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John Ellis
Engagement Broadcast Production | Social Business
Engagement Broadcast Production | Social Business

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Hello All!,

We're looking for help on the production team. Creatives, video editors, researchers, comment mods... We've secured new tech for the 2016 election.. now we need help with the events. I know lots are out for the holidays. If you are around and can help, please email us at

Thank you,


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A Call for Help!

Hello BTV Community! We're looking for some volunteers to work with us on live productions and social engagement. 

Anyone interested in learning our live production process and becoming a part of the production team please email



Well +Georga Grivois.. the verdict on that meeting is... not so good. I'm getting faster at detecting BS.. this was a vapor investor. No money, just a fantasy player that thought it would be fun to disrupt the hard work of a volunteer network trying to fight big corps.

Lucky for us... we caught it early or we would have wasted a lot more time.

What this means is:

1. No big pile of money to help get GEN moving.
2. We will have a stream.
3. Plan b :)

The crowdfund needs all the help it can get.. BUT we will have a stream.

TY all for your support and hard work.


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An update on the +Indiegogo crowd fund. TY all.. it's gonna happen. :)

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YES! WAKE UP.. Bernie is here. :)
Cornel West: Wake Up, Bernie Sanders Is The Candidate Of The Student Protest Movement

“I think it’s a marvelous new militancy of a younger generation engaging in a form of awakening,” he said. “Bernie Sanders’s campaign is a political expression of the moral and spiritual awakening in the country in regard to the power of the 1 percent, regarding Wall Street in regards to the massive surveillance state and so forth.”

It’s Time to Make College Tuition Free and Debt Free

Bernie Sanders believes that all students deserve the opportunity to receive an affordable, quality education from the earliest stages of schooling to high-level degrees. He hassponsored bills to make public colleges and universities tuition-free, as well as to drastically reduce interest rates on student loan debt.

#FeelTheBern  #Education #College  #HigherEd #Universities  #StudentDebt

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I've had a lot of questions about the #Networkofthe99... why we need it. What it means for the public? Why is political speech no longer protected? What difference does it make anyway...? 

This vid answers those questions and the future of Bernie2016tv. 

TY all who have volunteered, donated, and supported the freedom of political speech through our efforts. 


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Exactly. Evolve... 

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We should all add our names to this suit. They have destroyed the planet.. they have doomed all of us. We should all add our names. 

Corporate greed has devastated the environment.. and continues to fuck it up AND demand subsides AND pay no taxes. These corps need to be tried for crimes against humanity and liquidated. The funds used to repair the planet and build grids that use renewable energy.

Time to evolve and stop letting dino-thinking knuckle daggers continue to destroy OUR planet.

Rise and demand justice for the earth. 

Kudos to these young activists!  A pox on the big fossil fuel lobbyist groups and the government for trying to bully them, my bet is on the young citizens, that is real courage they are showing!
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