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But what about this (by +Xah Lee) ?

"Many people are sharing this image online. It is true that the hurricanes have the general shape of a spiral. In particular, it's a equiangular spiral (aka logarithmic spiral), which is the shape that many (but not all) natural growth takes (e.g. Seashells), but saying that hurricane has golden-spiral completely baseless, it's like seeing Jesus face on Mars."
Xah Lee
Thanks for the post +Alejandro Weinstein. I think it could be used in a fun aspect, enticing younger people into math. I'm sure +John Cook know much more on these. I had great fascination with fibonacci and golden ratio when i was in college and reading Martin Gardner's books. I believed in golden ratio in greek architecture, sunflower seeds, and have spread it without much thinking. Only later years especially with internet, this type of pics and claims gets more and more wild, especially by people who never done any math. Along with sacred geometry stuff. On the other hand, i think historically some of the greatest mathematicians are into math mysticism. Blaise Pascal comes to mind, and ancient Pythagoras school. I think that Euler too? that he thought infinity is god or something.
This image annoys me. "Look! It's a Fibonacci Spiral if you don't take care to trace a consistent path." It either should be further out on the lower left, or tighter around the left and top-left. And the curve just gives up entirely on reality in the top right. Exemplary case of working backwards from the desired conclusion.
Also, what projection is that?
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