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We had a huge dent and even a bulging crease in our new Honda Pilot's fender because someone slammed their car door into our front fender. It looked really bad and stretched several inches from the wheel well up above the main body ridge line. We happened to be in Dallas for only one day, but I wanted this fixed quick so I called a couple of places. The first place didn't answer, the second place said they couldn't do it because of the damage and it would need a full body shop, but then I read the reviews about Joe on Yelp. He answered the phone right away and asked me to text him some photos of the damage. When we talked again shortly later, he told me that he thinks he could do it and if that we didn't have to pay him anything if we weren't happy with his results. He arranged to meet us at Medieval Times and worked on our fender in a nearby parking garage while my family and I enjoyed the show and jousting. Just over an hour later, Joe sent me a SMS message to let me know that he was done, and I was amazed!! I even thought I was looking at the other fender when I first saw it because it looked so good. He was incredibly nice, ridiculously professional, and did an absolutely amazing job!! If I look incredibly close under just the right light, I can just barely pick out the spot where the dent originally was but everyone else in my family can't spot it at all. It looks absolutely amazing and it was so quick and easy. I would highly recommend that you call Joe even if other dent places say they can't handle it!

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What is the value of Google+ now that Facebook has stolen the selective sharing and subscriptions model from G+'s Circles? For me, one of the things that made G+ so intriguing was that I could talk about a certain topic with certain people, another topic with other people, and yet another topic with everyone. If you are in one of those first groups, you see that specific conversation, but no one else can.

People seem to be mad at Facebook right now for changing again, but most seem to be missing the point that Facebook now allows this type of selective sharing too. You dont have to share everything with everyone anymore. You can even have what are essentially "private" conversations on your wall if you choose by posting a status update shared with just one person.

Also like Google+, you dont have to see everything from everybody else anymore on Facebook's main news feed. We can now change our subscription settings on a person by person basis for our Facebook news feed. If I get tired of reading someone's frequent posts, I can change my subscription of that person down to important news only or even no news at all. Thanks to Google+, Facebook has dramatically stepped up its game.

So what is the value of Google+ now over Facebook?

I'll have to confess that I'm a little surprised about how little participation there is right now in Google+ even though there is so much more it offers over Facebook and Twitter.
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