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My thoughts on the President's first Google+ Hangout
Online get-together with a handful of citizens was a step forward for open government, but participation was limited and key questions were skipped.
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Hi Dave (assistant for Dave Hurd)

Please put me in contact with your Java executive to report AND RESOLVE my complaint about "bloatware" being included in Java software from the website.

I started with a pristine new hard drive this morning and now it's filled with CRAP.  At least 1/2 dozen programs forced their way onto my PC along with the Java software.  This is simply uninvited trespassing of the worse kind for a company like Oracle.  I'm shocked & surprised  

My only response of any consequence, is to continue to call all Oracle executives and if unanswered, to escalate and organize a negative publicity campaign.  I just retired so I've got idle time on my hands just looking for mischief, according to my wife.  Seriously, I want this crap out of my computer by a responsible party at Oracle or Java, who can return my PC to it's pristine state.  ... because this is a "CUSTOMER  OBSESSED" with your MARKETING.
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