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An Easy Way For Nonprofits with Google Plus Business Pages To Get More Followers

Here's a very easy (and free) way to promote your new Google Plus Business Page:

Leave your best Google Plus Business Page tip and/or insight in the comments below. I'll pick the best ones to include in a blog post with a link back to your Google Plus Business Page so that my readers can easily follow your org.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Leave your tip on the comments below (with your Page or your profile). You'll only be able to comment as a Page if I have you in a circle.
2. Share this post.

You have to do both of these steps. :-)

Thanks - John
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Good idea John! Feel like I'm mostly still experimenting thing I've been doing that seems to be helpful is posting a good amount of social capital content from my +David Crowley, where I have more folks that have circled me, and incorporating a link and reference to the org page here. I've seen a decent number of people I've connected with individually circle our page.
Thanks John... my best tip..... is to connect with people who are change agents and industry thought leaders like yourself... because they often point in you in directions you hadn't thought about and provide opportunites just like this one +Samuel Morris Foundation
When you click on a profile picture it flips over to previous profile pics. One creative idea is to hide a coupon as your second most recent profile pic. So if someone clicks on your profile pic they get a nice surprise. +The 94 Store
How do I post on my nonprofit G+ account? I have to log in under my personal google account, which takes me to my personal G+ page, not my business page. Thanks for any help!
+Jarrod Dunbar Go to your Google Plus homepage (newsfeed) and next to your thumbnail image you can toggle I we to your Page. 
I really like the option of +Avi Kaplan the best. But know how to use it. I still have not figured it out! If someone can help me out, please do!
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