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Wow.  That's a field.  Well done Enlightened India.  #Ingress
#Enlightened     #ingress   #ENLIND   #OPBuddha   #Buddha   #worldrecord   #HeExtends  
+Niantic Project​  +NIA Ops​ +Ingress​ +Brian Rose​  +Pooja Srinivas​ +Brandon Badger​ +Joe Philley​ +Linda Besh​ +November Lima​ +Matilde Tusberti​ +Anne Beuttenmüller​ 
Situation Report – Operation Buddha
( #SitRep   – #OPBuddha  )
0845 hrs – 0945 hrs, 28th Feb’ 2015 

This Op is dedicated to all the awesomeness we witnessed in the world of ingress.

India has always played a crucial role, supporting global MU score, may it from either faction. Our worthy opponents Resistance have awed us many times with their awesome coordination on field, during anomaly and during artifacts. We were inspired by their team spirit, mixed it with our strategization skills and set ourselves to achieve a feat, previously unthinkable of.

As a TL; DR, here are the quick stats:
Total Mind Units Captured: 17.5 BMU (14BMU within Check Point)
Total Number of Layers (established): 91 (83 across Check Point)
Total Number of Links (as per plan): 207
Total Execution Time: 50min (40min within Check Point)
Total Portal Count: 105
Preparation Time: 7 months
Agents Involved: 90
Cities Involved: 14
Anchor Cities: 7
VRLA Used: 0

It doesn’t matter which color you wear, if you’ve been around in the world of Ingress, these numbers are bound to strike you with shock and awe. For all the right reasons - it was no small a deal.

The single most impressive mind unit operation till 27th February, 2015 was OP BudDhi: , with it’s 5.3BMU (5.9BMU globally). Closely followed by the recent worldwide resistance op, Unight16  - which managed to capture a staggering 4.7BMU globally, along with their other achivements to mobilize agents.

These numbers used to be held high with much respect and inspiration for a long time now. But, Enlightened India had been planning to set the bar a bit higher. Almost 3x as much as its own past glory. A goal, that’s not only mind-numbingly complex & spine-breakingly hectic - for most, it’s on the line of a moonshot or lunacy.

The Conception & Planning:
Back in early September, some inspired agents set themselves to break the previous world record of Operation BudDhi by capturing even more Mind Units, calling it the “Bigger Op”. The draft plan was to include Delhi, Bangalore & then newly enlightened city Kolkata as the main anchors.

With time, dedication, availability of keys, multiple iterations by incredible planners with experience from Op Buddhi - that plan eventually became Operation Buddha.

Agent Sheldor & Djasdak went down their memory lane - with an incredible story to tell, with far more details. You’re encouraged to find their Memoire CoSitReps from the links below.

OP Execution:

Early in the Morning, agents from all cities prepare up to the tasks they were delegated to. Forming teams, learning the execution strategies, or to be on time for the cross-link takedowns.

The OP had a total of 14 phases, each with substantial amount of details to follow, in very specific order, within a very short amount of time.

By 7:30am, all local teams are briefed, tasks & keys delegated & execution phases explained.

By 8:00am, agents are all in position, cross-link take down team starts their job after getting the go from the Op Control team. Minor hiccups there, but were managed skillfully. Nothing unplanned for.

At 8:50am, Delhi team is given the GO to start linking. Delhi, Kolkata, Rourkela & Hyderabad links start coming in. Minutes after, the Hyderabad team starts layering on top of the base links.

From 9:00-9:20am, control moved to Bangalore. Starting with Bagepalli (~100km North of Bangalore) and then to Whitefield (North-East end of Bangalore). The Bagepalli team faced mild network issues, taking rather longer for the fields to go up. Quickly after, with an astounding average of 5 links per minute (in proper order, synced and ack’d between teams and the control), Whitefield teams start linking. Everything went smoother than imagined, with a little Just-In-Time change in link order.

Meanwhile, some cross-links start appearing in Tirupati. XLink Control Master takes over and local resident agent takes down those xlinks in a very tight ETA. This is all while the tens of links going out, and is being managed in parallel.

Around 9:25am, Kolkata team starts linking to Coimbatore - with longest of links and making the highest MU layers. But were only able to do half the job within time - East Kolkata portals yet to be linked, with agents waiting for their turns.

