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Dear gamers: This isn't the cheeriest way to start your morning, but I'm wondering what you think of this.

No doubt that these comments -- that he trained on WoW and Modern Warfare 2 -- will re-open the debate about video games and violence ...
Anders Behring Breivik, who admits killing 77 people in Norway last year, used a video game as training for his shooting spree, he says.
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How many subscribers do those 2 games have? Several million? And yet several million of us managed not to go bonkers with a gun. Ridiculous argument.
yeah fair point. i was also struck by the fact that he played WoW for 16 hours a day! which also probably isn't statistically all that off the norm for some people ... i mean, that's double the time you'd spend at a 9to5 job
Is the same that say that as Hitler loved dogs therefore all the dogs lovers are potentially genocides.
OMG, speechless! He can't have had friends... EVER... How can anyone carry out atrocity like that and think he's saving world!? Is that what playing video games does to you?? He should have stuck with Angry Birds!
the games are to prevent this type of action. let your anger out on the box. unarmed civilians is no soldiers mission unless they are the planners of 911 scale attacks.
I'm still working in my lab now. It's at night here~
my box is spinnin so hard right now, the broandband connection might make it to unfair.
I once had a neighbor in an apartment building who was an aspiring Marine at the time. He played all kinds of violent video games and told me that was how he learned all the makes and models of the firearms used in real military combat and that it helped him with his targeting practice.

No doubt that it also helped desensitize his ability to kill.
intel, dell, xp pro sp2 , nvidea , logitech controller, EA games is green lightin from where I'm sittin.
he should receive a soldier's honor of punishment and see if he's as brave as his victims were.
as we view it, it is far to easy of a punishment to send someone into spirit land. The years of gravity will bring you at some point to humility. Even Manson has the look of repentance in his eyes for once.
if you were that great of a soldier or martyr as you claim, you would of never been taken alive.
your speeches fall on deaf ears, but justice will prevail for the families of the Fallen.
+John D. Sutter You are not kidding. I read that this morning and thought the same thing. There is no doubt that games are an effective simulator and training tool. But in the end, it's not games that kill. It's bad people.

I suppose you can make an argument that if a 911 Hijacker trained on Microsoft Flight Simulator that we should not sell those either, but I think far more good comes from computers and games then bad.

What we really need to do is focus on what caused this man to decide to kill innocent people and address that.
the mind creates what you see on the game before the game was ever invented. it just allows you to see it physically in a graphic environment. it is effective for brain speed training but anyone who plays those games should also know you get killed very quickly. there is always someone who lobs your skull off in those games. so if anything, it prevents hero mission type thinking if you ask me.
from a realistic standpoint of playing with friendly fire on.
your right, because the game is no measure to what a real soldier can do when he's pissed the fuck off. Thus this Norway situation. The feeling of drawing a man into Warrior status does become uncontrollable. Obviously, he reached his limit of tolerance for the bullshit. Same as good, hardworking people, who shoot up the courthouse after the Judge never reads their case and writes their life away and denies benefits they Qualify for.
in a 911 environment, people start actin real funny. We like Breathin to.
It is the duty for every American to train for War during these times where people conspire and already have unmercifully attacked us. You pushin on people who joke about removing your entire bloodline to get rid of the problem.
+John D. Sutter
Who besides CNN has re-opened this debate? In your article "Norway mass-shooting trial reopens debate on violent video games" you don't cite a single person actually arguing that video games cause violence.
+Stephen Taylor Comparing gamers to drunk drivers is not only ludicrous, it's offensive. Just because someone plays and enjoys video games doesn't mean they aren't smart enough to be objective.

As for the subject itself, using video games for training is impossible. As a US veteran and a gamer, I can say with some certainty that aiming with two thumbsticks and some buttons is a lot different than aiming with a weapon. I know several people who are great at Call of Duty, but give them a rifle, and they couldn't hit the ocean if they were standing on the beach.

Desensitizing? Perhaps. But no more than the news anchor who reports on a school shooting, then perks up 30 seconds later to tell you about your favorite sports team.

People are most frightened by that which they do not understand. And frightened people have been trying to find a reason people do these horrendous things for years. Before video games it was Ozzy Osbourne. Before Ozzy, it was Elvis. For some reason, people can't grasp the fact that someone else's brain is wired differently than theirs.

It really is that simple.
Breivik ,teroris ,teroris .wht up to waiting,kill to Breivik
Hi Sutter,

Does anyone actually wonder how could you train to shoot a real gun while playing a video game?
Skills for both activities are completely different, unless you find me a gun that you can shoot holding it only with your thumbs while you are sitting on a couch!
Seriously, he trains to shoot people while moving a joystick? Does he use a drone for the attacks?
Finally how the argument of the FPS can be sustain if they mention World of Warcraft, which is fantasy RPG... I guess I should stop writing RPGs because they create...looters!
btw.. aren´t media helping Breivik? I guess he is winning...this is what he wanted at the end, being famous..
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