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More republican plans to rig the vote

In addition to tactics like enacting laws to prevent poor folk, minorities and other likely democratic voters from being able to get to the polls, republicans are rigging the electoral process in other ways, including creating mechanisms to convert popular votes for democrats into electoral college votes for republicans.

If the republican plan, as implemented in Maine and Nebraska, ... had been in place nationwide for the 2012 election, Mitt Romney would have defeated Barack Obama, 276 electoral votes to 262 electoral votes, despite losing the popular vote by 4%. If the plan being pushed in Virginia became the law of the land nationwide, that difference would be even more stark.

You can be sure these aren't the only mechanisms they're using. These people are absolutely shameless. They don't want to be elected; they want to be in power.

thanks, +Tina Vigilante 
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Now John, will they achieve that with the Unions controlled voting machines or without?   :-))
It has been documented "Union Controlled" Voting Machines Flipped votes for Romney.
Elections fraud is a much more pervasive problem than voter fraud ever could be.
Remember these people's worldview, Christianity, demands authority that is selected not elected by WethePeople. Fascist Christianity seeks to appoint our leaders not elect them by people voting. Fascist Christianity demands their leaders be anointed and appointed by the Church! It is the King and his Court System of ole. It's just that simple. 

The general population are surfs, servants, slaves and as such mere property. When the Koch Brothers appear everyone must bow. This is Fascist Christians. Just as there is no good KKK member or a good Nazi, there is no good Christian. If you want to live a sovereign life you can't be a member of an organization that soul goal is to destroy the individual and assimilate individuals into the Christian collective.

Look at idea of Heaven. Heaven is a place where a Fascist Dictator whom they must address as "God" rules total and complete. In this heaven everyone is watched 24/7/365. No one is permitted to even think an independent thought. The thought polices are everywhere!
Bob Lai
Why would you presume that people who insist on forcing their religion upon you have any compunctions about forcing their politics upon you?
+Bob Lai
In all due respect, it works both way. Each side try to force or push things on us all. That is why the two party system, in my view, has had their days. If that doesn't change, nothing will.
Bob Lai
+Jacques Dupuis The limitations of the two-party system are evident (well, to you and me, they are). I was speaking narrowly of the 'Christians' in the GOP.
I say bring in Voter ID laws.. Oh wait, Democrats don't want that. I wonder why..hmm...make you wonder whose really rigging elections. 
Voter ID laws are a "solution" to a non-problem, +Peter Priskas -- a solution with very real side-effects, side-effects that are highly desirable if you're a republican.

Supporting voter ID laws is a bit like advocating a tourniquet for a hangnail: Sure, it'll make the hangnail go away. And if you also happen to want to make sure the arm drops off, it's an extra-good cure. 
American voter turnout is among the lowest of voting nations. Adding more steps for voting will no doubt bring it even lower. All studies suggest that turnout correlates with social-economic factors, as do people affected by voter laws. What this tells me is assuming the same political landscape as 2012 + Voter ID laws, the outcome will not change much. The Republican party needs all the help they can get.
What's the argument against voter ID laws? Are the Dems arguing that minorities are too stupid or too lazy to go and pick up a free ID? Isn't that a little insulting? C'mon +John Hummel , you know the real reason why the Democrats are against voter ID.
+Peter Priskas the argument is that it's a waste of time, effort, and money to solve a problem that doesn't exist. I'm not saying that's true. I'm saying if you listen to the media, that's been the argument being made.
I suspect you already know the answer to this, +Peter Priskas, so I can only assume the question is disingenuous, but I'll answer it anyhow: They're not stupid, lazy or any of that. For many of them, procuring the time and transportation poses a serious problem. Many of them have jobs that are not as flexible as yours, so it is nontrivial to take time off during the week. And many of them cannot simply jump into their cars (because they do not have cars) and shoot down to the DMV between martinis like you can. 
+Jacques Dupuis You are asking if I am joking that the media is reporting that the Democrats' argument against Voter ID laws is that they are a waste of resources? No, I'm not joking.
+Peter Priskas The number of people disenfranchised is higher than any realistic accusations of fraud of the type ID could prevent.
+Jacques Dupuis There is such a thing as prevention and voter ID to ensure fair elections is similar to removing people's hearts to prevent heart attacks. Yeah it stops the heart attack, but at a higher cost than the problem.
+Peter Priskas The Republigoons want to suppress the vote because that's the only way they can win, the stinkin fascists. Voter fraud is practically non existent, do your research. 
Clerical error couldn't be a factor? The report also doesn't make clear which party this affected, a moot point if it were truly fraud. It seems to disingenuously hint that Democrats benefited. Media isn't always forthcoming and complete in it's analysis. It's too soon to cry "fraud" when other factors could be at play. 
+Peter Priskas Please link to the actual report rather than trashy sites

