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John Henry

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PNN Correspondent Doc Hoosier went to EvilleCon 2014, and brought back some great pictures and a really awesome four-page essay about it. Even if you've never been to a fandom convention or don't really "get it," this article is an excellent read that helps get your head around "why people do these strange things"
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Share it.  Sign it.  Share it again.  The Supreme Court sent a message today to the American people.  It's time we let them know we heard it.
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John Henry

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The article that started it all, back in August of 2011, now with 100% more WordPress.  A closer look at the Motor City Motormouth and why for all his bluster and bravado what he really is, is one of the biggest cowards in modern American history.
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BTW, I'm looking at that shirt he's wearing in the picture. Isn't it treason to fly the flag of another nation? 
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John Henry

commented on a video on YouTube.
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A beautiful version of a beautiful song.  The stripping away of studio effects and enhancements on this particular take brings a whole new starkness, vulnerability, and grief to a song that was quite beautiful in its more popularly available versions.  Thanks for being a true artist.
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John Henry

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"You bear your burdens with aplomb and courage, sir, and I’m sorry that more people don’t recognize your genius."
I'm so sorry, Rush Limbaugh. It must be so difficult to be as wonderful as you.
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sigh Wordpress sharing is very broken on Google Plus.
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John Henry

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Headlines Du Jour ► Monday, April 7, 2014
Howdy there, Headliners. It's the birthday of songstress Billie Holiday . Lady Day was born on this day in 1915 and, because she loved the Headlines Du Jour of yesteryear , we have a larger than usual assortment today:   529 – First draft of the Corpus Juri...
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John Henry

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The radical segments of both sides of this argument are missing the point and adding to the problem rather than creating a solution. 
How misleading language creates one factor in an impotent battle to regain some sanity in the face of gun violence in the US.
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John Henry

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Archive post from 2010 explaining how right-wing media uses the tactics of old carnivals to fleece the rubes who think they’re getting news and information
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John Henry originally shared:
Some songs just really get into your heart and head and stay there, maybe not always even welcome. JH brings you some intensely sad (but not always slow and quiet) music from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and three (and a half) other artists.
Nine songs that move me in a very deep and melancholy way.
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John Henry

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John Henry originally shared:
Parody of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven," from the World of Warcraft
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