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I agree with +Jesse Stay on this one. Here's my take:

When BUZZWORD appears, companies want to cash in on it by saying "We are BUZZWORD." For example, Oracle has defined the cloud as "a storage system that uses Oracle hardware and software." Apple, of course, has "iCloud." Microsoft has "Microsoft Cloud." IBM offers IBM cloud computing. And you've noted Google's example.

Trust me, if FECES suddenly became a trendy acronym that all the cool kids were talking about, then you would have Microsoft, Google, Apple, Oracle, IBM, and everyone else climbing over each other and loudly declaring, "We are FECES." And they would be correct. :)
Don't get me wrong - I love Google, but what ever happened to, "Go Web"?
You probably hear terms like “the cloud” or “cloud computing” being used a lot these days. While the idea of the cloud may seem abstract, many things you already do on your computer and smartphone today, such as email, photo sharing and video streaming, are made possible by the cloud. At the heart of it, Google is about cloud computing—helping people live online and get things done in the cloud. Whether you need to add “milk” to a shared shoppin...
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