld the bright stars that Queen Varda put in the sky. There was wonder, but also fear, for hidden in the land was a secret danger...

FLASH BACK MONTAGE: While Finwë speaks, there are flash back sequences showing everything that he mentions

...that threatened friends and family. Whispers were uttered about "the hunter" that would snatch away wandering elves, and indeed many were taken, never to be seen again. Apprehension was constant, but we still grew in knowledge and strength in the midst of the turmoil. Then at a time unlooked for, one came who made the earth tremble. Loud horns blasted away the evil that lurked so near. Was it the "Hunter" which so many had feared; but if so, why would evil drive evil away?

MED. SHOT: As Finwë continues, Maedhros comes in by a small side door, approaches Nerdanel quietly and whispers to her.

AUDIO F/X: O.S.V. [FINWË: There were no easy answers and no one willing to venture out to seek the origin of the mighty horns. Eru blessed us and what seemed to be by chance, Lord Oromë looked down on us from a high ridge...]

MAEDHROS: (whispering to Nerdanel) No sign of him. I have looked everywhere and the forge is locked with no light inside.

NERDANEL: (nodding and whispering to Maedhros) Thank you Maedhros.

MED. SHOT: Finwë at the head of a large table
ZOOM IN SLOW: Down the table to Finwë

FINWË: (to the audience) ...He sat proud and mighty upon Nahar and it was an awesome sight to see. Many feared that he was "the hunter", the rider of infamy. But I and a few others stood steadfast, and we perceived him to be a lord strong but good. We were drawn to him and learned much...

LONG SHOT: Many continue to look on with interest and a few do not. Nerdanel is distracted by Fëanor's absence and quietly excuses herself from the table. She makes her way to the side door which Maedhros used as Finwë continues 

AUDIO F/X: O.S.V. [FINWË: Soon after, the Valar strove forth and a great battle was fought in the north to quell the evils that issued from there. Almost nothing was known of the war in those days to the elves...]

MED. SHOT: Nerdanel comes out of the door and runs right into Fëanor. She speaks to him with a harsh whisper

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor, harsh but low) Fëanor!? Where have you been? You were to arrive hours ago!

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel) Be calm Nerdanel. You have become so ill-mannered after all these years. 

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor, harsh but low) Ill-mannered! You come here late, no, not late, almost not at all, and you lay that false claim on me!? Do you know how many times your father has looked at your empty chair!?

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel) So, are we going to play a game with me guessing how many, or are we going inside and prevent further delay?

CLOSE UP: Nerdanel breaths deep and looks away from Fëanor. He goes through the door with her following

MOVING SHOT: They take their seats as Finwë continues

FINWË: (to audience) Ingwë, Elwë, and I were chosen to come to Aman to see the blessed two trees of Valinor, along with all the other wonders of the Valar. 

MED. SHOT: As Finwë speaks, Fëanor and his brothers exchange unpleasant looks. 

MONTAGE: Flashback/foreshadowing of Elwë as Finwë speaks

FINWË: O.S.V. (to audience) We brought back the report to our people and many were stirred to make the journey. We travelled for long years over hills and mountains and across streams and rivers. On that journey we lost some who were dear to our hearts. For me, the loss of Elwë was most painful. We were fast friends and he would journey to visit the Noldor when he had time. On one such trek he entered the woods and was not seen ever again. Many looked for him and would not leave that land because of the hope of finding him. After long searches and much delay, the host moved on with Olwë leading the Teleri forward in his brother Elwë's, place.

MED SHOT: Olwë seating close to Finwë. PAN TO: Turgon at his table holding Elenwë's hand with their daughter Idril near. 

PAN TO: Fëanor's twins looking around and smiling at young elf maidens; who are smiling at Maedhros as he tries to listen to Finwë. 

PAN TO: Caranthir and Celegorm occupied with food and drink as Finwë continues.

MED. SHOT: Finwë continuing to stand with Indis now rising to stand by him

FINWË: (to audience) Lord Ulmo assisted us greatly by providing a means to cross the great sea. Once here in Aman, the Teleri remained near the sea in beautiful Alqualondë. Lord Aulë graciously took the Noldor under his tutelage while the Vanyar became devoted to Lord Manwë's service. So to all the Valar, we of the Noldor and those of the other two kindred that are present, salute you and honor your names, deeds, and hearts. 

