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Photographer photographing nature, retro and country lifestyle images of Colorado
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Shouter At The Passing Clouds
I am a photographer based in Colorado who specializes in nature, rural/country lifestyle and retro themed images.  I have always been rather fascinated with photography since I was young...I remember my parents using an old 110 Kodak and I getting in trouble at the ripe young age of 6 for running around the neighborhood and taking pictures of all my friends, using up all the film. 

I guess I started taking photography a lot more serious when a class in it was required towards my BFA in Illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver. It was a traditional B&W film class, and I fell in love, deeply, and it was that love for photography that later on would have me going after a career in it instead of illustration. 

My images are very diverse, from hotrods to waterfalls, from mountain peaks to the city streets. If it looks interesting to me I will shoot it. In many of my images, I try to capture something that will evoke an emotional response from the viewer; I want to have an image that the viewer can relate deeply to. 

My images have appeared on the covers of phone books, CD covers, inside magazines with interviews about me as a photographer, and on calendars. I am always thrilled when I am approached and very humbled...there is no greatest compliment to an artist than having their work published or their prints think someone wants my work hanging on their wall pretty much floors me. 

Most of my work can be found on My website and I can be contacted there for inquiries on prints and stock. I also have a photoblog which I keep as well.


Bragging rights
Learned photography while getting my BFA in illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art & yes I can draw & paint too, and often do!
  • Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
    Illustration, 1993 - 1997


Well, I guess we can officially call it the beginning of the end photographers who have facebook pages. RIP.

#facebook #photography #marketing  
It’s happened. Facebook, aka the free marketing platform we have come to know and love, now wants businesses and organizations to pay to engage with their
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+Lynda Bowyer well said!
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Ok, honest question here 
What do you think of sites like kickstarter, gofundme & indygogo as it relates to photography & photographers? Do you think this is a viable outlet for photographers to get the ball rolling or do you see it as pandering? I would love to hear people's opinions on this. 

#photography   #marketing   #photobusiness   #business  
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I funded a project through Kickstarter, so obviously I see it as viable.

I don't see why it would be pandering. It's a simple deal. Something like: You pay X, you'll receive Y. Just like any other voluntary trade of unlike goods – except that this one also allows people to support the creation of projects they like, and helps creators achieve their goals. 
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John De Bord

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I think that says it all and what us Sony shooters have known for awhile now. Watch the face detection it's wild (that also works with wildlife) 

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+Cheryl Oney yes you certainly do!
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"An Angler's View"
Good morning G+ and good morning Colorado! Just walked in the door from a nice morning of photography &  I wanted to share a photograph with you all I recently took at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Long a favorite spot for fishermen, it has become one of my favorite spots as a photographer. It's sort of funny, as often as I photograph this old pump house, each time it gives me something different and unique. Here, I was graced with a sky that well, was just rather unique. If you look closely in the top left, you will see clouds that almost resemble fingers outstretched into the sky. Spring is certainly here in Colorado as the brown is now giving way to the start of very lush greens....only a few weeks left and any resemblance of winter will be gone. I for one can't wait! Bring on the wildflowers! 
John De Bord Photography © 2014

#coloradophotographers   #colorado   #denver   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #longexposure   #longexposurephotography   #nature   #naturephotography   #naturephotos   #sony   #mytowntuesday   #springfevertuesday   #amazinglandscapes   #landscapearttuesday  
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What a beautiful morning scenery to wake up to.

Thanks for sharing your photography with us +John De Bord :-)
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Attention Colorado Photographers!
Chatfield State Park, one of my favorite locations along with many other photographers, is in seriously gigantic trouble. Without public outcry, 700 acres will be completely affected, destroying wildlife, their habitats and forever changing the beautiful landscape there. 
There are 2 specific websites to help fight against this;


There is a very limited time to act and get the word out. The story itself hasn't been covered in the news so the general public isn't aware what is about to happen and forever change and destroy one of Colorado's most popular & beautiful state parks. 