9:30am, Checkpoint is Reached!

But without any hitch, agents complete their respective linking orders & fields. MU gathered contributes to the OP, though not to the checkpoint - but that’s okay!

Most agents weren’t aware of the full picture of the OP. Especially, because it was still under scrutiny even the night before. Which helped a huge deal. Because once agents saw the full picture of the complexity involved and started realizing how big an OP it was - it’s simply appeared scary. The appreciation & respect for the Planning & Control teams’ dedication instantly became paramount.

Oh... that, and the laggy scanner!

Wrapping Up:
As you must have imagined, 7 months of planning, preparation & execution is not a small tale to tell. Not that all the parts are equally interesting to everyone. Hence, we’ve planned to dive into the details with the help of CoSitReps. Those Companion Situation Reports will go deeper into the specifics that they will discuss & are a massive gold mine of information. This one, however, is the bootstrapping page - to be shared, to be bookmarked, to get back to and to be inspired.
Special mention of Siddharth, Rourkela, JSR, Kolkata key transfers to all cities was handled by him, also he was a key coordinator for all the harvesting and key transfers, a planner and most importantly our moral booster. 

Post Script:
There has been concerns regarding this OP may have been the effect of the new Illuminator badges. It is simply not the case. The OP has been in the pipeline for a long time now (i.e. wasn’t planned/prepped with Illuminator badges in mind). Secondly, most of the participating agents had their Onyx Illuminator already; the ones who got Onyx while in the OP, are marked with a * in the agent listing. The average MU collected per agent, for the participating agents, were more than 100 Million MU, with agents 1.5+ Billion MU captured topping the chart (@cyanokeet).

CoSitRep Links:
- Agent Memories - 
- Regional Reports
Delhi -
Bangalore -
Kolkata -
Hyderabad - 

Agents & Roles:
Master mind: Sachin Shenoy, Bangalore -@sheldor
Op Controller: Dhandeep Lodaya, Bangalore -@djasdak
Key Coordinator + Planner: Siddhartha Mittra - Illuminatus2

Xlink Control Master: Rajesh Manjunath, Bangalore -@darks3id
Xlink Control Support: Vinodh Selvaraju, Tirupathi -@SudoAgent
Xlink Control Support: Ashwin Samuel, Tirupathi -@killcreek
Xlink Control Support: Suresh Krishna, Tirupathi -@TheDestined

Key Harvesting:
Manjunath Bagepalli MANDAR1N
Aishwarya Bangalore ashae9
Jubin Bangalore BATMANslayer
Naveen Bangalore Alzh
Sachin Shenoy Bangalore sheldor
Karthick Coimbatore Gr33nvip3r
Shiras Babu Coimbatore CODR3D
Sivanesh Coimbatore AUT0B0T
Afsal Coimbatore Afsalbase
Rohith Hyderabad Hyddude
Divyaansha Jamshedpur deathon8
Abhijeet Ashwani Kolkata Raywyrm
Sidd Kolkata Illuminatus2
Deb Kolkata DebS
Sumit Kolkata Dey21
Swapnil Sanghvi Pune rhaegor
Anuj Rourkela AnujAg

Key Transporting:
Aishwarya Bangalore Ashae9
Akshay Bangalore amisra
Aridaman Bangalore velabugah
Ashutosh Bangalore ChanandlerBing
Karan Mumbai SmurfBusters
Deb Bangalore DebS
Varun Bangalore d00mslayer
Shiras Coimbatore CODR3D
Sivanesh Coimbatore AUT0B0T
Moumita Kolkata TheSigyn
Shankar Kolkata pewpewpow
Anuj Rourkela AnujAg
Nikhil Rourkela ingr33n

