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John Costigan

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OK Go came to Google today. It was awesome! During the last song, "Here it Goes Again", they invited me (and others) to come on stage to dance with them. I won't post any video of us dancing :), but I was literally right next to Damian Kulash (lead singer), and I managed to snag the set list, which I've attached.

And yes, they did play a Led Zeppelin song: Black Dog.
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John Costigan

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Love the strings. Can't wait for the rest of the new album!
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Interesting move how Radiohead has been deleting it's online activity recently.
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John Costigan

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Kim Dong Chul: I don't know you, but despite that, I'm pretty confident that you're innocent of these deplorable charges.

And while I disagree with your motion to "confess" to something that you didn't do, I understand why you did it.  After all, what choice do you have when the North Korean government is pretty much demanding your cooperation (else torture/death/etc.)?

And if North Korea is listening, then.... oops?  Actually, I don't care, North Korea's government is full of thieves and beggars, as far as I'm concerned.  I mean, seriously: accusing random Americans of "espionage" ?  That's pretty low.

If this is my last post, you'll know why....
A Korean-American man detained in North Korea has confessed to stealing military secrets and plotting subversion with South Koreans, the North's official news agency and foreign media reported on Friday.
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Haiii john....
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John Costigan

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Congratulations to DeepMind and AlphaGo for winning 4 of 5 matches against Lee Sedol, one of the best Go players of our time - a feat that many AI experts thought would take another decade to achieve!

But, +Yann LeCun​: why so bitter? Just because Facebook didn't do it first? Or is it something deeper? These are your industry colleagues - you should be proud of them, and of your own work.
In January, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was so very close to creating an artificial intelligence machine that could learn to successfully play the ancient Chinese game Go. The very next day, Google trampled all over that dream, and proclaimed that it had already gone and created its own machine. If you thought the competition between the two technology giants might dissipate after Google’s victory, however, you would be wrong.
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John Costigan

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Can't go. Can't stop. What can I do!?
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The best one is in Kansas city it say black history museum with ⬅pointed the same direction on both signs right next to each other and the other sign says county corrections facilities lmao not making up
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John Costigan

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Trump: "Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism"

Wow. Just wow. Ignoring the insensitivity of this statement for a moment.... The perpetrator was born and raised in the U.S., so Trump's "ban immigrants" stance obviously wouldn't have helped. And the guy's ISIS "allegiance" seems to have been a last-minute thing - his homophobia was the real trigger.

People who know me know that I'm a Republican, but come on, Trump is a huge mistake for this party.
After the deadliest mass shooting in American history, his instinct was to use it for demagoguery, then self-aggrandizement.
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John Costigan

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Everyone it seems
Has somewhere to go.
And the faster the world spins
The shorter the lights will glow.
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Love this song so much
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John Costigan

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Got my Tesla Model 3 reservation!  But, the confirmation email says the following, and there's no way this is true, right?

"In the first 24 hours Model 3 received over 180,000 reservations, setting the record for the highest single-day sales of any product of any kind ever in world history."

Surely the Apple iPhone (or even the Samsung Galaxy S) has sold more (either in pre-orders or in actual-orders) than 180k in a single day?
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+Stefan Sarzio: Yes, thank you, I know. :)  Are you suggesting that I edit my post rather than add comments?  I usually prefer to leave original content for the sake of posterity....
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John Costigan

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It's not often that I agree with Forbes, but this is one very-clear example.  On what planet does it make sense for France to enforce its (or the E.U.'s) laws on the rest of the world!?

"There is absolutely a role that the US Government should take. They need to tell the French that this is simply not going to happen. They should, to put it politely, go boil their heads, wind their necks in."
One of the things that economists keep trying to tell everyone is that institutions really do matter, prime among these being the rule of law. It's why dictatorships, whether of the majority or of an individual, never really work out all that well economically. Simply because the certainty of the [...]
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Agreed +John Costigan​
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John Costigan

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I'm not generally a zombie guy, but I just heard this song on Google Play Music Radio, and while I realize I'm nearly a decade late to the party, I still thought it was pretty funny.  Especially since I heard it at the office. ;)
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sa ya
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John Costigan

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Auto Enthusiasts Community Rules and Guidelines

This community is popular, and as with any large society, a set of rules can help us all coexist more peacefully.  Please abide by these rules.  Moderators have been appointed and are authorized to remove comments, posts, or members (either temporarily or permanently) for egregious or repeated violations.

While some of these rules may be helpful in contexts outside the community, moderators inside this community are only empowered to enforce them within this community.  In particular, moderators are not authorized to take action in the community based solely on behavior observed outside the community.

1. Be respectful.  Everyone has opinions.  You're welcome to debate and argue, so long as you remain civil.  I know that's a lot to ask on the internet, but please help me prove to the world that it's possible. :)

2. Stay on topic.  The topic, in case you don't know, is automobiles.  Not politics.  Not religion.  Certainly not Get Rich Quick schemes.  (Trucks and motorcycles are okay.)

3. Abide by copyright and Fair Use law.  Don't blatantly copy content without adding your own commentary.  Link to your source(s), especially in the case of images.  If the source is you, then give yourself the credit.

4. If your comment or post is automatically flagged/removed, please don't appeal to a moderator to approve it.  With apologies, there are simply too many flagged posts for moderators to spend their time reviewing them.  Instead, consider reformulating your content in such a way that it isn't automatically flagged.

5. If your comment or post is manually flagged, and it's not obvious why, then the moderator who flagged it should provide an explanation.  In that case, you are welcome to appeal to the moderator who flagged it.

6. Post high-quality content.  I realize that this rule is subjective, but we have so many members and get so much content, and everyone benefits if we can avoid (e.g.) low-resolution images, duplicate posts, posts with little or no commentary, or multiple small posts when a combined post would be better (think 5 separate image posts vs. 1 album post).

7. If you witness a moderator violating these rules or abusing their power, please report the behavior to the community owner (+John Costigan), with a link as evidence.  Abuse by moderators will not be tolerated.

John Costigan

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Help Me Moderate

This community is huge.  Google+ does an okay job of automatically flagging many abusive posts, but with the number of posts created in this community, there are bound to be a number of false positives and false negatives.

So I'm looking for a few brave souls to help me keep this place in order.  I have some ideas of what makes a good moderator (active, respectful, non-confrontational), but rather than make appointments, I'm asking you all to choose your own.


1. First, review existing nominations and add +1's to comments where you agree with the nomination.  You may +1 a nomination for yourself.

2. After reviewing existing nominations, you may nominate other members (not yourself) by +-mentioning them in the comments below.  Optionally, you may include a short supporting argument - no more than 20 words.  See my sample below.  Please add a separate comment for each nomination; i.e. one nomination per comment.

3. Do not add comments that aren't original nominations.  That includes comments inviting others to nominate or vote for yourself or someone else.

4. After some period of time, I will appoint moderators based on nominations, votes, and brief (private) interviews.

5. I reserve the rights to (a) remove comments that violate these rules; and (b) add more rules as necessary.
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John! I have been on the Auto Enthusiasts page for quite some time now. I post articles in there nearly everyday and would love to help you moderate the page.
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In addition to my professional work as a Software Engineer at Google, I also harbor a passion for software as a hobby, in the form of Free and Open Source Software. For example, I am the founder of open source software Maemo Mapper, one of the first projects that made its home in the Maemo GarageMaemo is an open-source embedded operating system targeted at internet tablet devices.

I am happily married to the beautiful Kristin Costigan, a.k.a. Kristin Von Kundra.

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