MED. SHOT CONT'D: Finwë motions and several elves come from doors unseen. 
MOVING SHOT: Gifts are brought to the Valar present, Oromë and Aulë. They accept the gifts with nods and smiles.

FINWË: O.S.V. (to Aulë and Oromë) Though you may have no need for such gifts, please do take them as symbols of our appreciation and devotion. (To Olwë) King Olwë, please come.

MED SHOT: Olwë stands and comes close to Finwë. Finwë then reaches for a gift box that is given to him by Indis. 

FINWË: (to Olwë) Olwë, I would like to present you also with a token of gratitude for friendship, kinship, and love you have afforded us and not in the least since you have allowed your daughter Ëarwen to marry my youngest son Finarfin. 

MED SHOT CONT'D: Finwë and Olwë laugh and smile at each other as they embrace. Then Finwë hands Olwë the gift that is a miniature jeweled carving of a swan ship of Alqualondë.

OLWË: (to Finwë) Thank you King Finwë; I had no reservations about Ëarwen marrying Finarfin, for he has a good heart like his father. They both have blessed us with fine grandchildren. 

MED. SHOT CONT'D: The kings look out fondly at Finarfin, Ëarwen and their children. 

MED SHOT: All in the house of Finarfin rise and give a small bow to the kings. 
MOVING SHOT: Finarfin, Orodreth and Finrod remain standing and approach Finwë and Olwë. 

FINARFIN: (to Finwë and Olwë) On behalf of your families who love you and would like to honour the leadership you displayed through hard paths that we ourselves did not traverse, we present these tokens to you. 

MOVING SHOT: Orodreth assists two elves with a rolled up, pure white, sparkling cloth. They unroll it and hold it up. It is flag bearing the standard of Alqualondë. A swan is featured in the centre with Olwë's name and family seal. Many cheer but Fëanor is visible put off. Olwë is pleased.

OLWË: (to all) This is a most excellent gift; thank you family; thank you.

MOVING SHOT: Finrod walks nearer with a group of elves. They spread out a tapestry with brilliant coloured threads and jewels woven in it. The tapestry depictions focus on the life and journey of Finwë. The audience stands, claps and cheers. Finwë is surprised and pleased. Fëanor is upset. 

FINARFIN: (to Finwë and Olwë) Both of these were suggested by Fingolfin although he left me to carry out all the planning.

MED. SHOT CONT'D: Fingolfin and Finarfin smile and laugh under their breaths at each other

FINWË: (to all) Very well done my sons; splendid, wonderful my children, this touches my heart! I see that my family has been busy beyond what my eyes could see.

MED SHOT: Fëanor walks towards Finwë from the side opposite from his brothers. Nerdanel gets up and goes near as music starts up and the celebration activities continue.

FËANOR: (to Finwë, coldly) Yes, very busy father. I am gaining a clearer understanding of the true gifts that my brothers possess. I wonder what other surprises they have in store. 

FINGOLFIN: (to Fëanor) Do I take that you approve of the gifts Fëanor? I know they may not be up to the high standards that you keep reserved for your creations, but many have laboured long hours with patience and love to accomplish them.

MED. SHOT CONT'D: Olwë bows to Finwë to gain his leave. Finwë bows to grant this and Olwë leaves the area with the gifts and a small entourage in tow.

FËANOR: (to Fingolfin) No doubt long hours of labour were committed, but perhaps they could have been spent more wisely. The flag is decent, with its beauty coming from its simplicity. Of course, this would put the project on a level for which you and Finarfin could easily govern. 

FINWË: (to Fëanor) Fëanor, they are fine gifts given from the heart. Do not demean them because you had little part in their creation.

FËANOR: (to all) Little part father, you mean no part, as you can tell by quality of the finished works. 

FINGOLFIN: (to Fëanor) Why should we bother to involve someone that prefers to work alone; sharing little with anyone? You want us to beg for your help as if we are incapable of doing anything of worth ourselves. 

FËANOR: (to Fingolfin and Finarfin) You are wrong. Some things you do not need my help with; you are quite capable of looking foolish all by yourselves.

FINWË: (to all, stern but low) That's enough. This is not the place, if there ever is one, to argue vain points. This is to be a pleasant time.

FËANOR: (to Finwë, while looking at the tapestry) I submit my apology to you father. I did not mean for you to become frustrated. Indis's sons have done their best to honour you. Ah yes, the needle work is well enough...even if it is below the quality that Mìriel Serinde could have achieved.

