Ravine City Progress

I still don't have a cool name for my city, but here are a couple screenshots showing off some recent stuff.  In the larger view, you can see down into the ravine itself and a small group of villagers that I spawned in.  I'm hoping they will start to reproduce without having to spawn any more, but they tend to stay at the bottom of the ravine (I just spawned the ones in this shot).  Anyway, they give the city a lived-in feel, so I like having them there.  In the back, you can see the large structure I built awhile back.  Beneath it, I just finished the dungeon, which is in the second screenshot here.  There are 18 cells, each with iron doors.  The cells themselves don't have torches, but there are small openings where light can come in.  Not sure if you can see him, but I spawned a villager in the dungeon to act as my jailer hehe.

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