Not a post I've wanted to write, but I think I just have to quit avoiding it and get it done...

Our one and only meeting was our first one, back in November of last year.  Then the holidays hit, followed by my being out of town the following month.  That was followed up by a followed attempt at putting together a Q&A night.

March brought the lacrosse season with it, and I happen to be the tech guy and a coach for our local club.  My time is consumed by practices on Tuesdays/Thursday and supporting a large number of people that have difficulty reading email, let alone a calendar on a website or registering their kid online.  (If you've been the tech person for a youth sports club, you know there's no hope for humanity.) ;)

Then toss in that I have my children on Thursdays (divorced parent), work schedule, blah blah blah blah...  And I've hopefully painted a picture of how this group has come to be neglected since I organized it last fall.

So what I'd like to do is open a discussion here on potentially handing this group off to one (or more!) of you that might be interested in taking on the organizer role.

I'm proposing a social gathering - time and place to be determined - for pizza, drinks, or whatever.  I can at least get far more of these MongoDB mugs and other swag handed out!

Your thoughts?
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