Cross-link Clearing:
Jayanth     Bangalore   42SilentSouls
Mayur   Bangalore   fuzion
varun     Bangalore     d00mslayer
vinay     Bangalore     BigBOSS
Srujan     Bhimavaram   Monsape
Gopinath     Chickbalapur   gopir1594
Suresh     Chirala     TheDestined
Shiras     Coimbatore     CODR3D
Anubhav     Delhi     GreenPresident
Divyanshu     Dharwad     TheLastApache
Karthik     Erode   Gr33nVip3r
Ankit     Itarsi     TheDrunkenLord
Brijesh     Wardha   brij
Vijay       Itarsi   NeoMaster
Ataullah     Rajahmundry   ataullah
Govind     Rajahmundry   Uploadingvirus
Rohith     Rajahmundry   HydDude
Sharad     Tirupathi     urBadKarma
Aravind     Tirupathi   arurockzsz
Praveen Tirupathi pkrockszs
Ganesh     Trichy     Hu1kRage
Balakrishnan   Vijaywada   BalgusMax
Karunakar   Vijaywada     Psychline
Makrand     Wardha     oOoMaCoOo
Suraj               Bhopal   Achilees001 
Suman     Kolkata     Ravan11
Arjun     Jamshedpur  tomcat10

Control Field Layering:
Abhik   Bangalore    saha80*
Abhinav     Bangalore    linkedIN*
Adhithya   Bangalore    XADHIX
Aishwarya   Bangalore    Ashae9
Akhil   Bangalore    ripthejacker
Akshay   Bangalore    Ag3ntO07
Anshul     Bangalore    Hokanaka
ashik     Bangalore    atombomb
Ganesh     Bangalore    Imperator
Gopinath R     Bangalore    gopir1594
Jasmin     Bangalore    supjgeorge
Jayshree     Bangalore    cyanokeet
Jubin     Bangalore    BATMANslayer
Keerthan         Bangalore    Tsunami7*
Keshav     Bangalore    lifeofpai
Manjunath       Bangalore    MANDAR1N
Moumita          Bangalore    TheSigyn
Naveen   Bangalore    Alzh*
Omkar     Bangalore    Lead Toxin*
Prajwal     Bangalore    rpxtreme
Sam     Bangalore    MugavarS
Sharan            Bangalore    Vintageprotocol
Shivani     Bangalore    AshenLady
Deb     Bangalore    DebS
Tejus     Bangalore    TJKV*
Vaibhav   Bangalore    vaiyach
Vinay     Bangalore    BIGBOSS1
Abhinandan    Delhi   nandx64*
Ajmal     Delhi    AjmalAkhtar*
Akshat     Delhi    N3CROMANC3R*
Aravind     Delhi    ARKode*
Nikhil     Delhi    Diaeresis
Prashant     Delhi    PsychicGeneral*
Shashi     Delhi    00sac00*
Shubhankar   Delhi    Psykidelix
Sumit Dey     Delhi    Dey21
Vatsal     Delhi    BoyWithNoName
Vikram     Delhi    GeneralVik*
Vivek     Delhi    WanderingLord
Abhishek     Hyderabad    livingarmor*
Nikhil     Hyderabad    ingr33n
Salman     Hyderabad    SammySheraz
Suresh     Hyderabad    JVS85*
Tanishq     Hyderabad    d3mios
Ziaullah     Hyderabad    Dragon123
Arjun     Jamshedpur  tomcat10
Abhijeet     Kolkata    Raywyrm
Debabrata     Kolkata    y2k007
Pranav     Kolkata    Veektor28
Priyankar     Kolkata    anku90
Rashi     Kolkata    Crox21
Saptarshi     Kolkata    VajRahasTha
Shankar     Kolkata    pewpewpow*
Sidd     Kolkata    Illuminatus2
Subhadip     Kolkata    Firels
Swarnava   Kolkata    Swarnava

Fun Trivia:
 - Once cities were finalised, there were 17 version of layering plans, the maximum being 112 layers and minimum being 89.
 - Rourkela and Bangalore were the common anchor cities in both Op BudDhi and Op Buddha.
 - The Harvesting of Rourkela keys was done by an L2 agent Anuj & happens to be the first set of keys to be farmed for the OP.
 - The Op was supposed to happen long time back, but then artifact hit Delhi and agent burnout derailed it.
 - Only one layer of the full set between, Coimbatore, Kolkata & Delhi, was done before checkpoint. We missed 2.5B MU before checkpoint due to that.
 - Indigenously developed tools were used to describe, validate and confirm layering plans.
 - Cross-link team accommodated many last day changes to help all the crosslinks to go down in one shot!
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Kent Long
Still worried about the Enlightened Mr. Hanke?
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Amazing! Wish I could have been there.   #Ingress   #ActualGameplayFootage  
Back from beautiful Florence.

