Podcaster? Give me your thoughts on this topic.

Why is it that podcasters feel like they need to waste the first five minutes of their show? 

What other type of media completely throws away the part of their show that receives the most listens/readers/viewers (the beginning)? Do you think your listeners really care about what your co-host/guest did earlier that day? Do we need a complete review of the weather in each of your guest's locations?

People are tuning in to hear about the topic your show discusses. The more time you waste talking about unrelated information, the more you're going to lose people. 

I'll admit that my own show is guilty of this sometimes (though, I would say that our pre-news discussions are always at least tech related). I get the idea that hosts try to make their podcast personal. But 80% of the time it ends up an awkward discussion of completely pointless topics like weather. 

Leave a comment with your opinion. Maybe I'm missing something; but when I listen to your show I don't want to hear several minutes of irrelevant information. 
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