FINGOLFIN: (to Fëanor, upset) You speak of honour but that concept is foreign to you! 

MED. SHOT: Fëanor bows to Finwë and turns to leave. Nerdanel hesitates but follows him. Finwë slowly sits down in his chair worried as Indis holds his hand. Fingolfin tries to go after Fëanor but Finarfin stops him.

FINGOLFIN: (to Fëanor, upset, loud) What have you done to honour Finwë on this day or on any other day?! 

FINARFIN: (to Fingolfin) Hold Fingolfin. Let us not deliver any more stress to our father than has already been issued. Fëanor will bait you into further argument. He is in the wrong, but he will twist your words into some vulgar pronouncement. 

MED. SHOT CONT'D: Finarfin guides Fingolfin back to the table with his hand on his shoulder. 

PAN PAST: A few guests disturbed by the argument. Others enjoy the music being played and happily talk. There is a call for Maglor to perform.

EXT: Streets of Tirion
MED SHOT: Fëanor and Nerdanel
MOVING SHOT: Fëanor is fast on his way to his forge with Nerdanel following. She speaks but augments her volume as other elves pass by; Fëanor speaks loudly. The light of Mindon can be seen in the distance as they travel.

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel, loud) Must I explain myself again? Obviously you are unable to grasp it, although it is clear as Valmarian crystal.

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor, upset) Yes Fëanor, it is beyond my ability to comprehend why you continually feud with your family.

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel, loud, upset) They sit around Finwë's house hoping for more favour than second and third sons should require or deserve. 

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor, loud then soft) They do no such thing! When I have been in their presence, I have never witnessed any of what you suggest. If only you would spend time with them as I have.

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel, very loud) Time with them?! Where are your loyalties Nerdanel?! When is it appropriate for the wife of the heir of King Finwë to spend more time with his brothers than with him?! 

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor, upset, distraught) Fëanor, how you make me suffer so! You shun my presence in the past and now condemn me for being elsewhere?

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel) You have brought this on your head. Did I command you to stay away or cease from assisting me? My sons did not need extra attention but you insisted they did. Then you risked injuring them further by having them mingle with their lowly cousins. 

MED. SHOT CONT'D: Elves passing by overhear but try not to pay attention to what should be a private conversation.

NERDANEL: (to Feanor) They are all family Fëanor. They should know and get along with each other. I spent time with our sons out of love. I tried to help them blossom, those who had the heart to. Is that not a mother's duty? I love you, and out of love I have struggled and laboured so long, hoping that...

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel, cutting her off) You could smother me like you smothered Maedhros? And yet again your “caring ways” succeeded by alienating Maglor against working at the forge; now he sings and reads poems all day like a Vanyar! Thank Eru that Caranthir, Celegorm and Curufin ended up with more of my spirit, and there is hope yet for the twins.

MED. SHOT CONT'D: They are near the door to Fëanor's forge and he prepares to unlock it as she speaks.

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor) I did not try to smother our sons nor you Fëanor. I'm not trying to stop you from becoming who you are meant to be. I just want things to be right and for you to share with me as a husband should share with his wife. I have never tried to stand in your glory, even in things in which we both laboured. Please Fëanor, you must be willing to...

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel but mostly to himself, cutting her off) Press on, though many are against me. You speak of what is right, but what does that matter here in Aman? Younger brothers grapple for privilege that should reside only with the eldest son. In a supposed place of peace and safety, sorrow has touched the the face of Finwë. In a place of undying yet there was death! Now, despite all that I have ever heard of the enemy and the war of ages past, our foe has been released to walk among us. 

NERDANEL: (to Fëanor, trying to interrupt, pleading softly) Fëanor, we must have faith that through the power of Eru, in time, healing and…

FËANOR: (to Nerdanel but mostly to himself, cutting her off) We should be able to venture back to the lands of our fathers but the Valar counsel against it. We are governed like cattle and you wish to govern me too. No, I will make my own destiny with my own hands. I will make a destiny that will not be beholden to anyone!

MED. SHOT CONT'D: Nerdanel is silent and sad and he goes into the forge and closes the door with a thunderous slam. A large lock is locked and the loud click makes Nerdanel shiver.

Scene: 9 - The After Party

EXT: Outside Finwe's Mansion in a sitting area
LONG SHOT: Many guests are departing. 
ZOOM IN: Maglor is playing and singing. Turgon and Elenwë sit on a bench nearby.