Where the pavements are 1 ft wide, the street cleaners are faster than the taxis, and your GPS is taking your actual position into consideration as a rough guideline.

Where a snack is 5 times the price of a coffee, you can "buy selfie?" on every corner, everything is "vecchio", and absolutely everyone is called Giacomo.

Oh and regarding #Ingress  , here are some rough statistics:

Uniques: 1350/800 (visited/captured)
Missions completed: 100
Kilometers walked: 150
Body mass lost: 5 kg

My thanks go out to ferocious +Mark Byers , who has been absolutely merciless doing missions.

Thanks and respect to all agents attending, in the field, on the Intel, in the CCs. But most of all to the amazing +Karen Thorpe .

Big shoutouts to +Robertt Bertton , +Steve Djadoenath , +Dion Segijn - hope to see you again soon.

+Gabriele Bertini and +Sandro Limaj - decoding skills know no faction animosities.

And finally huge thanks for the stunning work of +Anne Beuttenmüller , +Matilde Tusberti , and all other local and non-local organizers, you were making my trip a wholly awesome experience.

See you all around.

#shonin   #florence   #ingressactualgameplayfootage  
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who cares
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John Hanke

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Awesome turnout in Atlanta for #Ingress #Shonin.
If you were in Atlanta, mind helping me tag people? I need help tagging. I can't find everyone who was there Saturday. I only know usernames vs google req actual names.

Theres also a link to the FB album in the description too.

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John Hanke

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An #Ingress  anomaly is a beautiful site.  #Shonin.  Let's see what Austin can do later today....
Cumulative Summary of #Shonin Anomaly Conditions at M1:

Florence - R:410 - E:108
Bilbao - R:36 - E:128
Brno - R:27 - E:198

Total - R:473 - E:434

The first #Shonin Anomaly erupts in fierce competition across Florence, Bilbao and Brno. The Resistance hold the Primary Site, Florence, with a large lead, while the Enlightened dominate at the Satellites. In Bilbao, an Enlightened Strategic Field stood over the first Cluster.

At Measurement 1, the Resistance hold an overall lead of just 39. This day begins balanced on a razor’s edge.

#Shōnin: Florence - Measurement 1 Report

The Resistance captured this Measurement, 410 to 108.
The Resistance currently control this Primary Site, leading by 302.

Portals Owned - RES: 35 - ENL: 27 - [Value: 2 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 10 - ENL: 9 - [Value: 6 each]
Links Created - RES: 18 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 10 each]
Anchored Fields Created - RES: 5 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 20 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - NONE - [Value: 200]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 410 - Enlightened - 108

Total for this Primary Site:
Resistance - 410 - Enlightened - 108

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 9:37 (Minutes:Seconds within Measurement Window)
Padded String: p`uvJOjyx>zXOMl=y"Hf![cl>z 9:37 [
SHA256 of Padded String: d61a61b6cac465901d4b49c3be91f0da7f4bff149bfbf718159b0d5cd3c04254

