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The beginning of a great partnership. #Ingress + #Itoen Drink more tea! :-)
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VR Power Cubes ? Unlimited XM for an hour ? :D
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John Hanke

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Before we launched #Ingress  (and after) I've had a number of people who have said 'people will never get off their B&^%# to play a game.'  Thank you all for proving otherwise.
Yup, I may have taken that whole "Walking In Memphis" thing a bit too seriously. Last night I hit 2500km walked while playing +Ingress

Anyone got a line on a cheap Segway or maybe a +Merrell Coupon ? 

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+Ethan Lepouttre Replaced? Instead of buying a new shoe? Very interesting. I wonder if it is cheaper to do that. 
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John Hanke

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Operation Dignity was a great cause for the #Ingress   #MissionsforGood  x-faction BBQ today.  Donations to;

Mine's in.  Thanks for a great day everyone!
So nice agents came together to help the homeless.

#Ingress #Misdionsforgood
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Thank you all for your generous donation in support of a great cause!
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John Hanke

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Need to get there to try the Enlightened curry! #Ingress
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I can make some awesome curry rice +John Hanke! Come visit!
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John Hanke

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"...About 3 hours, and an amazing hike later, we reached the summit."  #Ingress #ActualGameplayFootage  
#ingress has taken me to some amazing places and afforded me the excuse and opportunity to do some crazy things.

The most recent ones have happened this past weekend. I managed to pull a full 49 hours with no sleep...

What, you ask, could possibly keep me awake that long? An AP push for a friend, and a night hike up a mountain to kill a field anchor.

Read on for more information...

One of my closest friends (thanks to this game!) was somewhere around 1.4 million AP or so from Level 16. So after work on Friday I asked her if she wanted to go on a Stego style AP push... aka don't stop until you hit 16. After having worked all day Friday, she, her fiance and I played from 9p until 930a and damn straight she hit L16. I know you haven't made a public post about it, so I'll keep your name anonymous, but know that I'm proud and honored to be your friend. <3 congrats on making L16!!!

I got home sometime Saturday afternoon... Don't ask me when exactly... My local ENL successfully executed operation Pinkie Pie while my phone was muted in an attempt to try to rest.... I never did fall asleep, but I managed to successfully ignore a reasonable multitude of messages in my local and regional chats when their fields went up 😅 oops (yep, I know how to mute HO!)

When I eventually checked in on things, other agents had arranged takedown of southwest anchor, good. Field down. 4 layers out of 16 made one checkpoint.

You may wonder what this has to do with me? Well, at about 9p my crazy ass and another agent decided we'd take down the north anchor.... Mt. Monadnock... And due to time constraints we'd have to attempt a night hike... Sort of got about twenty minutes of shut eye (can't really call it sleep) before the other agent picked me up.
2 hour drive, why the hell not! Arrived at base of Monadnock at 0:18 local and with flashlights in hand started the 1.9 mile hike to the 965m summit. About 3 hours, and an amazing hike later, we reached the summit.

The stars were beautiful. Everything so calm. Clouds came and went obstructing our view of lights in the distance... I could have just sat there for hours. It was so peaceful. I got a fun shot of the sunrise from a false summit as we descended.

I got home at 07:30 local and managed to sleep until 17:00 local. 😄 somewhat caught up on sleep, I guess.

So this weekend alone, ingress allowed me to spend time with friends as well as conquer a night hike at a mountain that I'd never hiked before.

Ingress is a game, but the effects of this game have been very real in my life.

I have managed to find friends and a family, a place I belong and can call home.

Thank you +Ingress​ for coming into my life.

Thank you to all my friends near and far... Whether I've met you in person or over a chat... You're still part of my ingress journey.

#CTRes #CTResistance
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John Hanke

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As I was saying.  Next level.  Keep on exploring everyone.   #Ingress  
My first tattoo. Big thanks to +chris long​ (Namer res) @ Fairborn Tattoo. Made my initial sketch a year ago and showed Chris. He helped a lot with final design. He said when I'm ready to do it give him a call. I always wanted a tattoo and I'm not getting any younger. I thought it would be fitting after I hit lvl 16.
#ingress #ingresstattoo #tattoo
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John Hanke

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#Ingress makers @ X-faction BBQ.
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Thanks for coming out John! 
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John Hanke

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Everything we can do to reconnect with our local community is a good thing.  This post is worth a read even with bad auto-translation. #Ingress  






そうやって集団、そして社会へのコミットの方法を学んだ我々は、ネット内のコミュニティと、自分の愛する地域という多層なレイヤーのリアリティを生きることになるわけです。Think global act localってこういうことかなとも思う。


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Modification of auto-translation.