MAGLOR: (sing to those around) Great is you beauty and wondrous grace. A vision of splendor makes my heart race. Rapture fully, dream a sweet dream. Your brilliance is blinding, your love supreme. 

MED. SHOT: Celegorm and Caranthir come out the mansion and walk over near Maglor

CARANTHIR: (to Maglor) Can you give it a rest Maglor, or at least sing a more adventurous song?

CELEGORM: (to Maglor) Sing about the hunt or the sea; anything but the longings of the heart.

MAGLOR: (to both brothers) Young brothers, you must realize that love is an adventure; probably the greatest and most perilous one to take.

TWO SHOT: Turgon and Elenwë holding hands, sitting

TURGON: (to Maglor, happy, loud) Play on cousin, not everyone dislikes your song!

MED. SHOT: Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir

MAGLOR: (to Turgon) Thank you very much cousin Turgon.

CARANTHIR: (to all) I guess for some, it takes very little to satisfy. I will be leaving then. Farewell brothers, cousins. 

MED. SHOT CONT'D: Caranthir leaves.

MOVING SHOT: Elenwë and Turgon stand and walk over to Maglor and Celegorm as Finrod and Galadriel enter the square and come towards the small group

FINROD: (to Turgon and Elenwë) Turgon and Elenwë are still enjoying the evening I see. You two seem quite please with each other, as usual. 

GALADRIEL: (to all, joking) Indeed they are. Perhaps I need to find someone to share fair days with instead of my brothers.

ELENWË: (to Galadriel) I believe your brother Finrod has done such already. He was in deep conversation with a very fair maiden at the feast.

TURGON: (to all, grinning) Come, come, now cousin Finrod and tell us, did this deep conversation include the possibility of giving silver rings?

FINROD: (to all, smiling) No, not yet, but hopefully...

GALADRIEL: (to all, interrupting, joking) It is just a matter of time. My brother will soon join you two in sickening me as another couple that cannot get enough of each other…madding I tell you.

CELEGORM: (to Galadriel) I do not often agree with you cousin, but on the latter point, I concur.

MED. SHOT CONT'D: They all laugh a little. Maedhros, Fingon and Aredhel come out of Finwë's door and join the group

GALADRIEL: (to cousins, low laughter) Hello cousins Maedhros and Fingon and Aredhel, welcome to our happy little discussion of life and love. 

AREDHEL: (to Galadriel, to Finrod)
Love?...oh, then the best to you Finrod and lady Amarië.

ELENWË: (to Finrod) Hmm…Vanyar named Amarië? I think I know her kin.

MED. SHOT CONT'D: The wind picks up; loud hoofs sound. 
AUDIO F/X: Loud horse hoofs, Wind blowing

MED. SHOT: MOVING SHOT: Oromë rides from out from an alley on the side of Finwë's house with Huan.

OROMË: (to all) Eldar, farewell; may honour and joy be thine.

CELEGORM: (to Oromë) Where to Lord Oromë? Is the hunt on again for you?

OROMË: (to Celegorm) The hunt is ever on. It shall not end until all fell things are subdued. I leave behind Huan my hound; be about his care though he needs little. 

CELEGORM: (to Oromë) Yes Lord Oromë.

MED. SHOT: Oromë leaves Huan and departs as the elves bow

CELEGORM: (to himself and all) Will I ever hunt in Middle Earth? I would like to journey there, even for a short while. 

GALADRIEL: (to Celegorm and all) I too have been curious for a long while about the old realms of Middle-earth. 

FINROD: (to all, reflective) There have be recently rumors, about possible large groups of inhabitants, but I cannot remember where I first heard...

TWO SHOT: Fingon and Maedhros

FINGON: (to all) Inhabitants? The Valar would have spoken to us about such strange matters. I would deem it unwise to leave the bliss and peace of Aman for the uncertainty of the wilderness.


MAEDHROS: (to all) We all know that some elves did not come to Aman and perhaps a handful of our long distant kin may have survived, but I agree with Fingon. We would be made aware of something as strange as what you have mentioned. It is just wild stories for idle minds.

Scene: 10 - The Silmarils

INT: Finwe's Mansion
MED. SHOT: Finwë is in the atrium pacing; Aulë comes in the large front double doors

AULË: (to Finwë) Greetings Finwë, I see that thou art impatient and bothered.

