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Nani is a nonvoter, but she's open to convincing. Leave a thoughtful message in the comments here and I'll pass it along to her: This is part of a project to boost civic engagement in Hawaii, the state with the lowest voter turnout rate. 
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The 2000 election was decided by less than 600 votes. We got George Bush, 2 wars and went from record surplus to record deficits. I bet you 600 people who thought their vote didn't matter regret not voting that day.
Thanks John :-), I appreciate you adding my comment. Not to be nitpicky, but the formatting and the timestamp are a bit off. Nonetheless, pretty pleased you included my comment. 
There used to be a time when women couldn't vote.  Though it's a "right" right now, if we aren't judicious with it and take it for granted, it could be that one day we might not have that right.  More than just voting in an important election, voting is a way to affirm what so many women went through almost insurmountable victories to achieve: that we will not be silenced and that our voice counts.
+Rotimi Oyewole Yeah, it's a Google+ vs Storify thing. If you know a fix for it let me know. +Cyndi Calhoun Thanks so much. Very good of you to pass along that thought. I'll report back on if this works :)
Cyndi you are so right. In fact that's what I've been telling my female friends who are not planning to vote. If we don't nip this ridiculous notion of turning back Roe vs Wade then our right to vote will be next.  
Rotimi thanks for reminding us of that. It is so very important this year to vote. I asking everyone and commenting on every blog and site I can to PLEASE VOTE. Don't say you will and sit on the couch. Using this fact will surely hit home with some people.
John you have another great idea. I didn't know that about Hawaii. I wish I could give my 2 cents of encouragement on there but I'm not a member of twitter or FB. definitely +1's for everyone here!
The electronic voting machines in the states of ohio, Texas and others like Kentucky are run by a company called H.I.G., which has extensive ties to Romney and BAIN. They are also known for their faulty equipment. Obama, the less mendacious candidate, needs all the help he can get to prevent another Nixon from entering office.
Hi Erik
Dick Cheney and Bushy boy made Nixon look like an angel!
Hello John,
here's my comment (plea) for Nani. Feel free to edit if its too long and thanks for
posting this for me.
Nani - This is a very important election for women. Extreme right republican MEN want to reverse the Roe vs Wade law that was enacted in 1973. We need to prevent these men from striping us of OUR right to choose medical procedures regarding OUR bodies. This doesn't mean women want abortions. We just want to keep our right to make that decision ourselves if necessary without these men forcing their archaic and puritanical ideas on us. 

Stand with me and millions of other women across the country and say NO to these MEN who want to force women to go full term even if her pregnancy is from rape or incest. They want the law to say even if it means saving her life the pregnant woman can NOT have an abortion???  If they win they will reverse the law. whats next? Our right to vote? 
President Obama believe's women should keep that right and decide for themselves - not some out of touch politicians who are:  1. Do I need to say it again? MEN!  and 2. They're politicians - I don't need to say more.....but I will anyway..... They're politicians who don't have a speck of medical training or knowledge.

Its a tight race so every vote is extremely important. I would love it if you voted for President Obama, but regardless of who you choose I still want you to vote. Give it a try Nani you will be amazed at how good you feel after doing this very patriotic thing.  

"Kulia i ka nu'u"

Queen Kapi'olani whose compassion for the downtrodden established the Kapi'olani Maternity Home for Hawaiian women in 1890. through donations she raised herself was able to provide free medical care for pregnant women. It stands today - Kapi'olani's Medical Center which is open to ALL women with the addition of Hawaii's only Childrens Hospital. It is also the hosptial where Obama was born.

"Kulia i ka nu'u"  which means "Strive for the top of the mountain, for excellence". was Queen Kapi'olani's motto.
I completely agree, and regarding women's rights, Nani would probably make more money if she voted Obama. If you recall, Romney disagrees with equal wages for women and men. He opposes the payment fairness act to equalize wages between genders, which Obama wants to make law.
Thanks Erik its nice to know you're on our side and yeah I know MR's idea of equal pay is to demonstrate how he told his subordinates to "get me some women"....and bring me some binders!

Romney is a piece of work isn't he? Never in the history of presidential campaigns have we seen such flip-floppng from a candidate. Mittens is like a fish out of water! And he seems to be proud of it too which is sickening but then his party is proud of a lot of despicable things these days. These senators/congressmen who keep popping up with their twisted views of how they think they should be the ines who  decide what and how a woman deals with her own body are . They're so arrogant and show nothing but contempt for women - and all of them still claim that the repugs are the party of "less government"... uh yeah except when it has to do with.... everything! Here comes that zero credibility factor which they will never shake
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