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John Chvatal
AvGeek, Magician of Light, G+ Enthusiast, Digital Media Strategist
AvGeek, Magician of Light, G+ Enthusiast, Digital Media Strategist

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Hello to the people that have come over from the article I wrote for +Aviation Marketing by ABCI on my top 5 reasons to use +Google+.

If you haven't already read the article, here is the link:

I created this post to point you towards a few links that I think may be of interest to you. Also, don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions about Google+, digital media, or myself.

Gazing Skyward TV Google+ Page:

Gazing Skyward TV Website:

Google+ for Aviation Enthusiasts and Professionals Collection:

My Aviation Lifestyle Logbook Collection:

Linkedin Profile:

I'd like to thank +Paula Williams for the opportunity to share with you my thoughts on where Google+ is headed.

#avgeek #Thatsaplus

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Wow! This is somewhat of a surprise. I've observed some things that lead me to believe Melania may be Catholic.

#Catholic #Melania #Trump

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What is going on in Canada? The Canadian government seems to be becoming more authoritarian. Scary!

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Divi has updated their documentation system!
Divi Update! Introducing The New Divi Documentation System & Updated Divi Tutorials | Elegant Themes Blog

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Carhartt All Hail Mom
Awesome TV commercial by +Carhartt which features Yankee Lady, a B-17 Flying Fortress.


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Internet of Things
Safety not privacy is what we should be most concerned about...

#Internet #Networking #Security

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Beautiful evening for a walk down the runway. I was hoping to capture my first aviation photos of the year. I believe a neighbor of mine just finished a rebuild on his Citabria and he was out flying it this evening. Didn't see it the whole 45 minutes I was out walking, unfortunately...

#avgeek #airport

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Today is the 100th anniversary of the first apparition at Fatima. +Church Militant published this wonderful video on the history of the Marian apparitions in Fatima to 3 Portuguese Shepard children.
#Fatima #Catholic

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Could this be how Nintendo started... at the hands of Atari? Funny!!

#Nintendo #Atari #Funny #Skit

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Here's a photo of the M51 Whirlpool Galaxy. I think +Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn's Astro photography would make an interesting Collection. What do you think +Paolo Amoroso?

Hi everyone, here is my latest image of M51 Whirlpool Galaxy. This has become a favourite target of mine so it's always a fun one to revisit with hopes of getting a better result each time. For the website view and extra details click...

Image Details: Astro-Tech 8in RC with 0.67 AP telecompressor (~1186 mm fl), SBIG8300 mono camera. 6hrs Luminance, 1-1.5 hrs each RGB (10min sub exposures). Preprocessing in Pixinsight, post processing in Photoshop CC, finalized in Lightroom CC.
Hope you like it!
#astronomy #astrophotography #galaxies #galaxy #deepspace #nightsky
+Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD)
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