Arrived back in Anshan but not without mishap. Said good bye to David and Lee and Murray and Jill and went to do a bit of shopping. The time came for us to head out to Xioashan and Hangzhou Airport, Lucy's son sent a limo and the driver took us out, presented us with some gifts and into the Airport we went.
I had a casual look at the board and noticed our flight was delayed so we sat and waited.
Eventually they made an announcement that our plane had been held up due to a storm in Sanya, Hainan Island and they would take us to a hotel where we could rest up.
Had dinner and went to bed, slept well until the phone rang telling us that our plane was arriving and a bus would pick us up at Midnight, did a bit of a grain but up we got.
Caught the bus and boarded our plane and departed at 1.15am for Shenyang where we arrived at 3.30pm and then finding a taxi at that time and someone who would not charge the earth we arrived back home in Anshan at 6.00am feeling very jaded.
Anyway after a few hours sleep we were up and about again and ready for the world.
All kind of eventful really.
Photo is of our taxi and it is pouring with rain and we are squeezed between a huge truck, a fence and a train going through.
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