Portal Ownership Details

E -  Tabernacolino Alla Madonna 
E - Altarino Alla Madonna Con Bimbo Gesu
E - Annunciazione
E - Antica Macelleria Di Alfredo Nencioni
E - Arco di Piazza De' Peruzzi
E - Enoteca Pinchiorri
E - Firenze - Madonnina torno subito
E - Firenze - Oratorio Della Compagnia Di Santa Maria Della Croce Al Tempio
E - Firenze - Targa A Giuseppe Barellai
E - Firenze - Targa A Pietro Dazzi
E - Firenze, Santa Croce
E - FIRENZE. Piazza Santa Croce
E - Florence Post Office
E - Gelatone
E - Madonna col Bambino che appare a S. Filippo Neri
E - Magalotti Et Mancini Targa
E - Palazzo Mediceo Antico Come Il Mondo
E - Piazza Di San Pier Maggiore
E - Rotary Club Firenze 
E - Sacra Famiglia Con San Giovannino
E - Tabernacolo - dczsrxsn7conflict8
E - Tabernacolo A Gesu
E - Tabernacolo Alla Madonna Di Piazzetta Calamandrei
E - Targa A Luigi Minuti Della Fratellanza Artigiana D'Italia
E - Targa Ad Adriano Neri
E - Targa Alla Dimora Di Giuseppe Mazzini
E - Trinità
E VOL - Chiesa dei Santi Simone e Giuda
E VOL - Corte Sconta detta Arcana
E VOL - Firenze - Montedomini
E VOL - Firenze - Piazza dei Ciompi
E VOL - Firenze: Tombe Di Santa Croce.
E VOL - Fountain Santa Croce
E VOL - Great Tower of Saint Cross
E VOL - Madonna Dei Conciatori
E VOL - Palazzo affrescato
N - Bassorilevo
N - Effigie Del Granducato Di Toscana
N - Firenze - Targa Ad Antonio Corazzi
N - Firenze Composizione Di Madonna Che Allatta
N - Gallo segnavento
N - Madonnina Fiorentina
N VOL - Eines Der Vielen Wappen
N VOL - Firenze Madonna Dell'Iris
N VOL - Le Murate
N VOL - Museo Galileo sundial...
N VOL - Stemma Cavalcanti
R - Agli Scienziati Fleming e Sabin
R - Ala Ovest Biblioteca Nazionale Di Firenze
R - Antica Cascina Targa A Senigallia
R - Antico Portone
R - Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale
R - Casa Bonarroti
R - Chiesa di San Giuseppe
R - Chiesa Di Via De Pandolfini
R - Chiesa Evangelica
R - Cristo Crocifisso
R - Ex Convento Di San Francesco De' Macci 
R - Filistrucchi Antico Negozio Fiorentino Di Maschere E Parrucche
R - Firenze - Targa A Giovanni Conte Di Vernio
R - Firenze Teatro Verdi Storico
R - FIRENZE. Santa Croce
R - Gesù Appena Deposto Dalla Croce
R - Giardino Di Borgo Allegri
R - Madonnina
R - Madonnina Angolare
R - Madonnina Con Prole 
R - Micro Altare Alla Madonna Della Ceres
R - Paintings on the Wall
R - Palazzo Valori
R - Provveditorato
R - Red Piggyback Rocking Horse 
R - San Remigio
R - Statua di Dante in Piazza Sant
R - Tabernacolo Ligneo Alla Madonna Di Via Delle Pinzocchere
R - Tabernacolo Madonna
R - Targa A Cesare Federici
R - Targa a Ottavio Rinuccini
R - Teatro Del Sale
R - Tempietto Etrusco
R - Tempio A Gesu Coi Re Magi
R - The Man 
R VOL - Busto a Palazzo da Filicaia
R VOL - Cappella A San Bonaventura Che Visita I Carcerati
R VOL - Casa Michelangiolo Buonarroti
R VOL - Empty Frame Like Our Empty Life
R VOL - Firenze - Annunciazione
R VOL - Firenze - Madonna sotto la luce
R VOL - Pingusto - Struttura Astratta
R VOL - Santa Croce - Scuola del Cuoio
R VOL - Tabernacolo Madonna Con Bambino
R VOL - Torre della Zecca

#Shōnin: Bilbao - Measurement 1 Report

The Enlightened captured this Measurement, 128 to 36.
The Enlightened currently control this Satellite Site, leading by 92.

Portals Owned - RES: 12 - ENL: 22 - [Value: 1 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 8 - ENL: 2 - [Value: 3 each]
Links Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 5 each]
Anchored Fields Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 10 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - ENL - [Value: 100]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 36 - Enlightened - 128