No lets look at that preliminary report. The 155000 can easily be explained by some combination of people moving, data entry issues, and stuff like that.

The 35000 number is the same deal only more so without the SSN check.

And before you disregard the possibility of data errors and bad data remember South Carolina went through a similar thing not too long ago

The big one is the 765. Let's give your view the benefit of the doubt and assume that almost twice as many people as this audit found voted illegally in a way that voter ID could catch. We'll call it a nice round 1500. A quick glance at a study from Dartmouth looking at the North Carolina changes estimates that 300,000 voters don't have an ID that meets the legal standards. So even if you use really generous assumptions for the fraud and assume that all but one in a thousand people who don't have ID will get it there are still twice as many people effected
Oh as a side note if you add together all of the overlapping suspicious categories, it still comes out to less than the number of disenfranchised voters.
PJ Media are not a trashy site. They're well respected and in this case, all they did was link to Senator Phi Berger's website. And putting these alarming numbers all down to "clerical errors" is not very re-assuring at all even if it's supposedly happened before. 

Phil Bergers's page also shows that in North Carolina 50,000 new death records had not previously been provided to the State Board of Elections in turn leaving 13,416 deceased voters on the voter rolls in October 2013, again leaving the way open for massive voter fraud. And keep in mind, 22 states did not participate in the Interstate Crosscheck program so how big the actual problem is is anyone's guess. 

Voter ID is the only solution. Photo ID's are needed for just about everything these days, including cashing in welfare checks and so there's no reason why they can't be used to ensure the integrity of elections. Unless the criminal enterprise known as the Democrat Party is OK with voter fraud. 
+Peter Priskas let's accept your numbers for the sake of argument: "... in North Carolina 50,000 new death records had not previously been provided to the State Board of Elections in turn leaving 13,416 deceased voters on the voter rolls in October 2013, again leaving the way open for massive voter fraud." [emphasis mine]

Any number of things can be construed as "leaving the way for voter fraud". We could cite birthrates, for instance (every baby is a potentially fraudulent voter, after all). Should we cite similar statistics as evidence of a murder epidemic in the US? "Over 10,000 potential murderers were born between the dates of..." And even if we accept all those people as potential fraudulent voters, the numbers still aren't on the same order of magnitude (tens vs. hundreds of thousands).

You and the republicans you represent are just making shit up.

Show us evidence of real fraud on the same order of magnitude as the number of disenfranchised voters and we can start to have a real conversation. Until then, republicans look like they're on a campaign to hang every tenth person in the village with the excuse that one of them might commit a crime. Mean time, it's suspiciously convenient for them which tenth they choose to hang.
+John Hummel
Did you read that these same people were also voting in other States?  This issue is bigger than you and I could ever imagine.
I am... skeptical... that the problem is all that large, +Jacques Dupuis. Such a story is awfully convenient for some people to spin. What are the data?
+John Hummel
There has been many articles with the data included within this week. John, please don't tell me that you have selective reading habits on that subject...  :-))
+Peter Priskas If you can't see that these Repukelicans are trying to suppress Democrats from voting, then you've got a problem. 
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