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For business it's all about connecting people with content that's of most interest to them! The best way to extend the reach of your content is to get it in front of people who want to see and share it.

But, how do you find those people who are influential in a given topic? Use +NOD3x! Nod3x will identify those people and businesses that are influential within a specified topic.

Follow these steps:

1. sign in with your G+ profile

2. create a new project with your topic of interest as the keyword

3. let your project run for awhile

4. check back to find your influencers 

Now it's up to you. Will you use this freely available tool to get the most out of Google+ for you and your business?

As ever, thank you +Lee Smallwood for freely giving Nod3x to our community here on Google+

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Understanding discussions online and being found through hashtag research

This is the second major update to - where we can now identify which are the most popular #hashtags  being used in any topic taking place on Google+ and also niche tags that you maybe overlooking that may make all the difference!

Read the full article here:

Pin it on Pinterest for later:

Links to other related hashtag articles by +Mark Traphagen and +martin shervington 

#Hashtagresearch   #sna   #data   #visualisation   #leesmallwood  
When we write posts on Google+ or other platforms such as Twitter, it's difficult to know exactly what #hashtags to use precisely in order to give the post we've written the best chance of being seen by people interested in t...
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Take relationship building to the next level. One of the most powerful pieces of advice I've taken has been to build genuine relationships with people. As idealistic as it may sound we are stronger together than we are alone.

To help strengthen your most important relationships here are 5 notes (real physical notes with pen and paper) that you can write:

1. Write a thank-you to someone who believed in you.

2. Write an apology to a person you let down.

3. Write a note of congratulations.

4. Write an offer to help.

5. Write an unexpected compliment.

Thanks to +Jeff Haden for these wonderful ideas.

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+John Dietrich have faith friend
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John Dietrich

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A new reason to wear a watch!

h/t +Lee Smallwood
these app concepts for the #moto360  watch make we really want one!
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Cool Idea. But who wears their watch on the right hand arm?
I suppose the display is programmable for either left or right.
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Prepare for business success...the right way! +Eric Enge does a great job with this one.

#businesstips   #businessonline  
Preparing Your Business for "After" Google

How you win online even if Google disappears OR you lose all your Google traffic.  First, I love Google, but it only makes sense for build your business online in a way grows your visibility and reputation.  As +Matt Cutts told me in 2012, "Those are the signals we want to find and value the most anyway".

This link is for my deck from #SMXWest  that talks about how to do that in depth!
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Thanks +John Dietrich!
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John Dietrich

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Happy #caterday !

h/t +Jackie M  
         It's Saturday!!
                Oh, I mean Caturday! Have Fun!  :)

#caturday   #saturday   #saturdayfun   #tgif   #gifs  
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LOL.  Heh heh.  :-D
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John Dietrich

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Smooth operator! Will Smith ain't bad either.
True story.
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They feel the beat  ;-).
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Seinfeld on modern parenting techniques..very funny!

#jerryseinfeld   #parenting  
Jerry Seinfeld Analyzes Modern-Day Parenting
It makes me laugh to hear comedians laughing together...
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John Dietrich

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Hate that awful color! We have a winner...thanks Google+ have a great evening.
Fun Saturday it or hate it? +Guy Kawasaki recently shared a photo of this rare Porsche Cayenne GTS in Peridot Green Metallic. Thought it'd be fun to take a poll to see if you loved the new color, hated it or couldn't decide.

Simple Directions:

1. I'll post three comments
2. I'll turn commenting off
3. You +1 the comment that best describes how you feel
4. Share with your friends
5. Bonus: grab the link to this original post and share that with your share, turning comments off so we get a larger sample

At the end of the day I'll re-share with open comments, and we'll announce the winning sentiment. Have fun!

Photo credit: +6SpeedOnline

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Either love it or hate it, but no one seemed unsure! We had 3 that loved it and 6 who didn't.
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Who are the most interesting people on Google Plus! This is an ongoing effort by +Dustin W. Stout (a great guy to follow if you're not) to find the most interesting people from around the Plus.

