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Nyheter og Samfunnsdebatten  - 
Dette er meget bra skrevet om de siste dagers demonstrasjoner mot de nye fraværsreglene!
Mange har nok ikke skjønt hva de demonstrere mot. 
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De henger seg vel bare på klagetoget,alle sammen, hvem gidder å sette seg inn i saken liksom... muligens et sykdomstegn om ikke annet..
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John Holme

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Rough start for the New Top Gear.
Top Gear: 'Unimpressed' audience members walk out of first episode before filming finishes

Chris Evans’s newly revamped Top Gear began filming on Thursday, with dozens of audience members reportedly leaving the studio before the show had finished filming. The host told the reasonably sized audience they would be 'on their way by 4pm', yet filming continued at Dunsfold Aerodrome until the early hours of the evening.
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Chris Evans is a ginger twat make Joey run it & sack the ginger
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John Holme

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You lose something in there it's a wrap 
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John Holme

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That's just cruel 
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John Holme

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Håper at det gikk bra..
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John Holme

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I feel like going back to IRC!! I'm to old for this shit!
Allo, Google’s new mobile messaging app, brims with intelligence. It looks great as well. It has “Hangouts killer” written all over it. But Hangouts is here to stay, according to Google. #Apps #News #Google
Allo, Google’s new mobile messaging app, brims with intelligence. It looks great as well. It has “Hangouts killer” written all over it.But Hangouts is here to stay, according to Google. In a comment to Business Insider, a company spokesperson said that Google is “continuing to invest in Hangouts and it will remain a standalone product.”Why isn’t Google replacing dreary old Hangouts with the seemingly superior Allo? One obvious reason is the fact ...
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Going back to? I still use irc, it's great. Persistency when you disconnect is the only downside (rare with a headless running weechat in a tmux session limits it)
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John Holme

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This weekend I've been testing a Norwegian made app for secure, anonymous, P2P-based communication. By M2 Secure As.
This is the first solution on the market of communication applications that offer true discretion.

> No messaging servers with activity logging. Peer-to-Peer
> Full end to end encryption (messages and voice conversations)
> Optionally blind-up with proxies
> All messages and log can be deleted upon closing of the app.
> Automatic removal of all messages and log on time-interval. (1-48 hours)

The GUI needs a little work, but the app works without any major flaw. I'm really impressed about this app and the work made by +Leif Auke and the crew at M2 Secure!

You can test the free version of the app first. The application has no ads and therefor the full version costs about 65 NOK.
Usage privacy* No logging of messages or calls. * Everything are sent direc...
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So it's SMS?
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John Holme

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I'm ready to ditch the iPhone for Android N, and I want Apple to show me why I shouldn't
Commentary: The debut of Android N at Google I/O has this longtime iPhone user tempted to switch. Now, Apple's job is to convince users like me to stay.
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No one ? Then just go for it. 😯 
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John Holme

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I hate it when my jacket runs out of batteri!!!
Damn, I thought this was an April fool, but it turns out it's for real! 
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John Holme

Humor og Underholdning  - 
Jeg og eldstemann har krøpet i gammel isolasjon for å forsøke å legge kablet nett fra loftet (hvor fiber kommer inn) og ned i kjelleren. 3 etasjer ned. Ouch det klør! Både armer og luftrøret..
Alt for Ping og Mb/s... Hehe

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+John Holme forutsatt at strømnettet ditt er nytt nok, ellers er en god trådløs router med ekstenders bedre (Asus darkknight + Asus extendere fungerer som en drøm) 
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John Holme

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I've got a Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7500 router at home and using Remote Access to grant my kids access to WiFi when they confirm their homework is done.
Problem is that I get Warning message in Chrome when launching remote access saying my connection is not private.
I need help enabling HTTPS for my router if possible. Don't want anyone hacking or taking control of my router without my knowledge!
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Rating går mer på sertifikatstyrke osv. Jeg har a+ på min nginx vps. Mozilla har en generator for forskjellige servere
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John Holme

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Google I/O headlines in 10 minutes! by +The Verge 
Google Assistant and Google Home = Assistant: Yes = Home: No!
Allo + Duo = Hangouts Killer! More apps doing the same thing!
Android N = Faster installing Apps, encryption, cleaner, More Emoji! Same thing as before!
Daydream = VR something...
Android Wear 2.0 = More of the same thing!
Android Instant Apps = Something smart!
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Hi Joho Holme am happy to see your email and your familles thanks God for
your familles also our familles too thnk

On May 19, 201
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and programming.

April 2011 I started at Aibel as logistic coordinator of all item trancfer between main warehouse and project facility; onshore and offshore for Aibel.
June 2012 I started as Coordinator for Troll A TPC
As of December 2014 I quit my job at Aibel, and started as Warehouse manager at Bohus Vikse Møbler.

Father to my adorable boys; +Joakim and +Tobias
In cohabitation with +Aina Hagenberg and her son; Marius

My big passion is of course is Google+, photography, media, music, exercise, and fishing. And with a new fishing rod for trout fishing I use a lot of my free time to get around the various lakes around the Tysvær and Sveio. (map
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One of the finest cabins to visit in the Etne mountains. Rather short hike up the mountain.
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Very nice hotell. Okey breakfast and service at the bar. Except the maintenance man seemed to pull parts from the elevator. I'm handicapped, so I was a bit nervous. But all in all a great place to stay when in Gdańsk.
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Veldig hyggelige servitører! Grei mat og god stemning!
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