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"Obamacare" a republican idea from the start.

Like, from Nixon.

The only reasons the current republicans oppose it are (a) Obama is black, (b) they feel compelled to oppose anything at all Obama supports, (c) see (a) and (b) (these people are fucking crazy. They have no goal in life except to screw you and screw Obama.)

A friend of mine has described Obamacare as a massive gift to the insurance companies.

Without the Single Payer system, I frankly fear he was right. (Single Payer, in case you don't remember, or couldn't quite understand it, was the idea that the insurance companies should be removed from the whole process, with a single payer [the government] insuring everyone. Works in the rest of the civilized world. Would work, but will never happen in oligarch-controlled America.)

And a massive gift to the insurance companies is what it is. But it does have some small benefits to the average American. (Most of them, anyhow.)

But the fact that it was passed by a Black Man!?! rather than one of the republicans (like Mitt Romney in Mass.) who was supposed to pass it!

Well, that makes it Unamerican! So the republicans (none of whom can think their way out of a wet paper bag) fucking Hate it! Never realizing it was their idea all along.

Oh, it would be so much fun to observe the pathetic human species from the outside, if only I didn't have to be part of it.

thanks, +richard chu 
right-wing democratic president.
Obamacare is not some communist, left-wing, socialist plot. It's a Republican plot.
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I heard cuba had good health care
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John Hummel

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Republican hero

Love him, morons. He destroys your kids' lives before they're even born. But he says all the right things to appeal to your fears and prejudices.

Reflect on what this says about your values: This guy fucks you up the ass and all you do is ask for more. (And you oppose gay marriage?)

thanks +Admiral Taptap 
"Governor Chris Christie is settling his state's $8.9 billion lawsuit against ExxonMobil for just $250 million. The reduced settlement comes after ExxonMobil gave Christie's Republican Governors Association $1.9 million in contributions. Christie also appointed a former ExxonMobil lawyer to serve as his state's Attorney General from 2010-2012. The Attorney General's office oversaw the case."

#corruption #bribery #ChrisChristie
New Jersey settles 2004 $8.9 billion case against ExxonMobil for just $250 million; Christie's first AG was an ExxonMobil lawyer.
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Piece of garbage.
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John Hummel

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Republicans rejecting evolution because democrats believe it

Time for democrats to come out in favor of breathing.

thanks, +Tim Elkins 
Conservative Tribalism post 3: if liberals are for it, they are against it. Facts be damned.
Either a big chunk of Republican voters have suddenly decided, for no reason, not to believe in modern biology, or something political is happening here.
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+Rafael Espericueta I disagree, they want power not self destruction. They want be God, not witness the return of a God. The ones you're referring to are the cult leaders like in Waco.
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John Hummel

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thanks, +Andrea Lindsey 
With the population accepting the patriot act we have lost all freedoms under the Constitution, And we accept it, for what? To give the Government absolute control who are run entirely by billion dollar corporations. We need REAL solutions, let us unite. 
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+Joel Zucker, I appreciate your attempt to be balanced in your view of corporations here.

However, the balance in our society has skewed in the last 40 years or so way too far in favor of corporations.

As you said, their primary motive is profit.

Anything else they do is in the service of that goal.

And these days, they have to do precious little in the service of that goal: They don't have to pay their employees a living wage (hence American "productivity [read: work output per wages paid] is at an all-time and world-wide high), they don't have to obey environmental laws (hence the disasters in WVA, VA, NC, SC, ND, SD, the Gulf, etc.), and they don't have to pay taxes (hence the fact that the majority of large businesses receive more in "tax incentives" than they actually pay in taxes).

The sad truth is that corporations, increasingly, don't have to do a single thing they don't want to. Because, whether you know it or not, they are the de facto government. It is a wonder they pay their employees at all. And in a real sense, they don't: The average worker is making less now (in equivalent dollars) than s/he was in the 1970s. Worker pay has not only stagnated, it has gone down. And this, in spite of the fact that CEO pay has sky rocketed.

Nice try defending corporations, but the fact is, there is no defending them. They are spoiled children out of control and they need to be brought to heel. By whatever means necessary.
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John Hummel

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On income inequality: If they could choose, most Americans -- even republicans -- would live in Sweden

This is an oldish article (from last year) but one worth reconsidering.

Americans polled on what they think income inequality is, and on what they think it out to be are wildly out of touch with reality (orders of magnitude out of touch).

The world republicans say would be best is the opposite of the world they demand.

The world they demand is, basically, the world we have: The top 0.1% control 50% of everything.

The world republicans want is Sweden: Ironically, probably their most reviled "socialist enemy".

