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I hear great things about Microsoft's NuGet, but it hasn't made a good first impression on me. [Update: Problem resolved. See comments below.]
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NuGet tells me that I need to upgrade it, and that it cannot upgrade it.
+Robert Whitcomb Good point. I was not running as admin. When I did run as admin, I got the same error when typing "get-help NuGet." Also, updating NuGet failed.

However, I was able to unintall and reinstall NuGet. Then get-help worked.
How did you install NuGet to begin with? I think there's an issue whereby if you install NuGet outside of Visual Studio, and then attempt to upgrade inside of Visual Studio, it will fail. As NuGet is a part of VS2012, that issue should be resolved.
NuGet was already there when I opened VS2010. Doesn't it ship with 2010? I don't recall installing it before. If not, maybe something else I installed (SP1?) installed it as a side effect.
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