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"An underlying problem with artificial intelligence that I have personally experience in my forty years in this area is that as soon as an AI technique works, it's no longer considered AI and is spun off as its own field (for example, character recognition, speech recognition, machine vision, robotics, data mining, medical informatics, automated investing.)" -- Ray Kurzweil
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Eventually, the whole field of Artificial Intelligence may disappear!
But all of the fields you list intersect with the typical things you would expect an AI is able to do. So sooner or later they will converge (at least partially) and may be able to form up a AI system (maybe specialized at first, but it will become more and more general). The interesting thing is, that no one is able to say when that will happen.
"Artificial Intelligence" the name itself is very vague. In contrast to "machine vision" or "natural language processing" 
Perhaps the problem is that artificial intelligence is more of a motivation than a field.
Maybe, because, the techniques used are/come from other fields, and AI haven´t got its own thecniques (per se)?
I´s like the beginnings of chemistry, when we use laws to use ether. Then we discover that(or than?) this wasn´t the way.
Sorry for my english.
Maybe the problem is that the solution that is found has simply nothing to do with AI? Just clever algorithms, or?

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