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John Dunn
That rug really tied the room together, did it not?
That rug really tied the room together, did it not?

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I may just be missing the obvious but how do you get Plex from Android TV or casting from phone continue from the last Episode? I can get it to just automatically work if cast from PC but that seems to be it. 

So just kinda seeing if there is any interest. Picked up the ADT-1 off ebay as thought I would want to tinker with Android TV but decided not for me. I got the Nexus Player also and good with that. So is there any interest in buying the ADT-1? I have the boxes and all that it comes with.

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Anyone have a suggestion how to fix this in Plex? Just got the ADT-1 today. running newest OTA. Everything else shows fine on the screen. 

Are we able to view trailers from shared libraries as well? Just wondering if the rest of my family has yet to update or if the feature is just something that is offered to local client.

This may me being dense but all the vids I have saw say you need [MOD][Xposed] Google Search / Now API Plugin for voice for autovoice to work with the G watch, I have installed it but still not working but cant seem to see anything I need to set or configure nor any info on it in the threads. Any help would be stellar as works great from my phone just not the watch. I asked what seems like everywhere but nobody seems to want to help this poor guy out :(
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