This morning there was a weeding of a park in my town from morning 6:30. I had been looking forward to participating in it from the previous day. I was so excited that I woke up thirty minutes earlier than usual for preparation.

As a matter of fact, the park is the nearest portal from home and I visit there every day. How pleasant it is for people in the town to clean up the portal!

While weeding with senior people, an idea hit me. One and a half years have passed since I came to this region. At that time I never thought of participating in the community of the region so far. But now, I am participating in neighborhood association with fun although it is from a little ulterior motives. I think it is a very large impact of Ingress.

By the time I became L8 player of Ingress, I had got into the habit of patrolling my activities area every night. Then I met up agents working actively in the area. When I realized, I knew more and more agents in the town and met up them here and there in the town almost every night.  At one point we were face to face even four times a week. How much relationship with them!

Then I realized a thing. This is a movement of forming a new community mediated by the Internet community called Ingress. The relationship led to the Okayama prefecture faction drinking party. And it led the cross faction drinking party. Then it led to the FS realized. FS are like large-scale neighborhood festivals.

Nuclear families, excessive individualism and separation from society caused by the internet have become the 21st century social problems. We clinical psychiatrists are paying large attention to social participation of people who have problems of social withdrawal or developmental disability. But then Ingress seems to give us opportunities of practicing getting back to society and resocialization through the internet and SNS. Moreover, with fun and enthusiasm.

After learning how to commit the community and the society, we start to live a multi-layered reality which contains communities in the internet and our beloved town. The sentence "Think global act local" may mean that.

At the end of weeding, an elder told me that the park was established seven years ago, that to protect children from bad boys of the near junior high school the police and the school cooperate with each other, and that, to my relief, there is no problem of suspicious person caused by Ingress players. I went home thinking such things with a bottled tea and tissue given to me.
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John Hanke

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Portal at highest peak in Taiwan.  Check.

2015-07-23 Operation Jade

'And the smallest seed of an idea can grow.'

In the early days of Ingress, Enlightened Taiwan built an L8 portal on the highest peak of Taipei City, at elevation of 1,120 meters. Since then, we never cease to pursue higher goals. Last year, Operation Snow White built an L8 portal at the 3,886-meters-high Mount Snow. This time, Enlightened Taiwan takes you to the place where the earth touches the sky. Operation Jade set a record that physically cannot be broken: the highest L8 portal in Taiwan. We hiked 10.9 km and ascended 1,342 meters to the main peak of Mount Jade, the highest mountain in Taiwan. And it's probably the highest L8 portal in Eastern Asia.

Mount Jade is the sacred mountain and spiritual symbol of Taiwan. The shining snow in the winter looks like stainless jade, hence the name. It's printed on the one-thousand-dollar bill of New Taiwan Dollars. Many hikers and non-hikers long for standing on the peak. Because of the limited accommodation, it's very difficult to apply for climbing Mount Jade. With members from Operation Snow White and some new friends, the team started applying on March, a perfect season to climb Mount Jade. Unfortunately we had no luck until May, the beginning of the long rainy season. We had to call it because of the heavy rain. Being disappointed, we changed our strategy to apply for weekdays. The chance is a lot better but some members had to withdraw. We finally got reserved for 7/22. As the day approaching, the morale was hampered by the weather forecast. The task channel was silenced. We all know that the chance is small but no one dared to say give up. So we took the chance.

In 7/21 morning we gathered at Taipei. The weather was clear but we were going to be transferred to 312 km away. After 5 hours we arrived at the foot of the mountain. The cloud was heavy but the forecast was getting better; from 90% chance of rain to 60%. We stayed for a night at the hillside.

In 7/22 morning, it's foggy and windy. But we were not turning back now. The trail is well maintained and it's an enjoyable hike. The sunshine scattered through heavy clouds from time to time. At 12 AM we arrived at the Paiyun Cabin just before it started raining. Paiyun means 'expelling clouds' but ironically it's mostly foggy and raining, even when the rest of the trail is clear. At the cabin we were told that in the past 3 days no one was able to climb to the main peak because of the rain and the wind. But we were still very exciting. We couldn't sleep well because of the noise and the height. At an elevation of 3,402 meters there's only about 70% of oxygen compare to sea level. Some members suffered mild headache. And the snoring orchestra in the cabin was driving us crazy. :D

At 7/23 6AM, the rain did not stop as we hoped (or dreamed). But fortunately the wind stopped. We had the wonderful breakfast at Paiyun Cabin and departed for the main peak. Despite being wet, most of the trail was still enjoyable, until the last 200 meters. It's steep and rocky. We progressed very slowly. At about 9AM we successfully climbed to the main peak, at elevation of 3,952 meters. No words can describe the thrill. We are literally enlightened by the journey, discovering our courage and will, and the beauty of our land.

