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Davis may be in deeper than she thought

... if Davis continues to turn away couples seeking marriage licenses, (U.S.Attorney) Harvey could potentially charge Davis with deprivation of rights under color of law. Additionally, if Davis and her staff continue in this charade, the U. S. Attorney could charge them all with conspiracy against rights under color of law.

thanks, +Valkyrie 
The U. S. Attorney in Eastern Kentucky says he has "grave concerns" about the homophobic behavior of county clerk Kim Davis.
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John Hummel

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An interesting and informative, if somewhat alarming, read

In the words of +Icarus Anne Riley, "So, it turns out the GOP faithful voting base really are - statistically speaking - completely disconnected from reality, human decency, and even common sense? Well, shit."

thanks, Icarus
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+Craig Froehle catastrophe such as Anonymous not stopping Rove again? (It may be pure urban legend, but it persists because it is so painfully believable.)
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John Hummel

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Jim Jeffries on religion (and most everything else)

Only if you have an hour to waste.

But an hour well-wasted it is.
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An hour well spent ... I think. He's great.
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John Hummel

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thanks, +Katie H. 
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+Eric Mintz He's the best!  He even made meatball shaped planets!  DNA is shaped like Cavatappi! 

"Cavatappi [kavaˈtappi] is macaroni formed in a helical tube shape. It is the Italian word for corkscrew. It is known by other names, including cellentani, amori, spirali, tortiglioni, fusilli rigati, or scoobi doo, DNA [1] It is usually scored with lines or ridges (rigati in Italian) on the surface."
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John Hummel

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Precisely, +Eric Mintz. As a result, the parody is excellent.
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John Hummel

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A very thoughtful autopsy of republican "ideas"

thanks, +Ron Dobbs 
"Republican leaders knew things could get bad if they didn’t pass immigration reform. But they probably didn’t imagine a rally with a GOP frontrunner in Alabama featuring neo-Confederate literature, openly racist attendees, and at least one shout of “white power” broadcast live on all three cable news networks.

Now they’re beginning to see the mess they’re in.

“If, after November 2016, there are autopsies of Republican presidential hopes, political coroners will stress the immigration-related rhetoric of August 2015,” said occasional voice of conservative sanity George F. Will.

What is being exposed is a Republican Party intent on proving itself incapable of and unqualified for power.
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John Hummel

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Sounds kinda familiar.

thanks, +Admiral Taptap
I'm pretty sure that is the official GOP Platform.
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Well said, +Korinne M Jackman!
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John Hummel

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Bwahaha! Kansas conservatives shooting themselves, and everyone else in Kansas, in the foot, as usual

I feel for the people of Kansas, but I must confess some schadenfreude at the pickle in which their mouth-breathing conservative government has placed itself.

thanks, +Betsy McCall 
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I can't recommend Thomas Frank's book, "What's the matter with Kansas?" enough.  Although from 2004, its message is quite relevant, not just for the state of Kansas itself, but for all of red state America.  He explains how the state moved from progressive-Democrat to what is it today:  a place where a moderate Republican like Bob Dole could not get elected to dog-catcher in Wichita.
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John Hummel

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Planned Parenthood

Based on the rhetoric lies from the right, you'd think it was an abortion clinic.

You've been misled. 

thanks, +Katie H. y
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I don't think that statement is true, +Robert Wilson: Abortion is expensive and decidedly unpleasant; it is surgery, after all. It is much more likely to be used as a final desperate measure. I doubt anyone with access to, say, birth control pills, would choose to use abortion instead. In some cases, such as miscarriage, it is the only option and without it, the mother's life world be at risk. But such cases hardly count as "using it as birth control".
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John Hummel

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One has to wonder how much support she'd have gotten and how fast she would have been imprisoned.

One does not cross the gun-freaks in 'murica.

(The gays, women, minorities and lubrurls? Eh, fuck 'em.)

thanks, +Robert Pratt and +Ron Dobbs 
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+risa bear​​ hi there, you are corect it is constitutional issues we are dealing with, religon, guns, and marriage. So here I will say rights must be balanced not one cancelled in favor of another. The minority must be protected from the majority. We do not have a democracy in the sence that a majority may cancel a minorities rights. It is a tough balance. I thought it was speculatory question, that was meant to lead to a real discussion and debate. 
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John Hummel

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Psychology's embarrassing replication problem

In a recent replication attempt of 100 experiments in social and cognitive psychology, about half the cognitive results failed to replicate and a whopping 75% of the social findings failed to replicate.

The reasons for and implications of this unsettling little fact are explored, and the article includes a link to the original study, published recently in Science.

#psychology  #science #replication
Of 100 studies published in top-ranking journals in 2008, 75% of social psychology experiments and half of cognitive studies failed the replication test
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+John Hummel It's still clever, even if it's 'old hat'.
(you should see the characters from "Mad Max" having superimposed faces of the 'Holies' of theoretical physics placed on them...very funny!) 
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John Hummel

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A national embarrassment

The rest of the world is watching this spectacle and saying, "Really, US? Really??"

thanks, +Jennifer Freeman and +Armando Lioss 
For every day that Donald Trump is the darling of the Republican party, it's just one more day that history will look upon as a time in this country when...
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Unfortunately, in the documentary, "Idiocracy", "Stupid" was in power!
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