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John E. Smith

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John E. Smith

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John E. Smith

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Hi, Tony - great observation.

I am reminded of a discussion long ago about my favorite cartoon strip ("Doonesbury") and Garry Trudeau's use of a technique where the characters in the strip had running commentaries in their minds, which helped to explain their motivations, desires, and (often) delusions about how they were perceived by others.   I have often caught myself engaging in this mental commentary.

I think we need to be aware of what we are telling ourselves, for two important reasons:

1) Maybe we'll live up to our best images ... rising to meet the aspirational expectations we have for ourselves.

2)  Maybe we need to "Photoshop" the images we are actually projecting to others.

Thanks for another good post:)

John (writing creatively and thoughtfully while radiating great wisdom and insight:) ...

John E. Smith

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"Never kiss the girl at the end until the bad guys are ALL really dead":)

More seriously, engaging those you oppose always turns out better than silent struggle.  McClane has a habit of communicating with his foes ... psychologically this keeps him on more of an even standing with the,. even when he's barefoot with bleeding feet.   It also injects some enjoyable humor into what are otherwise tense situations.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like a movie night is in the offing now:)

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Hi John, I've had troubles with the comment tool today. Arggh!  I'm glad yours got through.  Great points.

McClane is never afraid to go toe-to-toe with his adversary. He is fearless!

John E. Smith

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Liz Craig has quite a timely message here;  Decline to Whine!   Works for me:) ...
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Hi, Kate - very appropriate comments around the impact of the terminology we choose to use.  Whatever you call it, I do believe that we engage in too much pointless focus on the negative side of things, which uses valuable energy we could be applying to positive action.  A crowd effect also happens. where one negative, but loud person can change the whole dynamics of a group.  Of  course, this works in either direction:)
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John E. Smith

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Michael Wade just comes up with the most useful observations.  Here's a good example ...
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John E. Smith

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Do you visualize yourself as a superpower? More in the latest from Linda Freeman of The THRIVE! Journal.
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13 NKJV) My daughter Vanessa loves Beyoncé. When Beyoncé announced that her new album was going to be released directly to iT...
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Some fine writing from the Intentional Employee as he gives us help with an apparently vexing problem ... how DO we tell who is an accountant?:)
You may think you can tell an accountant when you see one. They all have pocket protectors, glass...

John E. Smith

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The Intentional Employee stops for a quick snack and has an experience ...
Toward the beginning of a two-hour drive for a client meeting, I stopped at a local fast food joi...
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+John E. Smith thanks for sharing this wonderful story. It is amazing what great service can do.
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John E. Smith

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Interesting Forbes article which includes a few self-serving statements ... and this:   " ... leaders who write well, speak well, and read often are generally those who lead effectively."

The point of the article is simple:  Good leaders seek content which reinforces certain skills or knowledge areas and doing so makes them better leaders.

My question would be 1)  Do you agree with the thrust of the article, and 2)  Is this one of those absolute truths or do exceptions exist?

I have some thoughts, but I'm sitting on them for the moment:).
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+John E. Smith The things we read, the conversations with have with others, the experiences we go through, all of these things shape how we lead.  

Do we read something because of what we are going through at the time? Many times yes.  At other times, we read what might be called to our attention by others, like this article.

How we lead is shaped by both external and internal goings on.... At least, that's my opinion.
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John E. Smith

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As graceful a description of the power of focusing on one thing at a time as I have come across ... thanks to Execupundit for being so darned articulate:)
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Gosh, +Dan Forbes ... now I just need that first 90 minutes without interruption:) ...
Seriously, I like the shifting focus in this routine.  Makes sense that you don't crash and burn from extreme focus on one thing ... like studying for a college final, for example (or cramming, as we used to call it:)
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John E. Smith

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Fascinating research... Maybe Mom was right to just say "Because I said so!"  :).
We’re taught from childhood how important it is to explain how we feel and to always justify our actions. But does giving reasons always make things clearer, or could it sometimes distract us from our true feelings? One answer came from a study led by psychology professor Timothy Wilson at the University of Virginia, which asked university students to report their feelings, either with or without being asked to provide reasons. What they found re...
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