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Leave it to Google to improve on political action.
If you haven't done so already, fill out their petition.
It's simple, easy, and the right thing to do.
(You have to like at least 1 of those things.)

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An amazing short film. This is how CGI animation shold be done. Lots of attention to detail. Amazing cinematography you can't easily do in real life. Produciton values that would bankrupt a studio :P Do something amazing when you animate! not just something you can film and trace over. Otherwise, what's the point?

(This film was apparently done for $100 and a shit load of free time O_o)

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For some reason lately, I've been awed by beautiful timelapses.

Now on my bucket list... spend 24 hours in the sun.

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The Internet is really good at 1 thing: Perspective
The last thing for tonight. One of my little favorite wake up calls. I try to think about this on a daily basis. Being grateful in life produces vast amounts of contentment and happiness. You should try it. :)

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Couldn't explain it any better.
Org Chart of All Major Tech Companies A funny take on how all the biggest tech companies are organized..

Author: +Manu Cornet

Comic Book Folks:
Who does your printing? We are looking for the best quality for the most affordable pricing. :)

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If half of this is true this is crazy

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I would even say Scrooge McDuck is even richer considering just HOW much gold he is swimming in.

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G+ makes for excellent digital comic distribution!
Ryan Estrada posted an interesting "comic" that explains why G+ is a better platform for him to share his work than his his own website. He also suggests that he should become the official G+ comic like he was at LiveJournal. (LJ had an official comic? Nice one +Brad Fitzpatrick!) That got me to thinking -- did anyone watch the tutorial videos or read the tutorials when they got here? I didn't.

It's really hard for me to take the mental leap to do that sort of thing. And yet I was definitely confused when I first started G+ I literally had a mind-bender thinking about OK, a Circle means what? Who are these people "sharing" with me and what the heck is Incoming?!

Within about 4 or 5 hours I was surprised that I was ever confused. G+ felt totally natural. But comics may actually be a better "user guide" than text or video. Especially for this generation.

I know that whenever I try to watch a tutorial video, it's just too long. I'm not in sit back mode where I want to enjoy something. Most videos have lost me before their cutsie intro is over. I want to know something and I want it fast. Reading regular prose takes too long as well. With comics in a panel format (and a skilled comic), you can get the point very quickly and click "next" while skimming to get to the panels that have the points you're confused about.

I'm not even a fan of comics, so I'm not biased geek OK? haha Check out +Ryan Estrada on G+!

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Like all things typically geek. Sensible. Effective and ugly hehe! Let's get to work on this google!
Based on my ~28 hours as a G+ user, this seems like a pretty neat idea to me.
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