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Podcaster? Give me your thoughts on this topic.

Why is it that podcasters feel like they need to waste the first five minutes of their show? 

What other type of media completely throws away the part of their show that receives the most listens/readers/viewers (the beginning)? Do you think your listeners really care about what your co-host/guest did earlier that day? Do we need a complete review of the weather in each of your guest's locations?

People are tuning in to hear about the topic your show discusses. The more time you waste talking about unrelated information, the more you're going to lose people. 

I'll admit that my own show is guilty of this sometimes (though, I would say that our pre-news discussions are always at least tech related). I get the idea that hosts try to make their podcast personal. But 80% of the time it ends up an awkward discussion of completely pointless topics like weather. 

Leave a comment with your opinion. Maybe I'm missing something; but when I listen to your show I don't want to hear several minutes of irrelevant information. 
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I understand your feelings here +John Hanlon, and I find myself feeling the same when I listen to some shows too.

There is a fine line that you must tread between adding your personality to your show and going too far with unnecessary and boring details.

I've heard some shows where they took up to 10 minutes to get to the topic! That's obviously going way overboard. I don't mind a quick exchange between hosts as long as it doesn't last longer than a couple of minutes, and as long as it's relatively interesting conversation. (Not the weather.)

In my shows I try to keep that to a minimum because I know how annoying it is to me as a listener. I try to view each aspect of my show through the lens of a listener too.

I'd love to hear other podcasters opinions on this as well. Perhaps +Daniel Lewis, +David Jackson, +Michael Dell, or +Cliff Ravenscraft would like to jump in here.
Think of the news, "Our top story today" is typically how it starts. With podcasters its "Our top story, my dog ate my lunch - later we'll get to the main topic of the show.." I always give out contact info, and thats for the first time listener. My favorite is when they start with an apology. I know my podcast is 3 hours and 27 minutes late, please PLEASE forgive me.
Great points, gentlemen!

I'm constantly trying to teach myself to be faster at getting into the main discussion and shorter "unimportant" bits (like announcements, sponsorships, etc.).

This small talk is especially annoying when it's the same in each podcast on the network. I would hear that a lot on TWiT podcasts since Leo was in all of them. He would share the same thing in each podcast and I would get tired of it.

I think there is definitely something that causes all of us to do this. We like ice-breakers. The small talk is an ice-breaker for us in our podcast. A normal conversation usually starts with some ice-breakers, then moves into deeper topics.

But the best way to present a topic is in almost the opposite order of a conversation. Jump into the topic now, save the unimportant stuff for later. Just like how newspaper articles are written.
Thanks for the comment, Daniel. I love your comparison to a newspaper article. That's exactly how it should be but I haven't heard anybody say it that way before. 
You should be able to make the two things dovetail by discussing the big topics in a way that is personal. If you can't do both at once then your podcast is probably in trouble.
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