Total for this Satellite Site:
Resistance - 36 - Enlightened - 128

Portal Ownership Details

E - Alhondiga
E - Alonso De Ercilla
E - Antigua Delegación De Tubos Reunidos
E - Café Lepanto
E - Edificio EDP Naturgas Energia
E - El Arte de Tokar
E - El Caminante
E - Escudo De La Vera Cruz
E - Galería De Arte En Urquijo
E - Galerías Urquijo
E - Gobierno Sanidad
E - Hacienda
E - Hotel Carlton Bilbao
E - IES Miguel De Unamuno
E - Iglesia San José
E - José Antonio de Aguirre
E - La Boheme
E - Las Meninas
E - Megáfono Alhondiga 
E - Placa Máximo Aguirre
E - Plaza
E - Sala Juan De Larrea 
E VOL - Fuente Plaza Campuzano 
E VOL - Parroquia De San Fernando
N - Azzurro
N - Bluesville 
N VOL - Jesuitas
N VOL - Lucarini-Leyendo
R - 2 personas
R - AXA, Rodríguez Arias, 23
R - Blas De Otero
R - Edificio Ercilla
R - Entrada Alhondiga
R - Fuente Plaza Eguilleor
R - Hotel Indautxu
R - Mutua Universal
R - Palacio Txabarri
R - Placa A Santiago
R - Seguros Bilbao
R - Torre Con Escudo
R VOL - Bicis Bilbao Parada Indauxu
R VOL - Consulado De Bilbao
R VOL - Cámara De Comercio De Bilbao
R VOL - Lechuga de bronce
R VOL - Monolito Bombero Echaniz
R VOL - Mural De Bilbao
R VOL - Plaza Ensanche

#Shōnin: Brno - Measurement 1 Report

The Enlightened captured this Measurement, 198 to 27.
The Enlightened currently control this Satellite Site, leading by 171.

Portals Owned - RES: 6 - ENL: 37 - [Value: 1 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 7 - ENL: 7 - [Value: 3 each]
Links Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 20 - [Value: 5 each]
Anchored Fields Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 4 - [Value: 10 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - NONE - [Value: 100]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 27 - Enlightened - 198

Total for this Satellite Site:
Resistance - 27 - Enlightened - 198

Portal Ownership Details

E - Barcelo Brno Palace
E - Boží muka Denisovy sady
E - Canevalův dům
E - Carwash Mural
E - Divoka Kocka pod Spilasem
E - Dům bratří Haasových
E - Fontána U Obelisku
E - Hradba Spilberku
E - Kabaret Špaček
E - Kolonáda Denisovy sady
E - Kostel sv. Michala
E - Krtinsky vapenec
E - Leskymoid
E - Magistrát města Brna
E - Mrs. Bartošová's Commemorative
E - Obelisk v Denisových sadech
E - Oběti okupace (pam. deska)
E - Pamětní deska Járy Cimrmana
E - Pamětní deska Kurt F. Gödel
E - Pamětní deska Velen Fanderlik
E - Pivnice u Poutnika
E - Pivní Sady
E - Plastika na Pekařské
E - Pomník Italských Karbonářů
E - Rotunda u Petrova
E - Skulptura na Dominikánském Náměstí
E - Socha Svobody na Hybešce
E - Starz - 3D Fitti
E - Stehovaci 
E - Studna na Kopecne
E - Svatý Urban
E - U Sedmi Švabu
E - Vezicka u sv. Michala
E - Vzhůru k soše
E - Zahrada pod Hradbami
E - Zazděný brněnský radní
E - Zákoutí - café, bar, galerie
E VOL - Busta Jan Křtitel Rudiš - Národní buditel
E VOL - Fons Salutis
E VOL - Gymnasiums JG Mendela
E VOL - Leitnerka
E VOL - Pamatny strom - Platan u sv. Anny
E VOL - Socha Svatého Jana Nepomuckého
E VOL - Čáp
N - Bagetarna na Pekande
N - Historical ornament N. 100
N - Průčelí biskupského paláce
N - Čajovna U Žabky
N VOL - Krokodýl
N VOL - Pamětní deska Františka II.
N VOL - Torzo Merkurovy kašny
R - Anděl
R - Biskupský palác
R - Kasna na magistrate
R - Pamětní deska L. Dietricha
R - Sládek F. O. Poupě (busta)
R - Zavedena Hlava
R VOL - Art entrance
R VOL - Betlémský Kostel
R VOL - Ferdinand Vach 
R VOL - Pivní Rytíř
R VOL - Pulihrášek
R VOL - Rodina - Plastika
R VOL - Svatá Maria na Kopečné 
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good turnout
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John Hanke

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+Agent Coopersmith that's just natural xm interference
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John Hanke

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Keep your head up everyone. Remember what it's all about.
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Have you ever mix your Ingress background with your favorite playlist? Is beyond this world.
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John Hanke

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Boom.  Love this best of compilation.   #Ingress  
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Whats good with tha movie? +Christina Wrenegade​
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Have him in circles
5,445 people
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John Hanke

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Epic.   #Ingress  
My first mission ;)
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It's a beautiful place and there's many portals in temples, but it's often difficult to receive data...
Don't forget to make my mission at the Phnom Penh Royal Palace before living Cambodia, a great place to visit too!
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John Hanke

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#DarsanaPoint  approaching....
How Cognitive Science will Complete Physics.

