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One of risks my commute faces is fire on the hill that I drive over every day.   Yesterday I had a front row seat to a small fire on the north side of Topenga Canyon.   Fortunately for me I was stopped just before the upper fire brigade.  When I found out that it would be a three hour delay, I was able to turn around and take the long way home.   The people between the lower and upper brigade were there for the whole duration.

Here are some pictures and videos I took before I left.
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oh my ... thanks for posting these, Sweetie ... glad you had another way around to get home ...  I can feel the heat ...
By the time I started taking pictures (when I stopped) the fire was mostly under control.   A few minutes before this and before the drops started, there were flames that were very high up in the air.
That is one way to break the routine of the drive. Thanks for posting.
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