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How often to you guys post on Google Plus vs. Twitter / Facebook, and what do you share? How is your Google Plus content different?
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I am coming to G+ very rarely these days. I post on Twitter a few times a day on weekdays, rarely on weekends. Facebook Page once a day, occasionally twice, usually only on weekdays. I'll be curious to see what others say. I don't have a G+ page for my consulting/writing business and don't intend to create one at this point.
Twitter few times a day/Facebook once or twice a week /G+ once a day.
When you start using the hangout platform, I would expect that to change +Claire Wagner: Hangouts have become a very essential part of my use of G+, and you will find a sub culture within. Matt
I spread my posts equally to all 3 (actually 4 including LinkedIn). Google+ is better for posting videos as they appear bigger on view compared to the other platforms. It would be ideal though if +Google+ could integrate with HootSuite like the other three and make my life easier.
I'm trying out a "no links to or posts specifically promoting Red Cross campaigns" approach on the Red Cross Google+ brand page. We'll see how it goes! I think it's important to offer something different on each platform.
I'm still trying to figure this out myself. Facebook I'll post once a day on my own wall, and 5-10 times a day on other people's material.

Twitter is about 5-10 tweets, with a mix of original content, thanx tweets for followers, and then RT of content I think is worth sharing.

I'm currently posting on g+ once on my own stream, then commenting.

For me the real advantage of g+ is that it's more content rich than twitter, and more interactive, while still being idea focused, unlike FB which waffles between being social, and being business.
I tend to post on G+ in spurts of energy when I have time to do it. I'm on Twitter 24/7 and Facebook I barely look at unless a client needs work done. When it's easier to cross post to G+ and Hootsuite kicks in I'll post here more. So Google+ 5-6 posts a day, Twitter 15-30 (including rts and replies), Facebook 3-4 Linkedin 1-2.
I've just started using it but I have the feeling that I will use it for professional stuff - following public figures, posting biz/tech related .updates. FB remains for friends & Twitter for soul :)
Personally, I've been forced to use it as a replacement for my beloved Google Reader Shared Items. Alas, it is not the same.
I reserve Facebook for (mostly) people I've met in real life and have a personal relationship with (and therefore don't friend social media/non profit people there). Twitter/Google+ have been more about networking in my industry, sharing helpful content and articles, and creating conversation. Haven't come up with a great distinctive difference between my content on Twitter vs. Google+ yet. Anyone have some tips?
I love Google+ and use it with a close circle of friends. We post several times a day, share pictures, videos, etc. It's a great place to share with the people you are closest to and not with the entire world. I use Facebook and Twitter professionally, so my connections there are way too broad to share personal info.
+Matthew Wilkinson, thanks for the reminder. I have not yet used the Hangout feature and need to find some time to experiment with it. 
On Twitter, it's a mix of information either about our organization or online articles about Native Country in general - posts can be as often as 3 or 4 times a day. We post primarily quotes and some online articles to Facebook - occassionally something from our blog or website - and is usually every other day at the most. We're still getting our feet wet with Google Plus. We're not posting quotes there yet, which is so popular with Facebook fans, so it's more like Twitter than Facebook. Instead, we're trying to use links that contain photos or video (because it's so more vivid) and adding an opinion about them in the post. We haven't tried the Hangout feature yet.
I use Facebook as much as if not more than ever, my Twitter useage has declined recently, and I'd be on G+ much more if more of my existing contacts were here.
I too tweet 24/7 (Empire Ave claims I create hundreds of tweets a week).

+Wendy Harman I love your experiment. I'm experimenting by posting things to Twitter, LinkedIn, FB page & profile, and here. I find I get different responses on each and reach different people. (Granted, I may be ticking off many more!)

I use my page here mostly as another place to repost my blog. I know that is like driving a Lamborghini to the corner market. (very powerful tool, stupidly simple task)

I always enjoy being a person on social media far more than being a company. I'm finding that here too.
If you use Chrome, check out the Hangout Canopy extension. It helps you find live hangouts.
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