There's no better words to summarize the journey than the quote by Edmund Hillary:

'It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.'

We are the Enlightened. Forever seeking enlightenment.

Hiking Team:
@AuntieJiao @breathfreeair @ChunLunKuan @GV4WKK3R @HuskyTsai @JOSEPHlu7 @lazica @LongVacation @n20hack @PetrCoder

Special Thanks:
@ArumWu @butterfly61 @EvenChen @huckly @LeaChing @Lilu5987 @n20hack @OmegaHsu @Paeony

+Ingress +NIA Ops +Carlie Chiu +Susanna Moyer +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley 
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John Hanke

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Got to love #Ingress meetups + cross country bike ride + a great charity.  I'm thinking group ride next summer....
Hi folks,
( this is from my web page, which I will update tomorrow.)

I'm hoping to raise $5,000 for the ADA.
So far, were at under $1,900.

Would you consider donating 1 cent per mile? That would be equal to about $25 (2500 miles x $0.01).

Or 2 cents a mile (one for each wheel) = $50

Or 72 cents a mile, (one for each spoke : )

If so, follow this link,

Thanks everyone!!!!

Greetings Folks, Friends, Soon-To-Be Friends, People I will meet, etc...,

Many of you know me, but for those of you who don't...

I've been a Software Developer and Architect for over 30 years. Most of that time has been spent sitting behind a desk, not watching what I eat, and getting little exercise.

I'm way out-of-shape, overweight, hypertensive, have high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, and now my "recent accomplishment" was making it to the "obese" category for my body fat. Without any change, and since it runs on both sides of my family, I suspect I will become type-2 diabetic unless I take some action. 

So I decided to try and reverse this trend, and some of the damage I have done from all those years of sitting.

In a little over a week, in mid June, I am taking a 'Sabbatical' and taking a few months off.

No, I am not going to spend a few months Windsurfing, or laying on a beach somewhere.

I plan to ride from Plymouth, Michigan, to Seattle Washington. 

I feel without this type of drastic 'adventure', my health may continue to slowly decline.

I am hoping to raise $5,000 for the American Diabetes Association.

Be sure to follow me on

To Make a donation:
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thank you for your generous contribution to the ADA.
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"The game has brought me to places I had never seen before, some almost literally in my back yard, some in places all over the world (from Rotterdam to Washington DC, from Hannover to Cincinnatti, from New York to Barcelona)."

On april 9th 2014 I was in, what most would consider, a heavy traffic accident. While driving home from work on the highway at about 100kph (roughly 60 mph) I was hit from behind by another car estimated to have been driving 160 kph (roughly 100 mph). My car spun across three lanes, into the bank where the loose soil made it flip on it's top and land back on it's wheels in a full 360.
Having an instant pain in my back I decided to step out of the car and lay down on the grass, fully expecting the other party to be on the scene soon. Alas, nothing of the sort happened, the guy that drove me off the road vanished, drove on, fled the scene.
A motorcycle cop and some helpful fellow commuters showed up soon and talked to me, stabilized me and waited with me for the ambulance to show up. My mood was light, the notion I stepped out alive while others in similar accidents where not as lucky was obvious to me.
The ambulance took me to the hospital where I had to stay for the night, apparently my heart-rate was off and there was some concern on the pain I felt in my back, even though x-rays and scans didn't show any major damage.
The following day I went home, and only a couple of days later I was back at work and driving a car. The pain in my back, however, stayed.

After a couple of sessions with a physical therapist he suggested I should walk daily, nothing to crazy, just a couple of kilometers. This was on July 17th 2014. Walking without purpose was never appealing to me, so a friend pointed me to a game, a game I'd heard about but that was android only as far as I knew. As I soon found out, the game was release to iOS just that week and so I installed it.

As you might guess, that game was #Ingress and it opened up a world to me. Not only did it do wonders for the recovery of my back, it was declared fully healed a mere 6 months after the accident, it also introduced me to an insane group of people of all ages, races, gender and preferences, many of whom I now consider friends. The game has brought me to places I had never seen before, some almost literally in my back yard, some in places all over the world (from Rotterdam to Washington DC, from Hannover to Cincinnatti, from New York to Barcelona). It's been an amazing first year of Ingress and even though my back doesn't need it anymore, I will keep on trekking, playing, fielding and travelling, with friends, on the way to even more and new friends.

So thank you Ingress, thank you +Niantic Project , thank you +NIA Ops , I can honestly say I would not be the person I am today without you.

The icing on the cake? Exactly one year after starting the game, I reached L14 today.
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+Johan Marais​ I believe a Peugeot 307, but it's information the police doesn't share.
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When 'taking it to the next level' is a clichéd understatement. #Ingress
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No way! ENL 4 Life.
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