FINWË: (to Aulë) Yes, I apologize Lord Aulë. I pray that this effort goes well so that I may finally be at ease.

AULË: (to Finwë) Is this a dire situation that we go to? I felt some discontentment at the feast between your sons, but that was many days ago. Surly things have bettered since then.

FINWË: (to Aulë) Nerdanel now dwells at Mahtan's house, but Indis has sent word for her to come and stay here for a time. Fëanor has not been seen for many days…save once, near the two trees.

AULË: (to Finwë) My, my, Mahtan had not informed me of these ill tidings. Resolution must be forthcoming.

FINWË: (to Aulë) I agree. That is why I would like for you to come with me and speak to Fëanor. I believe he would listen to your wisdom; you have been a friend and have taught us so much.

AULË: (to Finwë) Much lore of the making of things yea, but this is a matter of the heart. Then again, I am not foreign to over-passion in creating, and the consequences of it. (sighs) Let us go.

MED. SHOT CONT'D: Going to the entry, Finwë turns towards the banquet hall, notices light shining from under the doors.
ANGLE ON: Light like tree light shines from under the doors
BACK TO SCENE: Aulë then notices it too. They go in that direction

FINWË: (to himself, low) That light, how is it...

AULË: (to Finwë) I must have missed that thy hall has a view of the trees.

FINWË: It does not. You can only see them directly from the tower.

MOVING SHOT: The light disappears. They enter in and see Fëanor sitting at the right side of Finwë's chair.

FËANOR: (to Finwë, to Aulë) Hello father, greetings Lord Aulë.

MED. SHOT: Fëanor stands and bows. A heavy iron box that is sparsely decorated is on the table by Fëanor.

MED. SHOT: MOVING SHOT: Finwë approaches Fëanor

FINWË: (to Fëanor, puzzled) Where have you been...why are did you arrive?

FËANOR: (to Finwë) I came by the servant's door to show you that I am forever your servant, subject, and son.

CLOSE UP: Aulë a little frustrated

AULË: (to Feanor) Thy father had concerns for thee, Fëanor. We were headed to find thee.

TWO SHOT: Finwë walks up next to Fëanor 

FËANOR: Now that trip is unnecessary for here I am. Father, come to your seat for a moment, for one that has been accused of never sharing, wishes to share something with you.

TWO SHOT CONT'D: Finwë slowly sits as Fëanor stands

FINWË: (to Fëanor) Now, what is this all about Fëanor?

FËANOR: It is about honor and respect. The things that are said I lack for others but open this box and see if it is so.

CLOSE UP: Finwë opens the box and the light instantly fills the room. It is the light of the two trees mingled

FINWË: (to Fëanor, awestruck) Great Eru Iluvatar! This, this is the light of Telperion and Laurelin!

MED. SHOT: Finwë grasps Fëanor's arm; Aulë comes around to take a look

FINWË: (to Fëanor, surprise, happy) My son Curufinwë, my heart is full of joy but my lungs are short of air! 

MED. SHOT CONT'D: Finwë slowly reaches into the box and removes the three jewels. Aulë has a very surprised look

AULË: (to himself, low) Crystal with the light of Aman in them? No, it cannot be crystal. How is the light contained… emanated?

MED. SHOT CONT'D: Aulë strokes his beard and goes deep into puzzled thought
ZOOM OUT SLOW: Servants of the household come in to see

TWO SHOT: Fëanor and Finwë

FËANOR: (to Finwë) Your eyes are the first to see them in all of Aman, save mine. They seemed to have been in my mind for countless days, but just recently, they allowed me to bring them into being; for you to behold them. Honor and respect to you father.

FINWË: (to Fëanor, very happy) They are wonderful Fëanor; the light of the trees dwelling in my grasp. You do me a great honor my son. They must be known to all. All of Aman must see these wonders!

TWO SHOT CONT'D: He stands excitedly and Fëanor has a satisfied smile. PAN ACROSS: the room showing other elves in awe and joyful. 

AULË: (to Fëanor, excited) Fëanor, these gems must be presented to Manwë and the rest of the Valar. The festival of First fruits draws near, maybe then...uh, hum; I am at a loss as to what else to say other than this is a most wonderful, terrific, surprising day in Aman!

TWO SHOT: Finwë and Fëanor stand together, side by side, as each lend a hand to hold up the jewels with other arm hugging each other. Fëanor and Finwë are smiling greatly.


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