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Yosemite Valley, in Yosemite National Park, as seen from Tunnel View right around sunset last Friday evening-just as a late winter storm was clearing.

For monochrome and somewhat more color saturated versions, see

This is a somewhat less color saturated version, as requested by
+David Hoffman.

(I had pushed the saturation a bit in the other one - everywhere but the fog and some sunset highlights above Bridalveil Falls -- because I wanted more green in the trees.)
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What can I say...I'm a monochrome kinda guy...well, not with poppies, of course.
I like this version best of the three
This is awesome! Been dying to catch Yosemite in these conditions! 
I think the lack of saturation in the trees helps balance the grey/white slope on the left, so this works well. I think we took very similar approaches to this shot. The only big difference I can see in our approaches is that I pulled the highlights down in the sky to recover a bit of color. Yours is certainly more true to the scene. Definitely think this trip was worth it.
+Tony Payne -- definitely worth it! Especially since your goal was 2-3 keepers... pretty sure you blew that out of the water! I think I'm actually happiest with a couple of my poppy shots. I love the redbud & poppy one that I posted earlier, though it's not getting much love. :-(
My goal was 2-3 "good" shots, and I think I ended up with 3, maybe 4 that I count in that category. I got a lot more "keepers" than that (I don't delete) :-)
The first 2 B/Ws and my version of this scene. I'm still deciding on the B/W from Saturday morning.
Ke Zeng
Very nice tone mapping.
I don't think this is a tone mapping. I was there and can attest that it looked like this. It was a very very low contrast scene naturally.
I never seen the picture like this one.
Great photograph of a great place. Congrats! :)
Beautiful Shot +John H. Moore .This one would make the best print out of the 3 I believe. with a touch more saturation ;-)
Wow +John H. Moore! Just crawled your page and compared this with the colour and monochrome version and this one is by far my favourite! Amazing shot regardless of the edits however! p.s. Thank you Chrome for trying to correct my British-English spelling of colour and favourtie!
Outstanding John...truly outstanding! I miss going to Yosemite on a regular basis. I lived in Livermore, CA. and that was a regular vacation spot each year.
God, what an epic shot seriously. Love the muted tones, I hope I get to shoot this place before I die.
Amazing. Nature is the most beautiful and sexy model...
amazing,very nice soothing to eyes.
your photo looks magical in a certain way i like how you took that picture
Thanks everyone!

+James Woods -- I was guessing from your comment that "winter is coming" that you are in Australia, but it looks like you're in Ireland... where winter is departing... just like it is here! This photo was taken last Friday, after a surprise late winter storm. Didn't get as much snow in the valley as we'd hoped, but still enough for some nice white!

+Micah Vincent and others who've mentioned Skyrim, I'm not sure what that is, but this is not a screenshot....
+John H. Moore I got a lot of people mentioning skyrim on my shot too. My son has that game. I intend to check it out to see what they mean.
Really incredible shot. A number of years ago, I camped out in Yosemite for a few weeks, and my favorite thing to do was walk the trails in the morning, find a nice spot to watch the clouds roll in below me. So calm, surreal, peaceful.
True photo? And why the waterfall was still flowing below 0 SETI degree?
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