Republicans, it's time to wake up: The people you think you would be like in a just world are the same people your masters have taught you to hate most. What does that tell you about your masters?
If Michael Norton’s research is to be believed, Americans don’t have the faintest clue how severe economic inequality has become—and if they only knew, they’d be appalled.   Consider the Harvard Business School professor’s new study examining public opinion about executive compensation, co-authored with the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok’s Sorapop...
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promoting hatred is not righteous.  promoting hatred is not intelligent.  promoting hatred is not acting out of power but out of denial of power
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John Hummel

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The other difference being that you actually need one of them. I'll let you contemplate which one that is. (But here's a hint: People don't generally try to take from you things with no value.)

thanks, +Valkyrie and +Being Liberal 
(S) Here's your daily reality check, courtesy of +LOLGOP. 
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+Bo Rinaldi The cost is currently below estimates, is well on track to save an enormous amount of money long term. So the first thing out of your mouth is already dumb. It doesn't barely provide the minimum, in fact it installed standards. That's what all those "I lost my insurance" stories are about, those people had sub-standard insurance. I am struggling to find evidence of doctors quitting their careers and not taking new patients. I suspect you've been the target of propaganda.
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John Hummel

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Judge Napolitano did a really good piece on illusion of choice a couple of years ago.
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John Hummel

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Christian extremists whine that they are the victims

A glimpse into the christian propaganda designed to convince their followers they they are still a persecuted minority.*

This would be laughable if it were not so effective and therefore dangerous.

Poor christians.

Raise your hand if you can remember christians:

Restricting gay rights
Restricting women's rights
Bombing abortion clinics
Demanding tax-free status for spreading their ignorance...
... while illegally engaging actively in politics
Hampering children's education with nonsense about "intelligent design"
Stunting children's development with fairytales one must abandon all capacity for logical thought to believe
Torturing, flaying and mutilating minorities (a common occurrence as recently as the 1960s, known as "lynching")
Burning witches
Burning and torturing "heretics"

And now some people think maybe they're wrong!

Poor, poor, victimized christians.

Thanks to +Craig Froehle, who posted this yesterday.

*This propaganda is worth studying. One can learn a great deal about the enemy by studying his propaganda.
Christian extremists really are masters at portraying themselves as a subjugated, abused minority, despite that being the exact opposite of reality. The American Family Association [cough] has a new "Bigotry Map" out to document those they say are oppressing them and threatening their freedoms! What I find hilarious is the list of offenders includes the "homosexual agenda" (snort) and "humanists" (what? they like critical thinking and physical evidence?!? those bastards!!) as well as such diabolical groups like the Human Rights Campaign (how dare people demand equal rights!) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (which, incidentally, has officially designated the AFA as an anti-gay hate group). All told, it's the best example of Poe's Law I can imagine.

Link: (now I feel dirty)
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+John Hummel No worries. I had my irreverent biologist hat on.
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John Hummel

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Bush, fracking and conflicts of interest

No surprises here: Bush, following his family tradition, has his fingers in all-things-oil, including fracking. So it’s no surprise that in his highly-paid political speeches, ol’ Jeb has frequently sung the praises of Frack, baby, Frack!

Nonetheless, it is interesting to see just how deep the conflicts of interests — and the perversions of power — run in the Bush family when it comes to oil interests, on the one hand, and positions of power that allow them to ruthlessly pursue those interests. Just one little tidbit to whet your appetite:

Similarly, fracking is not just a Jeb Bush investment, but also a Jeb Bush family affair.

Son George P. Bush, 38, was elected Texas land commissioner last year, two years after helping found Fort Worth-based FracStar Logistics, providing sand for fracking.

Did you catch that? Jeb’s son, George, who helped found a fracking company, was elected Texas land commissioner. Now, I’ll admit I don’t know the intimate details of Texas… “governance”?… but this little arrangement strikes me as more than just a little… convenient.
And there are other, similar tidbits, too. Just one more, to show that Jeb is not simply a one-act-pony: He has investments in education too!:

His work as an education reformer coincided with his financial stake in Academic Partnerships, an online higher education company. Bush severed ties with the company late last year and his team has noted he did not invest in K-12, which has been his policy focus.
Armed with that thought, let us contemplate what Jeb would do with the presidency. Oh wait, no need to contemplate: We need only reflect on what his brother did with it.

Seeking positions of political power that allow them to pursue their (very ambitious) personal wealth interests is a long tradition in the Bush family. Ol’ Jeb is simply doing what the dynasty expects of him. Part of that expectation is using the full power of the government (Texas, Florida or US) to do their wealth-amassing bidding. Then again, I suppose this hardly sets them apart from most politicians. Still, some are more effective and more dangerous at this game than others. And the Bush clan seems to be an especially egregious offender.
In the summer of 2013, well before he became an all-but-declared presidential candidate, Jeb Bush spoke to conservatives gathered in New York. He talked up the promise of education reform, immigration and policies to boost America's economy — standard lecture circuit talk for which the former Florida governor often commanded $40,000 a speech.
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I don't trust anyone connected to wealth to have any real concern for the People.  The 1% will pull their strings.  Fracking scares me because of what it does to water supplies.  People with wells near fracking tend to have water that catches fire.  What is contaminating that water, will kill your children.  You can live without oil.  You cannot live without potable water.  You also need air to live.  Fossil fuels are screwing that up also.  You are being played folks.  Wake up America.  Time to Stand or fall.  Make a choice, or the rich will make it for you.
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