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I am very impressed, VZW. This is just what people have been asking for. I do have a few questions about the plan, though.

First, how will devices be subsidized on this plan, if at all?

Second, why is there a price difference between using different types of phones or data devices? If data is purchased by the GB, what makes a netbook more expensive than a tablet, or a smartphone more expensive than a simple phone?

And third, why not simply meter data? Why not just bill $10 or $15 or whatever per GB? If the goal is to make things simple and easy on customers, why make us predict up front what our data usage will be? That is at least as difficult as predicting voice usage.
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Also, why a price difference in data between a mixed plan and a data-only plan?
Omg the pricing is a mess! And ridiculously expensive! Time to move to prepaid.
Seriously, the pricing sucks unless you are throwing a tablet into the mix. I see this as a bait and switch where your prices won't decrease but you think you are getting a deal.
Pricing for individuals went up, and pricing for shared plans went down.
It looked neat at first, but now it just looks like they have replaced one mess (voice minute tracking) with another (data usage tracking.)
It is just silly. No more Verizon . Meanwhile WLmart/t Mobile are starting a 30/month unlimited text/data on 4g (only 100 minutes of voice). 
I think what Is starting to happen is every retailer is starting to sell unlocked phones and the prices are actually starting to go DOWN. I hope this trend puts power back into the consumer.
Yes, but you will be throttled after 2 GB. Still, I do think prepaid is the wave of the future. Check out Voyager Mobile for some other interesting options. I was also considering getting one of the unlocked Nexus phones and running it on T-Mobile prepaid. And I'm signed up for the next beta wave on Republic Wireless; I'll let you know how that goes.
It is definitely coming. Other companies want a piece of the pie.
Yes, prices on phones and tablets will have to keep dropping. Pretty soon, subsidized phones just won't make sense (they already generally don't, but people will realize it) and the only way to lock in contracts will be to ensure certain pricing.
200-300 range will make Pre paid explode
Pre paid might have the biggest effect on apple. The market will be so much more competitive without carrier middle men
An explosion of prepaid services will hurt Apple. People may be willing to drop $300 on a new Android, but they won't want to pay $700 for a new iPhone. Part of the reason Apple could charge that much in the first place is that contract carriers subsidized most of the cost. You paid for three phone in increased monthly service fees. With prepaid service, a phone costs what it costs, sniff people will think long and hard before buying an iPhone over a Nexus.
The trend toward prepaid will help drive down device costs across the board, among other things.
Are your ready for the super session this weekend?
Getting there. I've been distracted with getting a new job, but the offer is official now. Pretty excited, plus I can focus on other things now, like understanding the evocation rules.
It's horrible.  I'm on a really old grandfathered plan.  Switching to this would kill me, especially since one of the phones is for my mother-in-law who barely uses it.  Right now I just pay $10 a month for it.  Under this crappy structure it would cost me $30 for the same phone she barely uses.  I'd be forced to remove the phone all together and get her a pre-paid phone.

I just pre-ordered my S III, so I should be good for awhile.  Here's to hoping they get a lot of negative feedback and change the structure before I need to get my next replacement phone in 2 years.  :)
No doubt the structure will change in the next couple of years, but not because of the feedback. I think VZ anticipated this, and is hoping to shed low-margin subscribers like your mother-in-law, while encouraging more multi-line data subscribers. It's actually a very conservative move, for the industry. Retention is higher on multi-line accounts, and ARPU is higher on data lines. That's what it boils down to. They don't mind if everyone else switches to prepaid.
Tablet sales probably have a lot to do with it too
Less customers is always less customers. Look at d and d 4e, they lost their lead by ignoring old school gamers and are now paying the price. Individual contracts are probably the biggest audience.
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