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You know what makes me sad? This does!
UPDATE!!!! --- She has been FOUND!

Last evening I posted a status update on here about a missing 14 year old girl from Idaho whose apparently refused to report her as missing. In fact, the girls cousin is here on G+ +Larissa Hammond and asked for help in spreading word about her disappearance. 9 shares is what I got on this. 9. With 40,000 people who have circled me, 9 shares? Come on G+ we can do a LOT better than this! Taking 2 seconds to do this can be the difference. If you aren't in the USA and don't think it would help, remember we are one huge community here on G+ and chances are you have people in your circles who are from the USA, more than likely. Now get 'er done!
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You first post appeared at 04:00 AM CET - not the time when I usually check my stream. ;) Good that you decided to re-post this, I have now shared the original post.
I just shared this from the original post a day or two ago. It's good to keep it going. The original has had about 550 shares.
If I'd seen it, I'd have shared. My problem is I follow too many people so important stuff gets missed from time to time. Apologies.
I posted it, too. I think i had much less than 9 shares. However, i am seeing it all over my stream since i shared it.
I didn't see your post yesterday +John De Bord, but I have shared the link. Maybe someone from my circles will share too, but I wouldn't count on it. :(
Sometimes it's not just the numbers, out of your nine shares last night, some of those first nine had it shared by their people and it came across my stream three times last night and I shared it but you do also have a point in having 40,000 people and 9 passing it on but in their defense some of these posts have circulated before that weren't true. So people error on the side of caution, for me...when in doubt share just never know.
Missed it in the stream last night - glad you reposted.
The more this is shared, the more eyes can watch for her....SHARE!!!
I don't know anyone near Idaho that could help. Good luck
Am reading this for the first time and have shared it. I live in Mumbai/India and I pray that this little girl is found and soon.
I'll pray indeed and also shared.
apologies, missed first time around.. tis now shared, good luck..
+Trever McGhee Possibly though in a case like this I think it can be all about the numbers, numbers mean more eyes and more eyes mean a better chance of finding her. If that makes sense at all? Who knows, I am tired as heck today lol
+Larissa Hammond It is the very least I can do, stuff like this freaks the living heck out of me being a father myself
+Ash B why would you mute and ignore a post about a missing girl? I don't have much time for heartless people so consider yourself blocked
Missing white girls lets get this shit trending.
I totally agree with you on the numbers +John De Bord , the law of average is an amazing thing that rings true time and time again.
Keep posting and keep sharing, the more you do it, the chances of finder her sooner increases.

Plus it knocks those people off the fence that are just sitting there waiting to share it..for some people it takes a little bit to get them involved, nothing against them personally, they have the greatest hearts, it's just how society has programmed them to respond. :-)
I just saw this post. I spread the word on Twitter as my reach there is stronger. Praying she is safe.
Maybe I didnt share it cause im not from america and nor are any of my friends.
If she turns up in london ill let ya know.
Hi John
I sent it out to over 3500 g+ users and asked them to spread the word via larrissa blog.
Good luck and i will share again from your post.
some people just brush it off . haters
Farewell (good luck) I hope you find her.
I just now saw this....and shared!
Hope you find her i will keep an eye out
your in my prayers to the cousin of the missing and i have shared this post in three different circles ok
She was already found with a relative.
She was found?? That's good news.
I shared but it was a re-share of someone else's share, so maybe that didn't show up on your totals?

Either way, glad she was found! Yay!
I've deleted my post once I found out she is ok. Do you know how many people shared my post? ONE! This makes me incredibly MAD!
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