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Jeez, don't know how widespread this kind of thing is. My guess is that the "kidnappers" watch a bunch of social media accounts. When somebody posts something like "I just dropped my kid off at <whatever>", they go into action and try to extort some cash from you before you figure out it's a scam.

I'm no professional, but I would imagine something like "ask my daughter what we had for dinner last night" would've ended the drama immediately.

Trump was upset that his bill was being called "TrumpCare", but now it's been renamed to "Boo Radley", because it never left the house. #KAPOW

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Yes, IntelliSense. You are so very helpful.

It is important that I check to see if a delegate is null before I invoke it. I should have some kind of check to see if aAction is null.

Some sort of conditional, perhaps, that would compare aAction to null before I actually call it. Boy, I'm glad you pointed out that I should do that. That would certainly avert a problem.

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This one isn't on the Unity Asset Store, but it looks very useful for testers.

Basically you can add a "report a problem" button to your game. If a user presses the button, it presents a feedback form. The contents of the form as well as a screenshot of the game are then posted to a Trello board that you set up.

It looks perfect for small projects.

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This song makes me weepy, because it reminds me of a younger time when I myself had to decide "Am I a man, or am I a muppet?"

Just called my congressman's office. The kid who took my message was quite polite and chuckled when I mentioned that I actually live in Texas-24 and I'm not calling from a phone-center in who-knows-where.

I went through the AARP's service at 1-844-567-7800. You just call that number, type in your zip-code, and it connects you to your congressman's office. Took all of two minutes.

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Oooh nice. Frances McDormand is forever doomed to playing moms in movies. So somebody made a movie where she's the most badass mom ever. Take my money.

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Looks like Node+Chromium+Electron is a bit flabby. Really flabby. Enormously flabby. Planet-smashingly flabby.

It's "13% of machine resources to make a cursor blink" flabby.

I'm not outraged. It's been logged, and in a month or so everybody's gonna get a faster Chrome because of it.

Moral of the story : Bugs are okay. Bugs get fixed. And fixed bugs make better software.

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Oooh really easy homemade bread. And now I know the difference between "bread flour" and "all-purpose flour". As I suspected, the difference is "not much".
Yay, bread! This was great! 

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Yay I'm on the Hour of Slack this week!

Bsckground : The Subgenius Hour of Slack is a weekly hour of weird nonsense from the Church of the Subgenius. It's been broadcast since before there was an internet. It's my favorite podcast.

In the 1990's, I had a bad habit. I used to prank-call a religious radio talk-show guy who screamed about gays, did exorcisms over the phone, and constantly demanded that people give him more money. And he was sorta cheating on his wife. An investigator figured out who he was cheating with. And I discovered that if you mentioned the name of his mistress on the air, he'd go berserk.

So I sorta got addicted to calling into the show under various names and working the name of his mistress into the conversation.

One day Bob was interviewing a guy from the church of the Subgenius. And I called in as "Richard" (not my actual name). And my call didn't last very long.

Anyway, I'm about five minutes in.
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