#colorado   #chatfield   #chatfieldphotography   #chatfieldstatepark   #littleton   #denver   #coloradophotographers   #nature   #environment   #environmental  
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Wow. This is actually the first I've heard if this. Scary stuff. I'll be sure to spread the word!
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John De Bord

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Stolen photography alert
And yet another community here on G+ filled with stolen photography. This image I even called them out on as being a screen shot taken and stolen from the photographers Fine Art America account We as photographers bust our collective asses left and right only to have crap like this happen. Not even a link to the photographer who took the image, no mention of her, nothing. Just a screen cap and a post here on G+. Nothing is right about that! Their whole entire gallery is stolen all may wish to check if one of yours is among them.
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Very nice
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How about some good news to start off your Thursday morning?
This is completely awesome. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this guy who cleaned out an entire badly polluted pond, by hand, in NYC so birds could live here. This is what we need more of in today's society! RSEPECT!!!!!

#wildlife   #conservation   #environment   #environmental  
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agreed, we certainly need more people like this guy in the world.
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"A Colorado Moonset"
A lot of people stayed up late last night to capture the eclipse and the "bloodmoon". I gave it some thought about doing the same thing but after some thinking I figured the moon would be very high up in the sky and there probably wouldn't be much to frame it with. Besides, everybody and their mom would be photographing it. I have always been sort of the type of photographer who wants something different when it comes to an event which everybody else is photographing. So, I did some more thinking and then the light bulb went off with a "hey, that full moon will be setting behind the Rockies at sunrise!" and my mind was suddenly made up. I had a great morning photographing it and was greeted by a beautiful sunrise with some great mountain wave clouds immediately afterwards. This is the first shot of many I will be sharing with you all.
John De Bord Photography © 2014

#colorado #coloradophotographers #landscape #landscapephotography #denver #bloodmoon #sony #sunrise  
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I always like different.this is so much better.john De bord, awesome photo. 
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#BehindTheLens I'm exhausted. I'm finally beginning to get back on my feet again albeit slowly. PT & my team of surgeons have encouraged me to staft pushing the envelope some & this morning I did just that with incorporating exercise into my photo shoots.
It was a gorgeous morning during sunrise here in #Denver #Colorado and I'm going back to bed! LOL I'm sore but oh so worth it!

#droidography #mobilephotography #samsung #snapseed #galaxy 
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Way to go buddy! So happy to hear you are able to be up and out and about! Holler next time you're gonna catch the sunrise- would love to catch up again- dont matter how early!

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"Light In The Darkness"
I've always been a sucker for abstraction in nature. I find all the patterns & textures magical. Usually I photograph scenes like this using what I call "the drag and drop technique" during Fall but recently I saw something which caught my eye and decided to spend some time working on impressionistic work. The blues in the top caught my attention, it was the sky peeking through the trees and brush which initially drew me into the scene. I decided to use stacked ND8 filters to slow down the exposure and give it a little bit of a more darker feel when I took the photo. I really enjoy this sort of work as a photographer, it opens up a whole other realm of possibilities!

#abstract   #abstractart   #abstractarteveryday   #abstractsinnature   #abstractphotography   #impressionism   #impressionism   #sony   #forest   #tree   #texture   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #landscapephoto  
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I love this type of image making. A unique view into nature. 
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Just stayed up this past weekend for our annual "Colorado in fall photography meetup" and will be staying here a LOT more often and many more times! I was very surprised at just how quaint this place is and how friendly everybody was. Even housekeeping would wave to you. This is a family run Inn and honestly you basically feel like you have known everybody for a long time. I like that, very personable that you tend not to have with chains. They are also pet friendly and our room was quite large, even having a fenced in patio area. Yes, an actual patio with chairs. Prices are on par with everywhere else in Estes, however the friendly staff and the cleanliness of the facility and our room made it a great bargain. I won't lie, if you want a place to stay in Estes which is just downright comfortable, quiet, friendly and clean, look no place else. This is the place for you!
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Quality: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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