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Raiden takes on R2? Hardly a challenge.
I'm not, but, you know, unless there's a door to unlock or something his plot mechanic becomes a bit weak.
Ah, but you can't remove him from the plot because he's the funny man in the C3PO/R2D2 combo, right? And he can crack a joke as well as any driod!
He does more than open doors. His nudging and projection skills are second to none.
Yes, he can project a diversionary image and bish into things. I am not doubting that he is a superb strategic asset in any squadron (if a bit slow), but a one on one with Raiden?
What are you talking about? HE CAN CUT CHAINS!!!! If there was a heavy object chained to the ceiling above Raiden, he'd be fucked.
"to the ceiling" - If I recall the chains have to be held around three inches away from R2 for him to be able to cut them effectively.
Yes, but there would be a pulley system that is conveniently positioned next to his forearm. Obviously.
By forearm, I mean 'chain-cutting attachment'
Don't forget R2 has rockets that enable him to fly short distances. Of course, that wasn't apparent in the original three films, maybe R2 forgot he had them. Like Obi-Wan forgot about midichlorians. And George Lucas forgot how to write a story and direct a decent film for the last three, which are technically the first three. The shit ones. Phantom Menace et al. Anyway, Raiden is amazing, and Big Trouble in Little China is one of JC's greatest films.
I was ignoring the whole "prequels gave him rockets" situation, but I still fail to see how this would help him win this battle, except to give Raiden a more difficult target to annihilate.
He's an oversung hero if you ask me.
Yeah, people sing a lot about R2D2
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