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Ok G+, please read this and let's do this!
I usually don't do this but this time I am. Missing kids just isn't a good thing, as a father myself, it simply just freaks me out. I am going to ask you to share this here on G+ and also if you are on twitter, please retweet Manus Ferrea tweet here!/manusferrea/status/184459157842313218 to get the word out and to spread word to Nancy Grace from HLN. It won't take but 5 seconds to do and in a situation like this, it really is worth it.
My cousin is missing. If you have seen her, please contact the Kootenai County Sheriff at 208-446-1300.

Please share, we are all very concerned.

#idaho #missingperson #missingteen #missingteenagers #missingchildren
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9 shares G+? That's all? With close to 40,000 people who have circled me, I thought we could have done a LOT better than this. Come on people....
shocking number +John De Bord , have passed on to my public circles too since I have a few USA friends
Sorry, +John De Bord, I didn't even see this til now. I think this freaks most parents out (myself included). Shared now.
The original post has 593 shares as of right now.
I haven't been watching my g+ recently. I've shared now.
My circles are rather small, but I shared this out.
i will share it out tho i new but littel bit help
+John De Bord I just saw this, John, and shared. I haven't been on since suppertime last night. Hope they find her. God be with her.
+Abdul Aqeem Well I am Christian so I already did that but just not to him :P But yes, prayers are always good my friend!
sorry bro, I am in India thats why i cannot help you because she got lost in USA. But I will share the post to make it reach to all others in the community..
Wonderful news that she was found!
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