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AvGeek, Magician of Light, G+ Enthusiast, Digital Media Strategist
AvGeek, Magician of Light, G+ Enthusiast, Digital Media Strategist


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OFFICIAL way to join The Google+ Aviation Guild Community

I'd like to extend an invitation to join a private aviation community I'm starting titled The Google+ Aviation Guild.

The goal of this group is not defined by the numbers who join... but the quality of conversations related to the topic of aviation. This is the main reason why I made this community an "Ask to Join" community.

So... Here is how to join:

Step 1: Leave a comment answering at least 2 out of the 4 questions below on this post:

1) Frequently post on Google+ about aviation or are interested in doing so.

2) Ability to communicate in English.

3) An interest in growing the aviation community here on Google+.

4) Have experience in the aviation industry that is demonstrated in some capacity online.

Step 2: Click on the link below and click "Ask To Join"

Both of these steps must be done in order to be considered. If you have any questions... leave them in the comments below. I look forward to seeing you over there on The Google+ Aviation Guild!!

#AvGeek #Community #Invite
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I’ll be back online as soon as I can... here’s why:

I just wanted to take this brief time that I have connected to the outside world that our phone line was accidentally cut during the fiber mainline install. The incompetent locating service our current phone company used didn’t properly mark all their lines. Now they are dragging their feet. Could be the 20th before they reconnect us... the fiber company may have us connected sooner.

Anyways, here is a photo of them running the fiber line through... I was talking with the workers and they said they hit a whole bunch of drops (home connections) on another road. Frontier exchanged some heated words and threatened to call the cops on them (at the other project) at which the workers laughed and encouraged them to do so.

It is plain to see that Frontier and their locators are at fault. I know about where some of the phone cables run and they totally missed them. I saw no markings where the phone cable crossed the road and they didn’t mark the whole length of the phone line running to our house.
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Tonight's captures. I tried to get a Piper Vagabond but they were too high for a good photo and missed a Cabin Waco.

Good news is the Taylorcraft got a clean bill of health. So I'm looking forward to some more air time. ;)
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Net Neutrality is dead... and I’m kind of okay with it

Don’t get me wrong... not having net neutrality makes me nervous that ISPs may ink deals with large tech firms that would give preferential treatment to services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu etc. These deals could put smaller companies at a disadvantage.

One crucial thing I think that is not mentioned enough is innovation. I can remember when my DSL service had data caps. Now it no longer does. Because of the fast paced growth in streaming, my current ISP is at capacity in my area. We’ve been suffering from frequent outages and slow speeds that make video chats difficult. A couple months back, I was without internet for 5 days because of a fire my ISP had in a regional “hub”. This affected a number of towns and townships. So it was major.

Because of that, a small Fiber internet company held a town hall and announced they were going to be installing fiber internet cable in my township. We are going from some of the slowest internet speeds in the area to the fastest speeds in the area! You gotta love innovation and private enterprise!

It is still common to have data caps for mobile devices through cell towers and satellite internet but there is 5G on the horizon with theoretical speeds of 1 GB!

Being that businesses are fundamentally competitive, they want to deliver better service than their competitors. A major limiting factor in the case of cellular service is bandwidth. Current networks can’t handle unlimited video streaming. At least not yet. 5G should loosen things up so ISPs can offer better data plans. Down the road due to the competitive nature of business, there may no longer be data caps for mobile devices.

As for privacy, I think we all should consider using VPNs or at the very least use a custom DNS Server. Check out Cloudflare’s new consumer DNS service. Punch in into your web browser for more information.

I believe that innovation will provide solutions to concerns we have in the present. People freaking out about the death of Net Neutrality are focusing too much on the present and not enough on the future.

I expect some hate mail but I’d still like to hear from you... leave a comment below sharing your thoughts on #NetNeutrality

#Internet #ISP #Privacy
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Excellent pick for #MemorialDay +Elizabeth Hahn !! Reminds me of my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go aboard the USS Enterprise for a day cruise and flight demo!
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You’ve got to be kidding! The EU and member governments seem to be intent on breaking the internet! First it was GDPR... now it is copyright reform which includes a “link tax”!

Haven’t they learned from Spain’s mistake of forcing internet companies like search engines to pay content producers for using snippets from articles. Google News closed up in Spain hurting the competitiveness of Spanish media.

Seriously my friends in the EU, you evidently don’t want a competitive tech sector. This is only going to hurt EU digital media publication’s ability to reach readers outside of the EU.

#Copyright #EU #Tech #LinkTax #GDPR #Government #Spain
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I REALLY needed this positive video. I feel like I've been punched so many times by bad news today.

This video on James is SO uplifting. He has literally saved millions of lives. Truly inspiring!

By +Philip DeFranco
#RedCross #Australia #BloodDonations #Babies
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Only the USA has has enshrined in its constitution the right to free speech. Other countries place varying levels of restrictions on speech.

England has gone full authoritarian with this “reporting ban”. News sites cannot report on the fact Tommy Robinson was arrested and within a few short hours later charged and sentenced to 13 months in jail!

#FreeTommy #FreeSpeech #News
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As a public service to y'all I will leave this here today.
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Government regulators (and Max) have to realize is these “free” services aren’t really free. Personal data is currency. So if people are not willing to share their personal data, companies should be able to refuse service. What Max is suggesting is as if I walked into a coffee shop and demanded a free coffee and a free bagel! If the barista were to refuse, the coffee shop could be breaking the law!

From the article
“Facebook has even blocked accounts of users who have not given consent. In the end, users only had the choice to delete the account or hit the “agree” button–that’s not a free choice, it more reminds of a North Korean election process,” Max Schrems, the chair of, said.

If the EU comes to the similar conclusion has, both Facebook and Google could face hefty fines for already breaking GDPR rules. Those fines could total as much as $7 billion combined.

#GDPR #Data #Tech #Privacy
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