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Follow-up based on reader comments on Thanks!
Should the world's best video game players -- those who earn six figures and play professionally -- be considered athletes? Are they on par with Olympians?
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"hell yeah" they should've i mean i would watch it
Athletes Do not sit on their asses pushing buttons, killing Zombies, and smoking weed while they do. LoL. 
My answer is no, but consider the following; poker is already a televised sport. All they do is sit, think and make a move which close to what gamers do. The question is, what constitute a sport? 
+Jose Garcia And in South Korea, pro gaming is televised, too. They call themselves e-sports athletes there. Thanks for the interesting points on this. 
no not even but I'm disappointed pole dancing is not an Olympic sport yet!
@Mike F. That actuall requieres more phisical skills than playing games. Pole dancing could like gymnasion. That's not a bad point you got there.
Seriously? Lolz thought this was a repost from the onion
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