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Yes, it's the Muppets* doing Jesus Christ Superstar, just in time for Easter. 

(*Not actually the Muppets but a pretty good imitation)
Here's a question we never thought to ask: how would Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera about the life of Jesus play with the Muppets? Now we know, thanks to the Muppet Christ Superstar album, with Kermit as Jesus, Gonzo as Judas, Miss Piggy as Mary Magdalene, and a chorus of clucking proto-Christian chickens.
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John Hansen

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The Ontario Beer Stores are running attack ads against depanneurs. This is hilarious. 
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Well, exactly. I don't drink, myself but if I have to buy some wine for my Mom, I like to have a good selection. We actually used to go to a depanneur in Hull to get her red wine. For a small convenience store, they had an excellent selection of foreign wines.

My brother-in-law works for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. I would hate to see him have to change jobs, again.
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John Hansen

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All gone. I has a sad.

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John Hansen

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They left out his unforgettable poem:

"Do you weep, Mrs Thatcher, do you weep? Do you weep like a sad willow, in your Marks & Spencer pillow?" 
-Adrian Mole 
Sue Townsend will best be remembered for her much-loved Adrian Mole diaries.
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John Hansen

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Sad news for his friends and family. Whatever one's politics, I am reminded of Bob Rae saying that one can disagree without being disagreeable. And Jim Flaherty seemed like an agreeable person.
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Jim Flaherty, Canada's former finance minister, is dead at 64. A source close to the family told the CBC's Evan Solomon that Flaherty died of a massive heart attack. Here's what we know:

See our interactive timeline: Jim Flaherty's 20 years in politics
Check out our interactive: Jim Flaherty's career by the numbers
Contribute to our book of condolences:
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This is amazing. Now my kid is going to want a golden eagle to hunt with.
These pictures are stunning. This teenager’s golden eagle has a wingspan that’s almost double her height, but that does nothing to intimidate Ashol-Pan.

#mongolia   #goldeneagles  
Ashol-Pan is being trained with five boys to hunt for foxes and hares in the mountains of Mongolia
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John Hansen

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It's true! I've seen it.
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Soccer day! Montréal Impact vs Chicago Fire.
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John Hansen

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Terribly sad news for those of us who loved her Adrian Mole books. 
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Oh no!
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He should it in character as Johnny Carson, just to mess with everybody.
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