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I learned about this tumblr today--like everyone--when I found out that "Waiting for Godot" playwright Sameul Beckett used to drive Andre the Giant to school. (Really.) But that's only one of the gems in "Historical Meet-Ups." Like, did you know Lou Gehrig was on Rocky Graziano's parole board? Or that Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman kissed? Great stuff!
Unlikely encounters between famous people Suggestions? Corrections?
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I forget where I first heard about Beckett and might have been some special on The Princess Bride.
My new favorite Tumblr. It kind of reminds me of "Awesome People Hanging Out Together"...but better.
Beckett gave Andre the Giant a lift to school? Inconceivable! But I hear the wait for Beckett to pick him up was interminable.
Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman kissed?! I feel a little dirty for loving that. >.>
Stuff like that is what makes Tumblr (and the Internet in general) great. 
My favorite would have to be Wavy Gravy and Albert Einstein. I have two posters of Einstein in my room, not because I'm into science (which I'm not) but because he was a visionary, and he proved that "school smarts" didn't meet you were smart or not, it just dictated what you were most interested in.
I love the Princess Bride, and possibly Phissik the best of all, so i freaked out when I noticed a MURAL PAINTED BY ANDRE THE GIANT on the wall of a courtyard.
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