There is a little known paradox, an irony perhaps, at the heart of our idea of the physical universe.

There is no 'material' or 'particulate' nature in the universe.

That is, that the apparent particulate and 'solid' nature of physical objects in the universe is an illusion. An illusion created by the signalling of our brains.

Everything that is understood in physics, comes from a basis of observation. Observation, that began without an understanding of neuroscience and cognition. Here is an update;

- Sensory organs in our bodies, energy sensitive cells and neurons, convert wave-energy signals from the outside world into 'binary' like neural impulses called 'action potentials'.

The fact that objects in reality look solid, with definitive form, is the effect of our brains converting wave signals into percepts. Indeed, even sophisticated measurement devices created by scientists also have this signal-conversion quality.

In the universe outside of our minds and brains, there is no such thing as form. No such thing as a particle. Instead, there are fields of energy potential that move relative to each other. Fields of energy with different properties.

What are properties in physics?

- Properties are such things as 'mass' and 'electrical charge'.

- They describe qualitative states in dynamic systems; that is perceptual features that are communicable and representable in the mind of a conscious observer.

It is said, that within the laws of physics there is nothing to suggest that time should flow in a linear direction. The implication being, that mathematically at least, causation could flow both forwards and backwards (perhaps even sideways). This however is in all likelihood due to an oversight that permeates throughout all science;

The effect of consciousness, mind, 'the subjective' is deliberately ruled out of theoretical understandings of the natural universe.

Such a 'black spot' within our understandings of the natural world, whilst historically understandable, is quite a strange one. Everything that a human knows, understands, and observes emanates directly from consciousness and perception. It is an inalienable first principle factor in everything that humans do. Further, it is becoming increasingly evident that consciousness, and observation, have tangible effects on the appearance and occurrences of the natural world. This is well demonstrated in the 'double slit experiments' and other observer effects found in quantum physics (e.g., electrons despite being a field of potential, appear at the exact place they are looked for).

Last year, I proposed that physical and mathematical understandings of nature would be more complete, and comprehensive, if consciousness itself is considered as a property of a physical system; living physical systems.

Consciousness and awareness, is most obviously considered a property related to the qualities of change and time.

Neurons cease to signal if there is no change in the input stimulus. If things aren't changing, a person loses awareness and consciousness of those things. Consciousness is, after-all, an ongoing experience of change.

The physical property of consciousness within a physical system, means that time and directional causality exist for that system.

The brain, and consciousness, is selective in what it processes and represents in perception. This selectivity, is most likely related to the response affordances of the environment, relative to the capabilities of a conscious system to effect change. As such, consciousness is defined by the response, change, and behavioural capabilities of the physical system that has conscious property.

If a thing doesn't afford change within our neural networks, or the affordance to be changed by conscious action, to consciousness at least, it is as if it doesn't exist.

So what is consciousness?

Consciousness is the property that arises when there is a range of affordances for change due to the interaction of physical systems; the property that underlies the experience of time and causative flow; if things could go more than one way due to a systems action, consciousness arises as the 'decider' of the way it does go.

[Note: there are obviously gaps and holes in this definition and description; this is a tricky and complex subject to articulate. So please consider this a work in progress!]

#consciousness   #physics   #nature  
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I did!... +Ilan Volow ..the question still remains.....
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John Hanke

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Stella finally hears it like it is.   #Endgame  is coming and she's a part of it, whether she wants to be or not.  Meet her in Vegas tomorrow....
"Only one Line can survive. That’s what you've been preparing them for, your students. That’s your Ancient Truth."

#Endgame   #AncSoc  
Stella V shared a video  Tuesday though her Ancient Truths Blog. It features her and ex-CIA agent Greg Jordan talking about the subject of Endgame. This is a very important video as it brings two w...
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Looking forward to it!
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John Hanke

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Dave Rawlings Machine I Hear Them All/This Land Is Your Land:
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John Hanke

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+John Hanke agreed. Would love to have it, but price is what's gonna win me, unfortunately. 
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