You know what I don't get about G+?
That whole SUL thing. I don't get it. At all actually. None. You have all these photographers listed and 1/2 of them? Yeah I won't even mention what I think. I see all these awesome images in my stream by people who are a hell of a lot more deserving than 90% of the people listed in the SUL. Case in point? +Nate Zeman +Dave Nitsche +Patricia Davidson

Now someone tell me WHY they are not listed in the SUL? Their work can stack up against anyone's and I mean ANYONE'S listed in the SUL. The popularity contest around here is getting to be rather annoying lately. It is starting to get to be "it isn't what you know it's WHO you know" and that is sad....

Gosh how I wish I had the funding, I would so start a photographers only social network where everyone is on the same level playing field.....

My Sunday morning random thoughts of the day.
Now go look at the people's images above I linked to. You will be inspited and you will be glad you did.
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