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John Hanke

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Hoping to see some more #Ingress Holiday spirit. Please share the best #MissionsForGood in your city!

All the best from Niantic HQ.
While reading the feedback Agents provided about our current #MissionsForGood campaign, we saw many requests to increase the number of missions one person can create. We are happy to announce that starting now, the limit has been increased from 100 to 150 missions. Thank you for your feedback and don’t forget to share your Missions For Good missions or stories with us and remember - those missions specifically will get fast-tracked for approval. Happy Holidays Agents!

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Jeff M
I'd love to do missions but I don't want my Mt. Whitney badge going next to a hack 3 portals on top of each other in 2 min badge :/

Would definitely start up again if I could purchase a "showcase" where I could have a select few amount of missions displayed would be neat. 
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John Hanke

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Even a ridiculously long Agent name is no excuse for not having an #Ingress bio card. You can edit the 'Agent' line for some extra space.

If you haven't discovered the fun of trading bio cards with fellow agents at local meet-ups, Anomalies, and even MIssion Days, it's not too late. 50% off through the holidays :-)

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That would look even more amazing as a badge in a "Agents you've meet" tab in the scanner and you guys could make a nice little coin from it as well! #JustAThought  
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John Hanke

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Getting ready for #ViaNoir #Ingress finale and enjoying my great souvenir from Manila!
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When will pokemon go release in india
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John Hanke

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Nice memory from Japan trip in July.
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I hate to leave this here but I found this is the only way to contact you, we are having some serious issues in our small town of St. Thomas Ontario, if you are the person in looking for (niantic inc CEO) it would be really great if you could reply to my email I've reported multiple accounts because of gps hacking and one player has over 5 accounts that we know of, please please help our small town out! The gyms are being over run with this menace !
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John Hanke

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Loved this storybook about moving from the city to the countryside and discovering it through the lens of #Ingress. #AegisNova Tokyo. (I hope someone will attach the creators names in the comments section.)
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beautful places, i love to be there some day.
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John Hanke

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Reflecting back on Tokyo #AegisNova Anomaly....
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John Hanke

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A lot of bad news in the world these days. All the more uplifting to come across a story like this one.
Two Pokemon Go players went out of their way to help rescue two people trapped inside a burning warehouse over the weekend.
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John help me 
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John Hanke

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#Ingress Agents. Look forward to seeing some inspiring #MissionsForGood this year.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday.
Around this time over the last couple of years, we have made #MissionsForGood as a way to give back to your communities. Because of their positive energy and community impact, we are going to be doing them again this year. You don’t have to limit yourself to only Ingress missions. If you or your faction mates have a story highlighting the spirit of #MissionsForGood we want to hear it. Please share them with us on social media using that hashtag.

You can take part by playing other Agents’ #MissionsForGood and/or creating your own #MissionsForGood (see a great example here: To submit one, follow the steps below:

Identify a local charity that you’d like to assist
Create a #MissionsForGood Mission through our Mission Creator Tool ( ) with the following criteria:
- Mission title MUST include #MissionsForGood to qualify
- Mission should be focused on discovering the local community and giving back to your chosen charity (examples are food and clothing donations).
- Missions must follow all of the normal mission requirements
- Submit your Mission
- Play both yours and other Agent’s Missions

Starting today through December 30th, we will keep an eye out for Missions submitted with a title that includes #MissionsForGood - <unique mission name here> and will fast track approvals for those. Please keep in mind that you must submit Missions using existing Portals only.

Share your #MissionsForGood on social and spread the fun.
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I've never created a mission. 
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John Hanke

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Official Ingress Bio Cards 50% off for a limited time.

And, to help continue to grow the Niantic HQ Agent Bio Card wall, here's a special holiday activity.

Send us one of your bio cards and we'll trade you some of ours :-)

Send your card to:

Attention: Bio Cards
PO Box 194770
San Francisco, CA 94119

Be sure to include your full return address.

If you have already sent your card, just send us a note w/ your return address and a photocopy of your card and we'll send you a trade back as well!
End Of The Year Sale!

Starting today through December 16th, all Ingress dossier card packages purchased through our Player Card Creator at will be 50% off. But wait - there’s more! Agents will receive an Ingress loadout card that includes a single-use passcode as an added bonus!
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Do you have pictures of all the envelopes you got?
Maybe try to hide an intern under all the envelopes or something????

I bet a lot of us can't wait for your reaction, are you going to read all the personal letters that come with the envelopes of cards???
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John Hanke

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Great energy for Pokémon Go launch and Ingress Mission day tomorrow. Can't wait to trade some bio cards :-)

#Ingress #PokémonGo
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John Hanke

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+Masa Kawashima revisiting the inspiration of his youth! Can anyone guess where this is? #AegisNova Tokyo #Ingress
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WTF HOW long will you keep us(INDIA) waiting? its OVER two fucking months clearly shows you fucking don't give a shit. I don't understand why you have just Geo blocked only few places and particularly the southern part of India while the rest are still playing. You guys are just AMAZING. THANK YOU SO MUCH
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John Hanke

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This was such as amazing show by Daito Manabe ( #Ingress #AegisNova Tokyo 
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