#circlesplosion   #interestingpeople  
Who Are the Most Interesting Blokes on Google+?
Circlesplosion part 6 is underway!

During the last installment of my #circlesplosion  series, The Most Interesting Ladies on Google+, it was suggested that I should follow it up with a similar circle curation of The Most Interesting "Blokes". Well I thought that was a great idea! 

In the comments below, I'd love to hear your nominations for the most interesting men on Google+. Please don't just +mention drop. Nominees will only be taken into consideration if a thoughtful reason is given for the nomination. For example:

I nominate +martin shervington because he has the most amazing cat gifs!

Purely an example right there. ;)

Nominees must also be active on Google+ - no ghosts please! 

I will then carefully go through and add the best of the best to a circle which I will then share publicly. 

In Case You Missed the Last Installments
You can find out how #circlesplosion  started by visiting the original post here - You'll also be able to see each of the 5 past circles that were shared. 

Thank you for your help in creating some of the most highly curated circles of great Google+ users! 

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Please leave your nominations on Dustin's original post:
How to use the right hashtags for better engagement! +Lee Smallwood of +NOD3x has been doing an excellent job recently. Lee has been demystifying a powerful data analysis tool called Nod3x. 

In this article Lee shows us how to find the best hashtags to use for better post reach, and engagement. I've just now created a new project, "Google Plus for Business", and will check back in a few days to see what I can learn!

#nod3x   #googleplusforbusiness   #googleplustools  
Understanding discussions online and being found through hashtag research

This is the second major update to - where we can now identify which are the most popular #hashtags  being used in any topic taking place on Google+ and also niche tags that you maybe overlooking that may make all the difference!

Read the full article here:

Pin it on Pinterest for later:

Links to other related hashtag articles by +Mark Traphagen and +martin shervington 

#Hashtagresearch   #sna   #data   #visualisation   #leesmallwood  
When we write posts on Google+ or other platforms such as Twitter, it's difficult to know exactly what #hashtags to use precisely in order to give the post we've written the best chance of being seen by people interested in t...
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+John Dietrich the feeling is very mutual. :)
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Website Development, SEO, SMO, G+ for Business, Social Media
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, SEO, SMO, social media, G+ for business
  • GPlusGeek
    Owner/Operator, 2014 - present
    Our team has many years of experience designing and developing websites. We are also experienced with Google AdWords, social media management, Google+ for business, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO). We also have a team of talented designers for branding, logo design and print work. Visit us at for more details!
    Web Developer, 2012 - 2014
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi
    Web Application Programmer, 2010 - 2012
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Jackson, MS
Web Developer/SEO & Social Media Technician
I work full time for you! Building websites in Wordpress using CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and everything in-between. I also wear several other hats including SEO, SMOsocial media manager (with an emphasis on G+ for business), PR coordinator and general IT support. 

Most recently Michael Bennett and I have been collaborating on a project to create Google Plus Tips and Tricks videos. These videos are designed to be quick 3-4 minute tips on the many aspects of Google+. We realize that many of us are very busy professionals, but also that many of us can find 3-4 minutes. 

You can view all of our videos on or on our YouTube channel. With a subscription to our channel you'll have immidiate access to our latest tips and tricks videos. On you'll also find a number of articles related to the topic of Online marketing. Topics include Google+, Google+ for business, Google Authorship and AuthorRank as well as Google AdWords.

I hold a BSBA in MIS from the University of Southern Mississippi. After graduating into the real world I worked as the webmaster for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi for two years. During that time I also worked with a very talented team developing and maintaining enterprise level Java applications.

Here on Google Plus I help moderate the Google Authorship and Author Rank Community and am very active in the Plus Your Business Community. 

Suggested Circles for me

1. Google+ tips
2. Online marketing
3. social media marketing
4. social media optimization (SMO)
5. wordpress web development
6. search engine optimization (SEO)
7. semantic web
8. content marketing
9. Google+ for business
10. helpful Google Plusser
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BSBA with honors, Moderator for Google Authorship and Author Rank Community
  • The University of Southern Mississippi
    Management Information Systems, 2008 - 2010
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