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Massive trove of new bio cards organized for posting on the wall. Still trading! #Ingress

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Can't wait to experience these Portals at #MagnusReawakens #Ingress.
Agents, we are mystified by this entry in the journal.  If you are able to shed some light, please share your insight, and be sure to tag us here at ViridCascadia.

#Ingress #MagnusReawakens #ViridCascadia

+H. Richard Loeb+Andrew Krug+flint dille+Edgar Allan Wright+Haerang Dong+Project Isthmus+Operation Essex

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Who all is headed to #MagnusReawakens @ Camp Navarro? #Ingress

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Looks like a great way for Agents to lend a hand in Chicago. #Ingress
Looking for a great cause to help this weekend? Look no further - we have an amazing #AgentsForGood event. You can sign up for any time-slot you would like - 10PM was just the default selected. Come out and have a great time while packing food that will be sent to feed children in need!!

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Had fun hunting Pokémon in London. Managed to hack a slew of unique Portals as well. All in all a productive trip :-) #PokémonGo #Ingress
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Signed up. Should be awesome.
Agents, only 7 days remain for your proposals to the Magnus Reawakens Portal Luminance Project taking place in the Navarro River redwoods on May 19 - 21st. The proposal window will close at 12 P.M. PDT on March 24th. Do not miss what will certainly be an epic traveling, camping, creating and exploring event. Of course, there will be Ingress too with special games, events, surprises and intel that will only be given to those lucky enough to attend.

Submit your proposal:

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Hoping to see some more #Ingress Holiday spirit. Please share the best #MissionsForGood in your city!

All the best from Niantic HQ.
While reading the feedback Agents provided about our current #MissionsForGood campaign, we saw many requests to increase the number of missions one person can create. We are happy to announce that starting now, the limit has been increased from 100 to 150 missions. Thank you for your feedback and don’t forget to share your Missions For Good missions or stories with us and remember - those missions specifically will get fast-tracked for approval. Happy Holidays Agents!


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A lot of bad news in the world these days. All the more uplifting to come across a story like this one.

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#Ingress Agents. Look forward to seeing some inspiring #MissionsForGood this year.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday.
Around this time over the last couple of years, we have made #MissionsForGood as a way to give back to your communities. Because of their positive energy and community impact, we are going to be doing them again this year. You don’t have to limit yourself to only Ingress missions. If you or your faction mates have a story highlighting the spirit of #MissionsForGood we want to hear it. Please share them with us on social media using that hashtag.

You can take part by playing other Agents’ #MissionsForGood and/or creating your own #MissionsForGood (see a great example here: To submit one, follow the steps below:

Identify a local charity that you’d like to assist
Create a #MissionsForGood Mission through our Mission Creator Tool ( ) with the following criteria:
- Mission title MUST include #MissionsForGood to qualify
- Mission should be focused on discovering the local community and giving back to your chosen charity (examples are food and clothing donations).
- Missions must follow all of the normal mission requirements
- Submit your Mission
- Play both yours and other Agent’s Missions

Starting today through December 30th, we will keep an eye out for Missions submitted with a title that includes #MissionsForGood - <unique mission name here> and will fast track approvals for those. Please keep in mind that you must submit Missions using existing Portals only.

Share your #MissionsForGood on social and spread the fun.

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Even a ridiculously long Agent name is no excuse for not having an #Ingress bio card. You can edit the 'Agent' line for some extra space.

If you haven't discovered the fun of trading bio cards with fellow agents at local meet-ups, Anomalies, and even MIssion Days, it's not too late. 50% off through the holidays :-)

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