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man-made structures and buildings can be great, but check out what a number of ants are able to create.
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something so advanced must be based on intelligence
I'm incredibly fascinated
cool as!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the best excuse to dig up some ones back yard.
We must find out what other ant colonies look like I bet you that each breed of ant has a different structure.
A philosophical observation: Should species' intelligence be judged by the individual's or the collective's intelligence.
collective....."unity is strength" after all..
So....we have trouble injection molding small peices of plastic in an industrial setting pefectly, but this guy can shoot cement 20 feet into dirt with no problem in the middle of the savannah? I'm calling BS.
WOW!! That's amazing! I always wondered how ants and many bugs survive the outdoor weather especially when you get flash flooding rains. Now I see why! Their house is protected better than mine! LOL!
very nice, beautiful & natural discovery shown by you sir thanks for it
That is quite a structure :D
Glory to God, the creator and teacher of these small insects how to build homes. In the Quran, an evidence on the ability of these creatures to make the shelter from danger, in Chapter 27 verse 18.
I wonder if the ants had any say in the matter... it's like aliens coming here and erasing NY...
Didn't expect ant colony to be so huge and so deep below the surface.
Amazing. It's awesome to see how something hidden just under the surface is a lot more than we expected.
Last months news. We had many a rant and rave over it.
that is amazing and it does look like some alien pod world.
Subhanallah.. praise The Creator of this amazing creatures..
You killed all the ants , how barbaric .
It is amazing what ants can do.The termites in the ground that destroy wood it is common to see ants nearby as subterranian termites are food as they come from the ground.. I see their tunnels are very impressive. We had a beautiful tree in our front yard and the carpenter ants were right there to gobble them up. I see you are calling these as subterranian ants as I never heard that before as I always thought subterranian was termites only. Please correct me? I had worked in Termite and Pest Control field for almost 10 years, so confused when you called the ants suhterrania meaning they are in the ground.. I guess many kinds in the ant world..
It is astonishing how large their colony is, as well as how sophisticated. And, you'll notice that they didn't get all the ants when they pumped concrete into the mound for several days - some of them are still walking around as they filmed. Plotting revenge!
great video... really humans need to understand more and more from the unknown!!! :)
Giant Ant Colony
while searching i found this video i guess this current video is a part of the one i'm giving the link...
we could learn a thing or two from the little creatures
If I ever get around to building my evil subterranean lair, I now know where to get my contractors!
Poor ants after all that work and time creating such a great city for their colony some fucking old fat research come and poor cement to what probably took ants years to create, he destroyed it in a few days. How horrible!... I mean aren't there other means to find out the structure of the colony without destroying it? I don't know maybe like with sound waives and computer technology and a monitor he could off find out with more accuracy the structure of the colony and probably study the ants in mid working progress. I don't know
very interesting share thank you hugs
I think they are great.. ants often amaze me.. :-)
I am awestruck by its form and size, amazing!
it's really very amezing!!!!!
i like it..
Without disrespect to our fellow lifeform, human does it much better. :-)
+Norman Ma
Do you really think humans do it better? Ants do it with no failure and in a way that doesn't get in the way of other living beings (not to mention their dedication on working for their society)
+Norman Ma
Humans always involve the destruction of someone else shit, its only better for us, things get much worse for anything else that lives near us. 
+Pedro Alves Some humans do produce comfortable drwelling structures at diverse locations that can withstand wide types of weather conditions. However, we can learn from other creatures.
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