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Tesla Unread is a poor app that does not do what it's suppose to. I installed the app on Samsung Note 4 / Android Marshmallow. No matter what I tried it did work for notifications from Gmail. Protracted communications with Tesla support with them telling me it was a problem with TouchWiz and the way Samsung held the counts for Gmail and, suggested I contact Samsung. Yes, not my problem - it's Samsung problem! No, it's your problem Tesla with the percentage of Samsung phones out there... 

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Has anybody experience of a phone/network problem using an N7100?

Consistently, I flashed every version of this ROM - it offer great performance and features on the Note 2 N7100 but, I have phone network problems (using 3G only network), 3, in the UK;

The phone either does not work giving an 'out of area' error message but the latest 1.2.5, it has slightly improved allowing one phone call out with second call resulting in a drop network (including data) forcing a reboot to fix the problem temporarily.

I have been very diligent in prepare the device for flashing so, I don't think the problem is there.  

Is it a generic CM11 problem?

I have flashed other ROMs and, I am returning to TIGRA v4 in the meantime.

Any ideas ?
AOSB Project v1.2.5 is out !

n7100 , i9300 , hltexx , hammerhead. !!

long list still in compiling ...

NOTE : this release without gapps

cheers :)

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