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Web Developer/SEO & Social Media Technician
Web Developer/SEO & Social Media Technician

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Google shares how to hire an SEO


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Looking for early riders!

If you live in Phoenix that is :)
New Today: Join Waymo's Early Rider Program

Starting today, you can sign up to help shape the future of self-driving cars by joining their early rider program—a public trial of Waymo’s self-driving vehicles.

As an early rider, you’ll be able to use our self-driving cars to go places you frequent every day, from work, to school, to the movies and more. Then, you’ll be able to share your thoughts and experiences with their team to help shape the future of how self-driving cars will work.

Waymo is looking for early riders in parts of the Phoenix metropolitan area, including Chandler, Tempe, Mesa and Gilbert.

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Google's Fred, "Obviously there was an update.”

“Why would we deny that"

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Robots taking our jobs may be a good thing

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I'll be learning to do this over the weekend

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Is Caffeine still relevant today?

Is Google Caffeine still important and something you should learn about? Gary Illyes recently tweeted about it as if it were still behind Google's indexing, so I started looking at it some more...

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In the future now machines learn from life

This puts me in mind of machines evolving based on their environment, not by directed evolution guided by human overlords.
Life is by definition unpredictable. It is impossible for programmers to anticipate every problematic or surprising situation that might arise, which means existing machine learning systems remain susceptible to failures as they encounter the irregularities and unpredictability of real-world circumstances. Today, if you want to extend a machine learning system’s ability to perform in a new kind of situation, you have to take the system out of service and retrain it with additional data sets relevant to that new situation. This approach is not scalable.

DARPA's new Lifelong Learning Machines program aims to develop fundamentally new machine learning mechanisms that will enable systems to learn from experience on the fly—much the way children and other biological systems do, using life as a training set. The program will provide a unique opportunity to build a community of computer scientists and biologists to explore these new mechanisms.

Learn more:


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Google helps an SEO!

Way to go +John Mueller and thanks for sharing this +Bill Slawski, I always enjoy #GoodNews it's much better than #FakeNews :)

Some nice advice from John Mueller to a webmaster trying to work with a large news site; asking about getting content crawled and optimized quickly for such a site.  Nicely done, +John Mueller! :)

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Distribution of US searches across web properties

In other words, who is searching where? The surprising thing is that nearly 27% of all searches are a Google Image search. That's nearly half the searches from itself.

#SEO #DigitalMarketing

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Welcome to the digital age, whiteboard

We're glad you're here!
Joto: Connected Whiteboard Robot Draws, Writes What You Like
More info:

neat :) 
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